- Absurd logic of a Semitic half-breed, with medical treatment for mental illness -

No more separating AntiSemitism from Racism?

by ChrisTophe Meunier, French, updated 2008/07/03rd
1998 preamble
(French main page)
    I have many friends speaking only English in the Aviation-enthusiast & What-if modellism worlds and I would like to explain to them, in a few imperfect words, what I said in French on my main page on this subject. It may be very lightening for US friends facing terrorism and deadly casualties of young soldiers in Iraq, and George Bush campaign for War in the name of God.
  (I do not pretend at all to say The Truth, I am classified as mentally ill in France and those ideas are just a delirium in my mind that anyone is allowed to reject, I would just liked to be explained why I am wrong on a moral Christian basis. I am not a Saddam friend, I am not approving Ussamah's criminal methods. One of my forefathers was Jewish, my two grandfathers helped Jewish refugees running away from nazi murderers and what I have to say is not anti-Judaism at all. As well, I am not a proud Christian, nor a proud Muslim, nor a proud Atheist, I just don't know if there is a Father above, and if some priest asks me "Where does the Universe come from, stupid?" I would just answer "Where does your God come from, Sir?". I respect opinions as long as they are tolerant and not violent, and I sincerely admire Jesus-Christ whose words enlightened me, even if He had been simply a very good man [or woman], I don't know.)
  September 11th 2001: USA have been awfully stricken by terrorist kamikazes, belonging to the group of Arabic Muslims, killing more innocent civilians than Pearl-Harbour had killed soldiers, and it seems this will automatically lead the 3rd millenary to the Final World War, that has not happened with Communism thanks to Mikhail Gorbachev wisdom, but will happen with the Evil of Arabic/Muslims. Some experts even say that BenLaden already has the 'dirty bomb' to make our victory awfully painful for millions of innocents.
  HOWEVER, a simple child (Jesus-Christ II?) says quietly : "I thought the opposite of fear was love" and this changes all: have the Arabic Muslims (that frighten us) been loved/respected or have they been crushed/hardly-dominated since 1946 by our democratically elected governments and nuclear (dirty) menace over civilians, leading them to hate us all? Declaring we are good and perfect, fighting Evil & Satan in the name of God, is easy and comfortable for leaders and generals, but it may be wiser for electors trying to understand the opponents' logic before deciding. Why do the kamikazes sacrifice their life to punish us, are we guilty somehow? Not to be hated up to suicide terrorism, the best may be to cure our faults, not to kill any opposition, before being ourselves punished by God (if there is such a Judgement above).
  Let me explain a nightmare I made - Adolf Hitler, awfully criminal, had a project even worse than what History books say: "I will murder all the Jewish people, as horribly as possible, and if I don't finish the job, it will be even better: after war, the surviving Jewish people will get, as consolation after this terrific Shoah and 2,000 years wandering in unfriendly countries, the official racist privilege to settle freely in their Promise Land (moving and settling down being absolutely forbidden for poor Mexicans in America, for poor Africans in Europe), and the Fuhrer is sure the elected Jewish leaders will be awful, chasing away the Arabic born there, killing any resistance, punishing families, with the protection of New York's cow-boys, proud to have handled this way the Indian human-rights, so most of the Jewish and Americans will go to Hell after death and the Fuhrer's success will be absolute"… What-if delirium or frighteningly realistic?
  I believe this awful plan could be avoided, not at all by Mr Sharon and Mr Bush (hardly working to accomplish this possible plan of Hitler), but by some young Israelis and Americans, friendly with Palestinians and Indians refusing very violently to disappear : "we have been born here like you, without killing nor chasing anyone, let us be friendly together."
  Jesus-Christ, through the Good Samaritan parabola, explained that a good Jewish is better than a criminal Arabic, and a good Arabic is better than a criminal Jewish. Why have this been forgotten by Western churches ? I do not wish Judaism to be prohibited, but the principle of a Jewish-people elected by God, thus allowed to dominate the people scorned by God, is automatically creating anger back. Maybe God has focused on the Jewish people a long time ago, but a Jewish man called Jesus-Christ explained wisely that the new Jewish generations must respect the other people to get eternal life reward. Commanding extremists (among Jews, Muslims, Christians) seem bad according to Jesus-Christ lessons: respect and love the good ones, no matter their place of birth or the religion of their parents and education. I am very sorry to read that the Indians have been slaughtered with church approval, the Black-slavery has been approved as well, and the soldiers sent to death to kill the nazi racists came from a country where Apartheid was the law. American leaders shouting they are proud of US History will not automatically go to Heaven, I think. Continuing on the past logic deserves punishment, and that requires changes to prevent violent revolution.
  According to me, and I don't know where this idea comes from (maybe God if He or She exists), a better way would be possible than war - a war that may be punished by closing Heaven access for most Western electors. After 1945, the Western priority should not have been the creation of Israel (very source of the terrorism) but a peace with communism, our elected leaders should have said: "even if we strongly disapprove your forbidding religion, we understand your Christian-culture logic, higher somehow than our one: without even chasing for a selfish ticket to Heaven like us, you condemn selfish richness and huge comfort surrounded by poverty of hard-workers; to prevent war, let us invent a middle-way for both moral justice and efficient comfort: the children must be raised as equal in a communist-individualist way (without any groupist family/race/religion/nation privilege, source of revolution/terrorism), then become adults being rewarded by richness according to their personal work/inventions in the liberal way (needing no more a severe-police-fear to work a little while payment comes automatically, source of Soviet misery); the tribe borders of the past will be cancelled and a World democracy will be promoted, patriotism/racism/Zionism being equally condemned, in the name of equal respect for every new-born human being". Thus, the communist leaders, the Western heirs, the very-orthodox Judaists would have lost their privileges and weapons, and a peace could have happened over the World, less comfortable than the unshared Western comfort of nowadays, but without wars for ever... It is still theoretically possible, I think, between abnormal Americans, Russians, Christians, Muslims, Jewish, Arabic (and Asiatic/Africans/Native-Americans, silently dominated up to now). This is a naive hope, as the power everywhere seems in the hands of the violent killers requiring local support to hate the others - I don't know what Mohammed would have said, but I am very sure that Jesus-Christ would have disagreed.
  Classifying these ideas of mine as nazi or fascist seems a joke, but among the lies everywhere, it is just a logical part of the system. Too bad, there will probably be billions of poor people killed for the privileges of a minority, in the pretended name of majority-morals. Maybe it was impossible to prevent the forthcoming Final World War, as the richer protect their families with massive destruction weapons, to prevent sharing with poor workers born elsewhere, and national-democracy principle allows them to pretend they respect everyone (like aristocrats could have said), giving the power of vote to themselves only. The half billion of Americans and Europeans are not ready at all to be satisfied with a quarter of the power-vote of 2 billions in China and India. The World nationless dominationless democracy will probably never happen, so World War will probably happen… patriotically with Churches' approval, but not Christianly with Jesus-Christ approval I think…
ADDITION 11/05th/2004 - My apologies to Mr Bush
  Two days ago, I was in despair seeing Mr Bush big victory in the US election, directing to the Third World War. Though, yesterday, I have seen him saying he was praying God to bless Yasser Arafat's soul, and the president of the USA will work hardly to make Israel and Palestine countries live together. I have been very surprised, and VERY happy to hear that. I truly believe this direction to be far more efficient than bombs and occupation to prevent kamikaze attacks. And Mr Bush may be a good Christian that will avoid war and go to Heaven instead of winning a bloody war and go to Hell. I was wrong and I apologize here, I think my misunderstanding came from the TV reporters and films full of lies. Anyway, I would like to explain what I thought before, as a danger requiring cure: explaining what is misunderstood will win over the lies of Ben-Laden's recruiters of terrorists.
1/ I had heard that "the invasion of Iraq by the US was scheduled far before September 11th, to take $ billions of oil and protect Israel domination over the Middle-East. Saddam was a bad dictator, but not worse than many other dictators, friends of USA supporting them against their own people. Democracy did not exist in Iraq but not less than in Saudi Arabia". The candidate Bush was presented saying "he will won the war against Islam terrorism, in the name of the Lord against Evil", and religious supporters were presented shouting that "God had given the land of Israel to the Jewish people forever". So it looked like a war for the domination of USA (against the non-Jewish non-Christians), supporting the Zionist invasion and slaughter of the Arabic, just like the USA have been born from an invasion with efficient slaughter of the Indians. BenLaden can show this advertisement to young Muslims: "your families are going to be murdered and will disappear like the Indians, to save them you must kill the bad ones, and if you do that as a hero sacrificing your own life, you will have full access to Allah's paradise, and you will not kill mainly innocents but mainly guilty electors supporting fully the Zionists".
2/ To prevent that, the best is to prove this is dishonest advertisement, explaining our moral logic without contradiction anymore, not attacking and rushing into a World War. Most of the Arabic and Muslims can understand full and coherent honesty. Only a few crazy of Allah are criminals, like a few crazy of God/Yahveh/Marx are criminals. The following presentation at the UNO may kill Ben Laden speeches and any future terrorism:
a) The occupation of Iraq is not intended to take oil and be sure the new leaders will not threaten Israel, the goal is to install democracy and respect of every elector's opinion. After the election, the US troops will go away, unless their help is required to help local police against violent bandits in minority. If the elected candidate is the one that had promised war against the USA and Israel, the USA will accept that and go away, simply, respecting the democracy principle they have made war to introduce.
b) An investigation will be organized to know what happened in Santiago 1973 : some people say the democratically elected Salvador Allende decided to nationalize the US rich properties in Chile, to give them to the poor workers having no property, following the Christian sharing principle… before being killed by military generals supported by the USA. If that is confirmed true, the guilty American organizers will be judged as Criminals against Democracy. If that is confirmed wrong, this bad argument about lies in the speech for democracy will be washed away.
c) The support to some dictators (Marcos, Suharto,…) fighting local democracy will be explained as a mistake of the past, when there was a war coming with communism, and everything seemed better than encouraging the enemy. Now the communists have understood by themselves that their automatic-payment system without richness-reward leads to common laziness and acute poverty, even with awful punishment of opponents and prohibition of free thought. Most of the people want to be personally richer, and this must be accepted as a natural heavy trend for humanity. Though, some Christian-mild-communists will be heard: they say Jesus-Christ has condemned selfish richness, and their atheist friends agree on this moral, adding that sharing is even better when it is done without selfish intention to win a ticket for Heaven. This is not stupid, not criminal, and mild-communism will not be forbidden anymore in the USA. It may disturb the moral lies of some rich people, but somehow they should admit that a hard-worker deserves more than a lazy heir, according to morals. Forbidding communist opinion will be removed from US laws, and that will prove that USA are actually the very symbol of liberty, thus Ben Laden saying that Muslim religion will soon be forbidden in USA will be proven wrong.
d) The Christians and Atheists/Jewish of Christian culture will organize a deep analysis concerning the 1948 creation of Israel (and of terrorism) chasing away the grand-grand-children of Arabic invaders while the grand-children of America's invaders were not chased away from the USA. The conclusion may be that Jesus-Christ message was not at all that the Jewish people, elected by God, must be supported in dominating this part of the Earth, but a correction to the misinterpretation of God's helping the Jewish victims of the Pharaoh: you also must love the other ones like yourselves, patriotism and racism are bad as they respect good and bad individuals, rejecting bad and good individuals, instead of respecting the good and rejecting the bad (Good Samaritan parabola). Christian missionaries were sent into the World to explain this wise message for peace and justice everywhere, suppressing the hate towards foreign tribes, not at all to introduce domination of the White over the Black/Yellow/Red, huge fault opposite to J.C.'s lesson. Our forefathers have been badly directed, and the individuals born nowadays are not guilty for that, as long as they admit the past mistake and the need to live together in full respect. Exiled Palestinians will be allowed to come back and vote, and Ben Laden will not be able anymore to raise hate towards Christian and Jewish humanists, actually good with equity for everyone. The killers that took the Inca gold in the name of the Bible are probably in Hell now, and a Muslim cutting the throat of an unarmed hostage in the name of the Koran may go to Hell no matter if he follows very strictly the ramadan. Similar severe mistakes.
e) Investigating History in a critical state of mind, the past US leaders having supported the slaughter of Indians, the slavery, the vote for whites only, will be declared Criminals against Humanity, as the Evil Hitler. The European invasion of America/Australia/Asia/Africa will be explained to children as a huge moral mistake of forefathers (the human right to move does not mean it is allowed to invade a poor weak peaceful country violently to take its control and kill/chase/dominate its population). The last mistake in this way was the invading creation of the modern Israel, and the ones saying it is "allowed to murder the Muslims/Indians as they are not mentioned in the Holy Bible" will be judged as nazi-like criminals. So the UNO and USA will promise the Palestinians will not be treated like the Indians have been, as moral honesty has improved very much. Slavery has been forbidden, and it is a slow march toward full respect of everyone (every good one, not Saddam nor Ben Laden, nor Hitler, nor Napoleon).
f) The goal of the Westerners is now a World democracy WO, no more a UNO dominated by USA and European patriots. American + European half billion will count twice less than China's billion, twice less than India's billion, this is honestly accepted as the very principle of democracy, rejecting the principle of aristocracy and its privileged rich families needing less work for someone else and having more comfort protected by armies. So the wired guarded Mexican/Mediterranean borders will be opened, and the coming people will get immediately the voting right. It will be a little uncomfortable for the US and Europe people that were rather rich refusing to share with the poor hard-workers of southern countries, but this will be the greatest victory of Jesus-Christ. A moral Humanity will happen, in a 3rd millenary of peace.
g) All massive destruction weapons, intended for 'dirty' mass-murder of civilians, will be classified outlaw and destroyed, in the military stocks of USA, Russia, France, Israel, etc. Some may be kept in the hands of the UNO now WO, to threaten the armies of fanatics preparing War to dominate the other people - no matter if these fanatics are Muslims, Evangelists, Judaists.
  As Mr Bush seems ready for that: God bless his soul and his electors. There will be no reason anymore for kamikaze attacks, nothing to punish in USA anymore. I hope this is not a naive dream. Let us trust and we will see that happen, maybe. Instead of war - a war of Evil against Evil.
ADDITION 07/09h/2005 - London calling
  II am not a naive angel, able of Jesus-Christ's over-human ability to forgive. I condemn terrorists and I understand plainly the anger/guns towards them. BUT I understand also why they hate us that much, and I feel guilty - I think we do not deserve death penalty, the terrorists deserve it, but we (Western electors) deserve going to Hell like them - and if we were honnest, there would be no terrorism, so why aren't we honnest from now on?
  Western leaders, journalists and intellectuals are shouting we are angels facing pure Evil, Satanic with absolutely no reason like Nazis were. I disagree:
* Since 1945-48 under Western leadership, the UNO decision seems to give back the land of Israel to the Jewish people, chasing away the Arabic born there, killing the violent resistance/hate that comes in return, with unilateral nuclear threat/terror over Civilian cities giving shelter to the refugees, in order to prevent any step back.
* What if a Jewish-half-breed without religion (like my grand-father) has been allowed to object in 1947: "Following this Historical-property principle, we must give back the land of America to the Native Americans, chasing away the White people born there, canceling every property declared legal by the invaders (or their children), and all violent resistance/hate would be killed, and any foreign opposition would be threaten with nuclear massive-destruction weapons over Civilians ; if we do not agree at all to do that (against ourselves Allied Westerners) for the mass-murdered Indians, we must not do the same (against the Arabic) for the mass-murdered Jewish; American friends, if you guess that some of you, treated like that, would fall into tremendous hate towards the ones chasing you and towards their Civilian supporters, you should understand that some Arabic individuals may turn that way in the same situation. Yes, mass-murdering is the highest crime, but this terrific event must not be used to crush innocent generations, in America and in Palestine exactly as well." What-if that speech has been allowed and heard? I think Arabic terrorism would not exist, simply…
* To avoid this logic, it seems the Christian people are directed into : "invading America was to install the Bible leadership, while chasing the Arabic away from Israel is to restore the Bible command: same Good direction in the name of the Holy Old Book". Otherwise it seems completely impossible, so much opposite to Humanist ethics (if America was kept by innocent new American generations, Palestine was to be kept by innocent new Arabic generations ; if Jewish people were allowed to come freely to Israel, Arabic people were to be allowed just the same, and even 500 millions of Chinese/Mexicans into USA, of Africans into Europe). That is why I feel the World events were directed 1945-2005 following Zionist (Old Book) tribe logic and not fair-humanist (New Book) logic. According to me, Jesus-Christ and Mohammed would condemn both those violences back and forth.
* Terrorism, targeting the weak, is an awful crime, while it seems the only way for punishing an over-dominating power, impossible to face militarily nor diplomatically. As electors, Western civilians are not innocent. As requiring the highest comfort even dishonestly taken, Western children are not angels. Hell for everybody (including myself) seems right ahead… An accute mediatic brain-washing prevents the public from seeing the source of terrorism (crushing the Arabic again and again), Bush and Blair have been re-elected, and criminal murderers come to suicide killing 'sin' (I disagree, they are killing blind people).
* I feel bad, guilty, sorry... Disgusted by the powerful ones forbidding to publish a fair analysis of the situation, and discussion/explanation of the possible mistakes, to find a war-less solution, that could be possible. Western authorized intellectuals are all Zionist otherwise they would not be published, journalists seem to love war and innocent victims raising high the rate of watching/reading thus the price to advertisers... is there a hope?
--- ADDITION 07/12th/2005 - Yes and no
I have been told that 1/ History (like 1948 events) does not justify to kill innocents now, 2/ terrorist monsters do not need a reason to kill, 3/ a peaceful coexistence still remains possible.
1a/ I agree that long-past crimes does not justify present violence, but so there was absolutely no reason in 1948 to chase the Arabic from Israel, killing the ones resisting. What-if the Soviets had decided to apply the same rule to the USA: "this land belongs to the Indians, we are going to chase you all away, killing any resistance, threatening the cities of your allies with nuclear missiles to prevent any opposition"? Don't you think some Western individuals would have attacked USSR, and if it was a billion times more powerful than them, attack its civilians aproving? It is revolting to be chased away and punished, for new generations that are not guilty of invasion, I agree, so… we are on the bad side concerning the Arabic Palestine affair.
1b/ If Israel creation 1948 is too far in the past to be considered, there is no reason to refer everyday on TV to the 1944-45 Nazi mass-murdering to justify the Israel shelter and forbid any opposition to Zionism.
1c/ If the Indian mass-murdering 200 years ago is too far in the past to be taken into account, there was no reason to refer to the Jewish property of Israel 1,000 years ago.
1d/ During the last decades, 1975-2005, the Western World has kept on crushing the Arabic threatening Israel, this is not long-past-History but present.
2a/ I agree there are happy-killers, needing no reason for murder, but some of them are classified terrorists (on the enemy side) while some of them are classified heroes (in our armies). I agree that fair war between soldiers is completely different from killing Civilians, but weren't the Dresden victims, Tokyo and Nagasaki babies innocent? Without patriotic hate against foreigners, it would appear clearly shocking. And for me this Western nationalism seems, like Nazi nationalism, opposite to respect and Justice.
2b/ If our leaders/journalists/'intellectuals' were fair, instead of Zionist, I think kamikaze recruiters would have nothing to say to punish us, except religious intolerance, and we would be completely right killing this pure evil. But right now, the Western World is democratically-approved dishonest, evil too : honestly, either we would give back Israel (to the Jewish) & America (to the Indians), or none, any other choice seems criminal, or justified by religious intolerance and we are going to Religion war with Islam. No need, all could be discussed again for Israel, with huge difficulty as the young Israel adults have been born there not invading. There is no victory of one side and crushing of the other side to hope, but repairing this awful 1948 mistake, and investigating to condemn the guilty politicians/'intellectuals' that are responsible, generating a hate that made so many innocent victims.
3a/ Jewish blood does not mean hopelessly racist contempt and dishonesty, Hitler was wrong because of me and many silent ones I suppose. But the leaders of the Jewish community, educating the Western people and controlling the Western media, are racist and dishonest, not understanding they tend to confirm Hitler words instead of proving he was wrong. Too bad, it would have been better to show the Holocaust victims were innocent…
3b/ Facing an awful terrorism, the British people refer to their heroic resistance against the Nazi attack, the French people agree as they have hated to be invaded and crushed. All right, but why England and France have conquered the World through colonialism? Invasion generates hate in return, tremendous violence, up to suicide. We were fighting very violently when we were invaded, but why have we invaded the others, and supported Israel invasion? A veteran, soldier in French Vietnam, told me "we were there for Jesus-Christ". Yes, this is a religion war, still going on, to justify invasion by us not preventing our access to Heaven, while we would kill the ones invading us, or the ones supporting them if they were too strong. I fear such religious context is a lie : what I have understood from the New Book is that we must treat the others like we would like to be treated ; we do exactly the opposite, so I fear there will be no Heaven after, and Hell is coming now...
--- ADDITION 07/15th/2005 - Thinking of King Albert II...
Several modellers have played a funny game: what National Air Force could we invent for the markings of our plastic toys? :-) The Vatican Air Force has been mentioned as a joke. Well, similarly, I could have said:
What about a Monaco Air Force? 2kmē (1 mile x 1 mile) --> Very Short Take Off and Landing would be necessary, Supersonic cruise not necessary… Monaco... This week according to French TV, surprised, the very new king of the Monaco rich nationalists referred to Martin Luther King. Yes, we could, courageously, say something like this poor black priest, naively:
"Last night, I MADE A DREAM: DoW Air Force fighters - not Department of War to kill foreign people attacking us or resisting our attacks, but Democracy of the World, for Civil war only… Democracy principle is No dominating family (aristocratic), No dominating group (communist party), No dominating individuals (fascist, Saddam), just 1 MAN (or woman) = 1 VOTE. So, in this Golden name of Democracy, the 2 billions from China + India will count 4 times more than the half-billion from North-America + Western Europe: No dominating Countries as well. Because there will be absolutely no reason anymore to fight Western domination, the ones trying to become suicide
terrorists will be condemned as Evil-without-a-reason and murdered remorseless… but probably there will be no suicide terrorism temptation anymore. DoW… ow, ow, ow… I made a dream…"
M.L.King has been murdered for having said far less than that, so I tell you Farewell… I may say 'See you soon' to the black priest looking at us from Heaven, and 'I will probably never see you again' to the ones rushing patriotically to Hell. Too bad, they were just blindly misguided into dishonest contradiction, in the name of History, of democracy, of Jesus-Christ…
I have not said that on the modellers' forum, as that could have been very painful for several happy minds, introducing guilt and despair in their quiet life, and if the Western leaders want to kill me, no need to have friendly other victims with me. I am mad, crazy, all the psychiatric doctors agree, mixing dream and Reality is officially schizophrenia - while, uh... the Soviet doctors were wrong pretending that refusing communist domination is part of this illness, it's completely different. Well, as probably nothing can be changed, no need to think it over…
--- ADDITION 04/16th/2006 - Removing swastikas?
One painful problem involving racism and aircraft models is having innocent plastic Messerschmitt on shelves, wearing the swastikas included in the kits. Moreover, Realist modelers are nick-named Joyless Modelling Nazis (JMN) by the What-if modellers and Nazism is not an innocent word. I try to classify my thoughts here.
- The JMNs are not at all killers of the Jews, and most of them (maybe all) are not supporters of such atrocity; calling some modellers Nazi does not either pretend that burning Jews alive is an innocent hobby like building plastic scale aircraft; well, calling Nazi some hostile modellers wanting to rule hobby laws is precisely the HIGHEST INSULT available, for intolerance and narrow-mind breaking innocents. Probably, this insult is not appropriate, as What-if modellers enduring bad laughs and rejection are not killed, and mixing all is perhaps not convenient.
- The Realist modellers, whatever their name, require young modellers to create accurate copies of warbirds following official History: the good Spitfire/Mustang and the evil Messerschmitt/Zero. But there is a problem: following these requirements/directions, an innocent modeller has in his bedroom swastikas, while this is condemned by many blind adults as looking badly like a crime of friendship/admiration towards a celebrated Nazism. This is unfair: the Holocaust survivors themselves have begged “please, please never forget…” and the decorated veterans say the same “the opponent’s very high skills is what made heroic our victory, remember it”. Journalists loving scandals could misinterpret such models, by mistake or dishonestly to raise an audience.
- Feeling uncomfortable, many what-if modellers found a different personal balance building the graceful Messerschmitt with British or Civilian colours, or/and butchering them into impossible airplanes unable to fly (and to kill). See my topic http://www.whatifmodelers.com/forum//index.php?showtopic=6469. Removing swastikas is a try in a better direction, BUT… in France the choice to forget/ignore Nazi crimes is legally punished as a hateful racist crime (Fabius-Gayssot law, highest victory of the Jewish very influent community). So it seems there is no automatic solution to provide comfort: any way, any direction, may be condemned severely as a crime – remembering the Nazi is celebrating them, forgetting the Nazi is insulting their victims. This is a trap without possible escape, the prosecurors having a speech to crush anyone.
I fear this is not a mistake but a strategy. The leaders of the Jewish community seem wanting to prevent the disappearance of their people in a united FRIENDLY Humanity, through inter-racial mass-wedding, so raising anger towards their people would be good to keep separate communities; wrong accusations, unfair and completely impossible to deny, would be one of the best tools to reach that goal. As far as I am concerned, I prefer friendship and the disappearance of racism through a whole half-breed World… Despite this humanism and my (partly) Jewish blood, I am classified as antiSemitic, I know, “thus racist and driving minds for another Auschwitz”. If Christians were not useful protectors for Israel, Jesus-Christ (and his Good Samaritan Parabola) would be as well classified as antiSemitic, racist, Nazi, Evil… by some of the worst racists, pretending to be the best antiRacist, what a dishonesty…
The Holocaust lesson has not been taken into account, according to me. Fighting Messerschmitt scale models is a tiny detail but that could reveal a very dangerous game, that I do not like at all. If I am wrong, let someone explain me where, I may understand, I hope, and if there were an explanation, it would be so important (to prevent WW3 and Holocaust 2) that a wide diffusion would be badly needed.
--- ADDITION 04/17th/2006 - Unclear and unconvinced, sorry
    A dear modeller friend, English-Canadian, was not understanding what I wrote yesterday, and he understood better after this addition of mine: “I was meaning: I could be judged as criminal if I have Messerschmitt wearing swastika, I remove them, and I am still classified as criminal for the opposite reason. This is unfair, severely. While not stupid, dishonesty may have a reason.”
* His conclusion was that “either option ends up with undesirable consequences (‘damned if you do, damned if you don't’) because you cannot win either way.”
–> Uh, I do not want to WIN at all, to overwhelm someone, I just want to live in peace, being not DAMNED/condemned/hated by prosecutors for my innocent hobby, building graceful & weird aerodynamic objects, using plastic/drawing available sources as basis, preferring dream than History. Respect would be possible, and its refusal hurts (guilt and discomfort), for no good reason nor good result that I can see.
* He also believes the old saying that "those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it."
–> Well, words are unclear – [there is a non tolerant reading, French way (Fabius-Gayssot's logic): “if - as individual - you forget the awful Holocaust, you are yourself going to murder Jews and this fully deserves immediate jail”, I disagree completely about this pretended fate;] there is a tolerant Canadian reading I hope: “if the whole World forgets, very bad events may happen again without any prevention of preliminary violence”, I accept this belief but this is not mine: I agree it is wise to consider crimes that are humanly possible, but there is no relation at all to an undeniable Reality. I do not eat my neighbour (after murdering him/her), and this is not at all because I REMEMBER “human beings eating other human beings (after murdering them)” have existed for very sure, for very Real; if no one has done it I should not be the first, if some ones have done it I should not be another one doing it again, no difference at all for directing acts. Indian Buddhists, thinking all is illusion and Real does not exist, are not murderers nor rapists – well a very few are, but not more than among Western Realists, either Christian or Atheist – and Europeans that have made the Amerindian genocide then Jewish genocide, according to Historians, are not at all Buddhists Sceptics but History Believers… It seems that the Christians who remembered every year at church the scandal of the antique Hebraic slavery then committed the Black slavery… the Western Allies that killed many innocent babies in fire (then nuclear) bombing of civilians during World War II did not at all remove such massive destruction weapons from their forces after victory, nor in 1946 nor in 2006, just trying to forbid equivalent weapons in foreign countries threatening their domination… Free sceptical minds are not at all the biggest monsters of Humanity, and condemning acts does not justify to forbid the freedom of thought, the liberty to believe or not what Historians are saying, at least when Historical “pretended facts” are accepted as possible events that may happen someday.
    Other major aspect: most speeches based on History look very much like propaganda, insisting so much on the Nazi Holocaust “justifying” Israel recreation (“no matter” the lack of Palestinian guilt in the European crimes…) while "forgetting" completely to say that every white property in USA/Canada/Australia comes from a similar genocide – deserving logically a similar reparation: land back to the antique owners’ descendants, chasing away all other people living there, with immediate trial-less death penalty in case of refusal... No, not at all, official speech is a single (simplified, straight, focused) way, with slight variants to pretend for tolerance, agreeing on what to think obligatorily and the rest is forbidden, from publishing at least (and the free Web public speaking is maybe doomed to be forbidden, as "home of incest rapists, Islamic terrorists and new Nazi"...).
    With Historical background and lessons, many believers and leaders say “we will do the same with a difference so it will be better for sure", repeating the bad slightly modified; according to Historians (true or wrong I don’t care), Hitler-Mussolini & Japanese generals were judging French-British-Spanish History had proved (despite their improvable ‘weak’ way of governing) that wealth is coming from conquest abroad, and such a speech leaded their military logic and popular local approval; considering doubtfully all hypothesis may drive to a more careful approach. Palestine was invaded and colonised since 1948, with international support, while History taught that colonisation leaded always to tremendous violence for liberation, the invaders saying simply this is different in Israel as there was an ownership 1,000 years ago – yes, there are slight differences, and terrorism using Western free-News loudspeaker is a new tool... Everything is possible, everyone could say he/she is embodying the Good while every different thought embodies a dangerous Evil, doomed to final atrocities… “if you don’t believe in God’s punishment, you are doomed to rape and kill, so atheist lack of belief will be illegal & punished”, “if you believe in a life reward after death, you are doomed to become a kamikaze terrorist, so religious belief will be illegal & punished”, etc. Respect is the opposite of doom/amalgam accusations against "free thoughts without violent acts nor violent intention". I do not mean at all that my friend was bad with his personal belief, only dictatorial minds (that have won in France) declaring mandatory for everyone their own personal/social belief are bad according to me. And if they tell me I must respect the democratic principle that majority decides (or elected ones in fact, with the powerful lobbies supporting them), I will say that (no matter if Historians declare this actually happened in Italy several centuries ago) the elected ones could write laws to kill legally the loosing opponents, so exile would be a matter of life and death for the loosers – if majority is allowed to crush minoritary free thought, democracy would be simply another Evil...
    I consider Historical stories, right or fictive, should be analysed further than reading the propaganda provided by the winning side. Concerning the Jewish Holocaust, I would have liked to hear, authorised and maybe explained wrong, an analysis saying: “what is being religiously Jewish? If this is a refusal of inter-racial union and complete human mixing worldwide, this is racism, and together with the unfair economic preference to the closest, it seems the very cause of racism back, that may lead to genocide alas”. Taking into account the risk [or the past if believed] would lead to avoid acute communautarism, nationalism, otherwise this may lead to genocide [repeated]. The contrary happens in this World, the US-Americans and EC-Europeans (refusing Latinos and Africans, Asiatic) have crushed the Arabic in favour of the Jewish, again and again, leading to hate and terrorism against electors voting for these geopolitics. Another possible lesson, kept silent with legal threat (in France at least), may have come from the popular racism in European 1930s: it seems humble people strongly disliked to see some rich Jewish individuals dominating finance, business, published books, art shows, without involvement of this whole community in the common hard working in agriculture, factories, mines; Historians have explained this was coming from the background, religious leaders forbidding Jewish people to become farmers/farm-workers and Christian people to become usurers/bankers, yes but after the awful development of jealousy then hate then mass-murder, what to do? since 1945, has there been a rush of the Jewish community – feeling deep concern about History – away from the leading positions towards humble positions, in order to be better accepted, friendly? – it seems not at all, on the contrary, most of (or all) the synagogue-goers that have not migrated to Israel seem to have stayed only to get more money and the highest position, the most influent power in the countries dominating the World. “Not doing again the past mistakes” seems a political speech, a rhetoric lie to command blindness, staying away from personal judgement, forbidding things (bad and innocent) and accepting things (innocent and bad) without convicting power. The doom to repeat horrors is not specific to unbelievers, the risk is perhaps not even higher. Obligatory belief is commanded dictatorially (in France), and the pretended doomed consequences (choosing to ignore many other dangers) seem to be a pretext. Possible consequences can lead everything in a very bad direction, that is simply not considered when this is the leaders’ choice, and that is on the contrary a matter of jail when the leaders decide so.
    I do not focus blindly on the Jewish question:
- Another main example is the disappearance of communism without any kind of thinking over for Westerners: capitalism is winning, while it is still very shocking that a lazy heir in eternal holidays is a thousand times more wealthy and a million times more comfortable than a courageous efficient hard-worker doing an unpleasant job, and this injustice may lead to a revolution of the poor against the rich – we are not using this philosophical evidence nor 1917 History to prevent it and organise things differently. Revolution seems (to me) doomed to happen [again]. The failure of communism (communism leading to dictatorial misery) does not mean capitalism is the only way, I (and probably many ones in several directions) have invented another way but it is forbidden to explain, debate, correct, endangering the leading groups. Allowed speeches are not at all credible when they say "History proves we are The very only way".
- As well, the French revolution (principle or past fact) against aristocrats is not used by us, Westerners, to understand this may happen against ourselves: we are far richer working far less than many Asiatic/African/Latino people abroad, kept under control, out of loyal concurrence, by army & police… anger may grow up to hate and revolution, mass murdering. Are the History believers (Western majority) more concerned than the other people (classified Nazi or schizophrenic, out of Asia) about that threat? No, it seems, not at all: frightened ones like me are also classified as paranoid...
    Maybe horror is doomed to happen, but believing or not official propaganda (historical, religious, scientist) seems having no relation with lucidity and prudence, no relation with respect of the innocent and fairness preventing violence.
--- ADDITION 04/30th/2006 - Explaining France
    Talking about aviation on a Web forum, a pen-friend titled a topic: “Little known facts of the Second World War”. I have read these details that I had not seen before, then I went elsewhere. Later, I was informed of a reply, a visitor from Germany was saying:
To develop a personal point of view about things that are, as you say yourself, just facts, and to create an effort to gain more by starting a discussion about it seems nearly impossible to me. I think this is also why nobody else answers.
This was not true for me, and I replied:
You were partly wrong. I think these ‘facts’ are simply Historians’ stories, right or fictive, I don’t care. I respect (our friend) telling us stories, and I have no reason to argue about them, but if you claim these are ‘completely undeniable facts’, I disagree. Please be careful: in France, a sceptic religion (Indian Buddhism) is now illegal, and I feel this evolution is killing Freedom of thought - pretending to prevent Nazism back, this is using a Nazi recipe...
My interlocutor replied nicely:
As I am scepticist myself, I also donīt believe in ‘completely undeniable facts’. There is, at least, one truth for every person. (…) But what I completely donīt understand is why Indian-French Buddhists deny WWII and why French authorities prosecute that - how do you like to call that? brain-crackedness? In Germany, it is forbidden to deny Auschwitz. I also wasnīt there at that time, but if you listen to people that deny Auschwitz, you know Auschwitz was a fact.
I had to explain the misunderstanding:
The French government is not prosecuting Buddhists, as they simply remain silent, kept silent by the threat, or telling lies about their opinion. But I am shocked when I hear the official/journalism pretensions for tolerance and acceptance: I feel there is not much more here than in Islamic countries which are presented as untolerant Evil. What is badly missing in the French Fabius-Gayssot law is the SPECIFICITY of the Shoah (or other mass-murder) denial, I hope the German law avoids this huge mistake.Indian Buddhists have no care for WW2 and simply think "ALL is illusion", alas this would lead to jail as the French Law for years now requires them to add "except Auschwitz" which would destroy their point of view. René Descartes, the main French philosopher, still can be studied only because he had written before WW2 (the past Amerindian genocide, so efficient but unofficial as comitted by our side, is allowed to deny): the hypothesis "I may be in a dream" is now forbidden by the Law, requiring to add "but Auschwitz is not a dream", which destroys the logical analysis. Freedom and logics have been forbidden. The threat for me is psychiatric asylum, like in the past Soviet Union: many dissidents are classified "mad", or "mentally disabled" lacking brains to "understand" that they must trust what is commanded, as this command embodies the Truth, the Good. Full totalitarian way, Western variant... If it would be authorized to speak about it (outside the Web), the French Law could be modified, adding "unless you deny also the existence of General DeGaulle and/or existence of the Sun". Then criminal Nazi-followers would be illegal while innocent Indian Buddhists (and myself) would be welcome with a smile - probably judged silly by believers, but accepted as simply different, wrong. This would be actual tolerance, then, punishing hate/violence but not scepticism. I know the strong believers pretend any denial of the Truth is a violent insult, atheism is insulting Jesus-Christ martyrdom etc, but I thought this was a habit of the past when tolerance of "free thought without physical violence" was not the goal yet. I was wrong, everything seems the same, somehow.
--- ADDITION 05/28th/2006 - Semantic discomfort
The "What-if" unrealist modellers are almost always rejected by "serious" Realist modellers, leading the modellism hobby, with bad words as "completely crazy" or "stupidly childish", and as a response, what-ifers go away and simply call these leaders JMN: Joyless Modelling Nazi. This insult is a matter of extra fun among what-ifers, playing victims ("after this new invention, I will probably be killed by JMNs!") or heroes ("this plastic model of mine would provide JMNs with a heart attack!"). I was smiling too, using these words, then I changed my mind. I considered posting a topic about it on the what-if modeller Web-Forum, but I feared it may be very polemic and I asked my best Canadian friend before. He confirmed this "would indeed stir up some very serious rantings on the site" so I prefer posting this cancelled topic here, for myself (and forthcoming French prosecutors).
Title: Changing the word JMN?
Sub-title: into FRIM?
Text: I have read a disturbing book last week, related to French laws ("Quand l'Etat se męle de l'Histoire"). The leading Historian R.Raymond was telling [intolerant bad things against skepticism but also] that (genocide and probably) Nazi word(s) should never become common but remembered as very specific to an absolute Evil, never to reach again. I am touched by this and willing to improve:
What-if modellers are not burnt alive with their whole families, by the Nazi murderers, just victims of bad words, bad laughs, usual contempt & rejection – saying the Realist ones that scorn us are Nazi is the highest insult available maybe (and it is hurting them successfully as they pretend to honour in the only right way the Victory over Nazism), but on the other hand, it is alas insulting somehow the far more severe victims of Auschwitz death camp:
Nazi is not a synonym of "intolerant people" – Communists would be called Nazi because of their intolerance while millions of Soviet young soldiers and women died to save their families from actual Nazism; American people who make war to countries actively refusing democracy or the Bible Old Book leadership could be called Nazi while they saved the whole Western Europe (and maybe the World) from actual Nazism; the Jewish community refusing to share the Israel/Palestine coast with the Arabic would be called Nazi while it was the main victim of actual Nazism. As far as I am concerned, I am not tolerant with rape and anthropophagy, even before becoming myself a victim of that, so am I Nazi (no matter if I dislike nationalism, socialism, fascism, racism)? If everyone (not accepting everything) is Nazi somehow, being Nazi would not be a problem in itself. And that opinion hurts very painfully innocent people, families of actual victims. Maybe it is not right to do that simply for fun and smile.
In France, this may even be condemned by the official Law, that actually prevents freedom of thought in order to obey requirements of the Jewish families of victims; I don't like at all this intolerance, making Indian Buddhism and Cartesian skepticism now illegal here (with threats over my head: 1-year jail, $50,000 punishment, Internet interdiction), but if there is simply a semantic little change that would avoid to hurt these families further, I am willing to change. Modellism should be a matter of fun, not insulting innocents somehow. So, as far as I am concerned, I will never use the word JMN again – I am not intolerant refusing that anyone use it ever, I will simply not play this game anymore, and I apologise for having played it, not realising. For my Buddhist-like skepticism, I am "scientificaly" judged mad in the Western World, I am an illegal free-spirit in France, I will not add to the list of my "crimes" a useless wordgame, that is felt as an insult by families claiming to be the only victims of the Nazi – Zionist extremists may hate me enough for being a non-Zionist Semitic-half-breed logician really refusing any racism, even in favour of ourselves.
Maybe we could say, instead of "Joyless Modelling Nazi"(JMN): "Funless Realist Intolerant Modellers" (FRIM) – and the sounds FReeM mean in French (written "frime") Excessive Showing Pride, which fits perfectly. Yes, we are victims of proud intolerance, simply, and the ones involved in both Realism and What-ifism are the best examples of tolerance. This site is still dedicated to the What-if part of modellism while it is clear that presenting a non-What-if model (elsewhere or in a special forum here if there is bandwidth enough) is not a crime of betrayal.
Let friendship and mutual tolerance win, let us avoid an awful accusation of "What-If Modelling Nazi" (WIM-N) to rather embody the spirit "What-If Modelling Welcome" (WIM-W).
No? That would require simply to change JMN into FRIM.
- New what-if modeller?
- Yes, shily.
- Where do you come from?
- JMNazi world, painfully...
- Don't insult them that far, just ignore them: feel free, call them FRIM!
- Yes I come from FRIM.
- Now welcome: WIM-W!
--- ADDITION 08/16th/2006 – Eye opener concerning War in Lebanon
    Before speaking and maybe hurting the Israel fanatic supporters, I must recall:
- I have Jewish blood and I am circumcised: I would be killed by the Nazi, I am not at all a Nazi supporter
- I don't like intolerance and guess the worst way to deal with opinions is islamism (mandatory Koran for everyone)
- I envisage this World being a dream and I do not pretend at all to say the Very Truth
    Now, I go:
• The French TV says that "the USA and UK have fully supported the Israeli war in Lebanon, delaying UNO efforts to stop war, judging that Israel has the full right to attack to defend itself, against Ezbollah (and the supporting people) firing rockets towards civilians in Northern Israel". I agree that an attack of innocents lead to a rather normal revenge back, alas with innocent casualties also, BUT… who are the Southern Libanese that attacked? I had read last year in the French catholic book "Croire ou ne pas croire" (To believe or not to believe), published in 2003, words from the priest of Nazareth, Emile Shoufani: "On October 30, 1948, the Israeli army entered the village of Eilaboun, 35km from Nazareth, our family cradle. All the population was joined together in the church. The soldiers arbitrarily chose fourteen young people, of which one of my uncles who was seventeen years old, and, after the departure of all the population of the village forced to go towards the Lebanese border, they killed them. My grandfather also was murdered, on the road of this forced exodus, assassinated a little later. At the time to cross the Lebanese border, under the constraint, my grandmother hid with her five children and they returned to the village. And there, it was necessary for her to relearn to live, with, in front of her, two possible ways: hatred and forgiveness. And she chose to drive out the desire of revenge from her heart. She was a woman with a deep Christian faith. Often, by referring to these tragic events she said: 'Let God forgive them'. During the summer, I spent holidays at her home, I knew that revenge and hatred were dead ends, that there was no other way, for the Jews and the Arabs, than to learn living together." If this is a true testimony, Israel owners are not innocent angels but "owners" by inheritance of murdering robbers… Some rare Palestinians may have the extraordinary force to forgive (like Jesus-Christ advising to love one's enemy, like an Auschwitz survivor saying 'Let God forgive the Nazi'), but most of them are normally very angry (I would), and some of them are revenging back, up to kill the murderers' inheriting families (I would not).
• Old books are saying that Israel was a Jewish property 1,900 years ago, so the Palestinians are not innocent angels but "owners" by inheritance of murdering robbers as well. But if this is taken into account, the US/Canada/Australia owners are guilty as well and would deserve the same punishment. The Europeans that have conquered the World with guns are guilty too. No need of endless war between guilty people, I would prefer to stop that all and start it all over: can we live together on this planet? I would follow 2 good directions: liberty and democracy – but not at all in the meaning used by the Western capitalists dominating the World:
- Democracy principle means that no aristocratic families are dominating weak families, all individuals having the same rights and possibilities to get comfort (from hard work or inventions). For that, borders would be discarded, making effective the Human Right to move. Jewish families would be allowed to come back to Israel, Palestinians would not be exiled nor robbed, Mexicans and Asians could freely come in the USA like the Europeans had invaded America, Africans and East-Europeans could invade Western Europe as well. This would be a World of shared misery, with the same chance for everyone. For that, the money domination of rich families must be cancelled, richness being not transferred to lazy heirs sweating hard-workers but seized (when the deserving individual passes away) by the World government, providing some Health care and Education for everyone. Every human being would have the same voting power for the World decisions, while children cannot be included before they reach the end of their education. This education would present possibilities and not require obedience: capitalism or communism or individualism, nationalism or aristocracy or racism or humanism, Jesus-Christ and the Buddha and Mohammed with the crimes of the ones that pretended to follow them, logic and science and philosophy and art as ways not owning a Truth, etc.
- Liberty would not be the allowance of anything (murder, rape, slavery, …) but the allowance of opinions, beliefs, choices of ratio "rest vs. reward". Robbery and war would be forbidden, because every personal richness would be fully deserved by personal merit. Guns, bombs and nuclear weapons would be the property of the World Government/police/army. Anger, hate, contempt would be tolerated as long as there is no related act: violence, discrimination.
    This World would avoid the World War Capitalism/Communism, the World War West/Islam, the World War West/Asia. All we would have to do is to cancel our choices that were directed for the highest material comfort and dominating position of our families. Jesus-Christ said "happy the poor, love the other as yourself and you will be loved", the Buddha said "quit the race for material comfort and find peace", they were wise, even if almost nobody heard them.
• This World, while claiming to fight for Liberty and Democracy, is almost opposite:
– The hardest supporters of democracy in the Promise Land refuse completely that the Palestinians sent away to Lebanon (and other places) come back and vote.
– The Mexican border is closed with guns not to dilute the American richness, and Western-Europeans strongly refuse the arrival of million African candidates to immigration.
– Democracy is defined only inside a country, with borders and armies threatening foreigners, forbidding them to come. And there are dominating countries and dominated countries, with no relation to their demography.
– With the self-collapse of the Soviet communism, capitalism has won and the rule is, fully, lazy heirs sweating hard-workers, no matter individual merit. Rich families are becoming richer and richer, brain-washing local supporters.
• I stop dreaming… and hear that the next World War against Western overpower may be simply avoided (with no need for us to share the hard-working Asia misery) by the acceptance of having both Israel and Palestine (Cisjordania+Gaza) countries side by side. BUT if the very old property before old wars is the rule that way, the US people without Amerindian blood deserve to be sent away, killing any resistance, then decades later accepting generously that the remaining ones have a country of their own: United Dakotas-Wyoming-Montana-Nebraska-Kansas-Oklahoma, with the Georgia cost as a bonus, the rest (New-York, Chicago, Texas, California, Colorado, Texas, Florida etc.) becoming back the property of Amerindians, in a free democracy with huge military power threatening foreign friends of the deported. Doesn't one understand this misery would be much painful and some ones would hate so much the new owners that they would kill the weakest, even committing suicide in doing so? This is the recipe for terrorist war, and we are in this mechanism, with Palestine as decided by the Israeli.
• In the Israel/Lebanon affair, France was opposed to English-speaking ones, but I do not mean at all that France owns the good attitude. I am illegal in France because the laws are written for Israel and the Jewish community as well, since the Loi-Gayssot borbidding a part of philosophy and of buddhism. When the French government tries to refuse Iraq war or Lebanon war, this may be to win contracts for French companies in the Arabic World. French journalists (and leading politicians) all say that Israel have the full right to exist as it is, beside Cisjordania and Gaza cost, that the Iranians are absolutely not allowed to have nuclear weapons like we and the Israeli have, and no publisher would dare to publish an opinion like mine, because of legal threat. Though, I have heard that an endless war occurred in Algeria, before I was born, because the French children of invaders were dominating the Arabic majority, and the French government stopped it successfully, bringing back millions of civilians before a true democracy would occur and kill them. If a Middle-East democracy were fairly decided, the Jewish children of invaders would be simply brought back before they are killed. Just as well. Yes, this is a solution to stop all terrorism ever, this would be much uncomfortable, but the fault was in the decision to invade and dominate, not in the move back.
• I do not mean I am right, I just mean leaders are dishonest, secretly egotist for their own side in minority dominating the majority of human beings. And brain-washing seems efficient, as they are elected again and again, by pretented Christians. Or the majority of our people is bad, which is very possible. And dominated people are probably willing to dominate if they could. Humanity seems bad, lying, only a few abnormal ones seem to have been better (Jesus-Christ, Buddha, Mother-Theresa, and unknown ones), finding self-comfort in wanting peace loosing material comfort and avoiding domination.
    After this week of vacation, I am going to take again the psychotropic drugs I must have to accept the lies of the working universe, to close down my eyes and sleep. Psychiatrists say this is mental illness and drugs are successfully working. Yes, like they were in USSR, for the ones contesting that communism embodies perfection... All lies everywhere, here like there, just let me be sick and vomit…
--- ADDITION 08/17th/2006 – Eye opening in another direction?
    A friend gave me another answer, that may explain all:
"It is all about oil. Even when it appears to be indirect. Those who understand the consequences of a finite energy supply realize the importance of ultimately controlling all the assets in the entire middle and near East and be assured: they DO have a long-term gameplan. Until a cheap, easily obtained energy source is 'discovered', it will always be about oil."
    Willing to understand, I tried to follow these steps, seeing where they go:
- The USA (with Texas, Alaska) and UK (with the North Sea) have oil, and just try to make their own stock last longer through buying oil in the Middle-East, on the contrary France has no oil at all, and need completely to buy it, this may explain why the French leaders are the main support of Arabic voices at the UNO Security Council. Yes. (If it was for equity, France would require its seat at the Council to be forever given to a Muslim country, and this is not even considered by the proud French leaders also wanting to dominate as much as possible).
- The Bible Old Book justification of Zionism (by US politicians and priests) would be a complete lie, to drive Christian electors/taxpayers into supporting war in the Middle East. That could work efficiently, as religion requires blind faith. Yes.
- If the secret reason of US Zionist wars and terrorism back is that US leaders want to keep the highest possible richness through hard times with oil becoming rare, they will not get Eternal Life, according to Jesus-Christ's words. How wouldn't they see it? Even the very top brains that America has been able to produce... No.
- I know some religious ways are surprising, seeming absurd and very popular. The common recipe for success, from Christendom and Islam as well, seems to be "pray hard, support and trust religion true experts, and all you have done will be forgiven by God/Allah: you will have Heaven reward after death". Yes.
- In 1948 there was no problem of oil stocks and nuclear power seemed to be a good alternative to replace it soon. This does not explain the invading of Palestine supported by the UNO. I guess France/UK/USA were directed (like before WW2 up to now) by powerful Jewish lobbies, USSR wanted to get rid of its Jewish community, China didn't care. There was no relation to oil back then. No.
    As a conclusion, this oil scenario may be partly right, and may be partly wrong. I don't know. I just think Western leaders will go to Hell if there is a Judgement above, and Western electors (like Hitler electors of the 1930s) to Purgatory, or Hell if blindness/stupidity is not forgiven for proud adults sending to psychiatric asylum the clearsighted minds - in Hell, Hitler/Ben Laden (and supporters) would meet again Sharon/Bush Jr (and supporters), maybe there is no need of devil extra fire, there is enough evil in them for a war forever... All that for oil supply/price?
    Trying to smile, I would say that oil+spark= violent fire, able to drive cars and aircraft… and wars, yes.
--- ADDITION 05/18th/2007 – Testament
(from http://www.greyfalcon.us/
ARTICLE 19. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
~ The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948, in Paris.
The concepts expressed in this document are protected by the basic human right to freedom of speech, as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, reaffirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court as applying to the Internet content on June 26, 1997.)

Sent to the USA by my employer, I may be killed in a plane explosion (thanks to the Mossad and FBI, that would blame Al-Quaida of course) because my OPINION is dangerous for the leaders of the Western World. As a testament, I could direct to the links towards my 24 sites and 14 books, but this is in French, and I add here a summary.
Why I may be killed
If it were fairly necessary to return Israel to the Jews, by sending-away/dispossessing the Palestinians, equitably it were as well fairly necessary to return the United States (and Canada) to the Amerindians (and Australia to the Aboriginals, South Africa to the Africans), sending-away/dispossessing the descendants of Europeans. Not to do it (and nobody even envisages it) can reveal 2 distinct logics: religious logic, racist logic.
- Religious Logic: the Bible Old Book (holy for the Christians, especially Protestant), like the Judaic Torah (holy for the Israelites), gives Israel to the Hebrews for eternity, affirms that the Jews will reign on Nations, and does not mention America (nor Australia, South Africa) that has no holy owner. However, animist-Hinduist-Buddhist-etc/atheist-agnostic-skeptic people do not have a single reason to approve this logic. The war for Israel should not be a war of the World against Islam, but is a religion war between blind Judeo-Christians and blind Moslems (Evil against Evil?). If this was understood, the Catholics of South America and Europe would hesitate (Jesus-Christ then the Curia having lowered down many words of the tribal Old Book, contradictory with the New Book – remember accepting a slap giving the other cheek or else eye-for-eye, the good Samaritan parabola or else the divine alliance with Jacob's only tribe). A world referendum on the Israel affair (return and vote of the sent-away Palestinians? repatriation of the Israelis in a French Algerian way?) could replace war, if the situation were worldly honest, democratic, without letting the Western minority control aristocratically, while claiming to incarnate the fair democracy against the islamist anti-democracy – at the U.N.O. Security Council, the Christian World has 4 votes (protestant, catholic, orthodox, anglican), China 1 vote, Islam Zero, Hinduism Zero, animism Zero, without any relation to the relative population figures.
- Racist Logic: Europeans, Jewish-European half-breeds, pure American children of Europeans, would be legitimately the Masters of the World, them only being allowed to conquer/emigrate where they want to, possibly by killing/sending-away/slaving local inhabitants, without later repair nor fair acceptance of any later migrant. That would fully explain the Protestant United States (conquested by migrants through war then rejecting latinos migrants) and the Jewish Israel (conquested by migrants through war then rejecting the come back of sent away people). This explicit anti-humanism, (theoretically) shocking lay/catholic morals, could be condemned as embodying the modern racist Evil, by world referendum without border nor domination (before the U.N.O. confiscates the weapons of this side, not exterminating it of course).
The Western voters are not informed at all of these elements of debate, their brains being washed by official and media propaganda, with religious and "intellectual" unanimous approval, in favor of Israel and the United States. That removes their capacity to prevent the terrorist revolution by equitable justice. They do not even complain, do not perceive it. Too bad for the victims, alas...
--- ADDITION 05/20th/2007 – Explaining differently
A friend told me that my testament above was unclear, so I try to write it again, in a different way.
· Main point: My opinion is that the Terrorist/Western war is "Evil against Evil", and electors could refuse it if they were no more brainwashed by propaganda. All seems simple, through self-critic: the Muslims were not at all terrorists before 1948, all came from the Palestine conquest for Israel then its full support by Westerners and especially the US (with massive destruction weapons). 5 millions of Israeli have sent away/dispossessed (under death threat, killing any refusal) 10 millions of Palestinians, refusing now their come back. Why ? A fair argument would be that this land was a Jewish property 2,000 years ago, so the Historical justice gives it back to them. Wrong! If this principle was the law, the US would be given back to Amerindians, chasing away/dispossessing the American having no Indian blood, towards misery in European/African refugee camps – hate would grow, and if this has been decided by elected leaders of Russia/Japan with overwhelming weapons, there would be a US/European terrorism against Russian/Japanese electors, USA/Europe would have understood… So there is another explanation. Repair logic after the Jewish Holocaust is impossible : the Amerindians of USA/Caribbean endured a far more efficient genocide than the Jewish, deserving at least the same repair. So there is another explanation, I see 2 of them, and both embody Evil according to me.
· 1/ Racist logic: Europeans would consider themselves as the Masters of the World, them only being allowed to conquer. They have conquered North America, killing its owners, now they refuse that Latinos/Africans come to share/dilute their richness, even peacefully. They have conquered the Pacific Ocean then refused (with fire bombs and nukes over civilians) that Japan do the same. They have decided to get rid of their Jewish powerful minorities, creating for them the land of their dream: Israel, chasing away the Arabic. This awful violence towards innocents is of course raising a tremendous anger, and some desperate victims commit suicide punishing us (electors directing the World).
· 2/ Religious logic: the US protestant leaders and electors majority have been raised with the Bible Old Book as Very Truth. This one has been written by some Jewish declaring that Israel will be their own property forever, without mentioning any other part of the World. So an Israelite Israel is specifically holy, deserving one more Crusade. However, some Catholic voice may be heard: Jesus-Christ has corrected many mistakes of the Old Book, and only the New Book would be holy and fully respectable, not insulting God: a Lord of Love could not have killed innocent babies through the Deluge, nor condemned any female baby because of Eve's acts, nor been racist preferring Jewish blood than any other one, the Old Book is a tribal fairy tale written by bad individuals, far from JC luminous lessons, and JC may have been born there to correct the most awful mistakes on Earth. Moreover the atheists-agnostics-skeptics-Buddhists-Hinduists-animists-etc. would say the Religion of a few ones should not command the World, the Zionist Christians having no right to turn their opinion into a World War. Lay countries would declare themselves neutral, or declare war towards the US just as they have declared war to terrorism.
· Conclusion : without war anymore, without terrorism anymore, all could be cured by a FAIR World democracy – 1 human being = 1 vote, without anymore the domination of USA and Europe countries. There would be 2 questions: is migration free (for Israelites and Arabic towards Israel, for Europeans forefathers and nowadays Mexicans towards North America, for Africans towards Europe), has descendants to pay for the crimes of their forefathers (Arabic in Israel, US in North America)? As such humanist honesty seems completely impossible, this is war, of Evil against Evil, yes.
--- ADDITION 07/03rd/2008 – Lost answer
I have read an interesting French page written by US Jews, detailing lies about History of Palestine/Israel, and searching for peace. They require comments, that will be transmitted to the authors. I have answered, but received a message "bad destination mailbox address". So the address has changed. I post here the few lines I have written to them:
An heretic opinion from France
I have read your French page http://questionscritiques.free.fr/moyen_orient/conflit_Israel_Palestine.htm and I thank you for your words, but they do not bring peace according to me. You seem to belong to the ones giving up 1967 crimes to comfort 1948 crimes. Violence would go on. For me, 1948 crimes should be repaired, completely, all the rest is unfair, racist, criminal. I hope Judaism is not racist itself, but I have not heard the words demonstrating it, yet. In my France, the president is considering criminal every one not recognizing Israel – I am in danger because I disagree : according to me, the modern Israel is a war crime, this president and all other Zionist politicians deserve a fair trial for support to war crimes. In my France, the occupation of Algeria has been repaired, it is very uncomfortable but very possible. Restoring fairly antique properties means the USA would be dead, given back to (mass-murdered) Amerindians. The rest (going back to the world 1967) is racism, mild is better than crude, but not much. According to me, Yahweh will punish all Israel supporters, after death. Human brains are not made for lies, but for understanding and finding justice. (Sorry for my imperfect English)
PS. My grand-grand father was Jewish and I am circumcised, under the threat of a new Auschwitz camp if you powerful ones still try to prove Jewish blood means automatically unfairness and domination spirit. This is wrong, this is endangering once more innocents.
--- ADDITION 03/11th/2020 – Update 2020
I have posted many additions in the French part of the site, several times per year, from 2009 to 2020, but I did not translate them into English as nobody seems interested. I write that mainly to find a logic for myself, so no need (it seems) to turn that into a foreign language, even the international language.