initially posted on What-if modeller Web-Site
(gathered by Tophe, May 21st 2011 - updated December 19th 2022)

These were miscellaneous pictures apart of the ones in special collections : Mustangs and twin-boomers 1939-45. Here are only the remaining ones.
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A/ Model 141s
B/ Other fakes

Model 141s
AN ALQ Blackburn Bloch Boulton Paul Canadair Caproni Caudron Farman
Folland Fokker Hanriot Hawker Siddeley IMI Lockheed L
Lockheed C Martin Mikoyan North American Payen Piper
Potez Tupolev Vega Vickers Vought Yakovlev

Other fakes
Airspeed Antonov Blohm-und-Voss Boeing Bell BMW Bristol Canadair Consolidated Dassault De Havilland Dornier Douglas Fairey L Focke Wulf Fournier General Dynamics Gloster Grumman Hamburger Heinkel Henschel Isacson Lippisch Lockheed Martin North American Northrop Saunders Roe Short Westland