Addition 2004 (-2020) to the list of Asymmetric aircraft
    Nov. 18th 2004 - May 28th 2023, by X.Toff/Tophe

  [My friend Igor, of Unicraft Models, must give of course a full priority to producing and sending kits, creating new ones, so he needed help to update his great Asymmetric-planes main site with 2003 additions of mine. As I am not a professional, just an enthusiast ignoring how to handle Copyrights, I give here just reduced or simplified pictures, inviting the interested people to find the very source. As well, I have not required any payment, nor a free kit - I am willing to pay Unicraft kits at catalogue price, they deserve it.]

1/ Engine test beds
2/ Rotor-craft
3/ Flying Toys
4/ (What-if dreams)
5/ (Toff-Tophe What-if dreams)
6/ high-speed asymmetry
7/ asymmetric ailiners
8/ slight asymmetry
9/ (unsure asymmetry)
10/ asymmetric lifting-body
11/ simple asymmetry
12/ temporary asymmetry

1/ Engine test beds
1a- A Gulfstream II twin-jet having a single propfan on the port wing had been built by Lockheed for the NASA, to test this engine/propeller. On the starboard wing was just a balance boom at the tip. The first flight occured in 1987. (Sources: Jane's All the World Aircraft, 'Lockheed Aircraft' Pub.Putnam)
1b- Many aircraft have been used to test in flight one new engine on one side while keeping reliable power on the other side, providing some asymmetry. Still to test the UnDuctedFan in the 1980s, a propfan was on one side of the tail (with normal jet on the other side) on a Boeing 727, a McDonnell MD-80, a Yakovlev Yak-42; a long time before that, a Boeing 707 used 3 turbojets and the first turbofan, bigger and shorter; and more recently, a Boeing 747 used 3 normal turbofans and one with huge fan; etc... (Source: Internet, Air & Cosmos and Aviation International magazines)

2/ Rotor-craft
2a- A very famous asymmetric aircraft was not an airplane: the Lockheed XH-51A Compound. In order to increase very much the speed of helicopters, it was tried to add a single big turbojet laterally on a classical XH-51 (with the rotor, a classical additional dorsal jet was not possible). The first flight occured in 1964, and the World speed record for rotorcraft was established at 272mph =438km/h. The Kaman Seasprite Compound used, also in 1964 the same principle: a starboard jet. (Sources: Internet, 'Lockheed Aircrat' Pub.Putnam, Jane's All the World Aircraft)
2b- Of course, most of the rotorcraft are slightly asymmetric, using a single rotor rotating clockwise (or else: counter-clockwise) with an anti-torque system at the rear, on one side, pushing in a lateral direction for balance. But this is not the subject here, as well as the vertical asymmetry or front/aft asymmetry of almost all aircraft. Though, the old Hellesen-Kahn hélicoptère /double-plane illustrates with huge asymmetry the principle of usual rotorcraft... First (unsuccessful) flight in 1925. (Source: 'Le Trait d'Union' magazine, BFAB Pub.)
2c- A striking asymmetry was used on the Fairey Gyrodyne, replacing the rear anti-torque system by a lateral propeller providing both anti-torque balance and speed increase. The first flight occured in 1947, and the program was cancelled after the crash of the prototype in 1949. Less known, the SIAI-Marchetti SV-20C project would have used the Gyrodyne principle with a pusher propeller, on the basis of the SV-20A helicopter - all was cancelled in 1974. (Sources: Internet, 'L'histoire de l'hélicoptère' Pub.France-Empire, Jane's All the World Aircraft)

3/ Flying Toys
3a- After the rotating wing, there is the domain of circular flight. Many flying toys, with line-control, have only a port wing and a starboard weight for balance, as the NASS A, 1/2A, F2A. (Source: Internet)

4/ More What-if
4a- Jacques Lecarme's DaU was a fool's-day joke (April 1st 1968) featuring a port fuselage and starboard push-pull engines. It was mentionned that an inverted version was available for left-handed pilots, just a little more expensive... (Source: Aviation Magazine)
4b- The Ki-624 has been presented as a war-bird having a starboard fuselage and port push-pull propellers. With it was presented the couple General Motors XF2M-A&B, with either port push-pull or starboard-push/port-pull. And the Mitsubishi D5M used the same principle. (Source: Internet).
4c- From Japan also, the Hanger EP-6 would have used the layout of the DaU, simplified, without pretending to some historical background. (Source: Internet)
4d (12a)- Maybe from Switzerland, the Superdahu would have been a supersonic interceptor designed for circular Mach-2 cruise over a little country. Funny... (Source: Internet)

5/ Toff-Tophe What-if
5a- I have drawn many what-if twin-boom asymmetrical planes of the 1940s (fantasy). I present 4 of them here, selected among 32... (Source: 'The end of Forked Ghosts' book by X.Toff)
5b-  In 1992, I already imagined crazy twin-boom asymmetric shapes, I present here 4 of these puzzles-for-taxonomists: twin-boom or not? (Source: 'Catamarans du Ciel' book by X.Toff)
5c- At last, I have created a whole site for the fantasy/logical analysis of the asymmetric layout, I present 4 of them here, selected among 45... (Source: 'Asymmetric-or-Twin-boom?' on Internet by X.Toff)

Maybe someone else will create another page, after me. Anyway, thanks again to Igor for his marvellous site and collection!

-------------------------------------------------------------------- LATE ADDITIONS -----------------------------------------------------

(2005/01/11th) 2c'/: Thanks to Alex Panchenko, whose incredible collection of Soviet project models is fully presented and commented at , it is possible to add another poorly known derivative of the Gyrodyne, belonging to the Myasishchev M-12 batch of V/STOL transports.
(2005/06/22nd) 2d/ Other way : the Dornier Conrado Patent DE 44 43 731 of 1996 includes a completely new reason to be asymmetric: for a VTOL with tilting wing/propeller, the simplest way is to have the power and free space at the center of the aircraft, thus a twin-fuselage layout (port+starboard), BUT if it is impossible to have such two half-fuselages (e.g. to hold one very big device), a single fuselage is still required and it may be lateral, asymmetric (Fig.5 of this Patent), leaving free the central axis. With contra-rotating propellers/rotors, it was obvious that this Dornier layout was not justified by helicopter torque, this is a completely new reason to be asymmetric, congratulations to the inventor! (Source: Internet)
(2005/06/24th) 2e (12b)/ the Papin-Rouilly Gyroptère (tested in 1915) and other mono-blade choppers could be seen as asymmetric, stopped on the ground or in a flight snapshot. Thanks JCC for this addition. (Source: Internet)
(2005/09/24th) 6a/ Thanks to Scott Lowther, preparing a great new book (see at, it is possible to add a very serious Northrop asymmetric flying wing project, that came after the B-49. Asymmetry allowed the crew to be put as far from the nuclear reactor as possible. (+2007/01/06th:) The same is presented as project 1956 at
(2005/10/14th) 7a/ In 1966, the Douglas designers considered 3-engined airliners coded D-967, either classically symmetric with a jet in the fin (like the Boeing 727: D-967-10, or the DC-10: D-967-1) or else with an asymmetric layout: the most asymmetric was the D-967-20 having wing engines with the single starboard one more external than the 2 port ones; less asymmetric was the D-967-30 with rear engines, close to the centreline. Such a layout was leaving the fin and rudder free from any fire or explosion in case a major engine problem occurred, with better controls/safety than a classical 3-jet. (Source "Great airliners", 6)
(2006/02/12th) 4e/ For aviation enthusiasts regarding aircraft with smiles and tenderness, the asymmetric layout main quality is originality, weirdness, not mechanics or aerodynamics, and this point of view is further illustrated by several Bv 141 cute caricatures (like the ones in the lovely Web sites and A Lego square Bv 141 may also have been built in a child bedroom… Aircraft are not only serious useful machines, they are pleasant silhouettes and dreams also.
(2006/04/28th) 8a/ The Vickers Viking and Valetta, of the late 1940s, are mentioned as slightly asymmetric because their port tailplane is truncated to compensate a slipstream asymmetry, probably due to both engines rotating in the same direction instead of counter-rotating for balance.
(2006/06/01st) 4f/ On the Web-forum , "Foxbat" (Bret Danielson) presented several asymmetric-wing 3D weird models he had designed/virtually-built: Asymaplane, TwistWing. They seem able to fly!
(2006/06/02nd) 5d/ On What-if modellers Web-forums , Tophe (myself) presented one hundred fantasy asymmetric planes, from 1939-45 symmetric sources or discussing about the twin-boom definition. This stands as an update to the "Forked Ghosts" books, unReal part.
(2006/06/03rd) 6b/ Thanks (again) to Scott Lowther, preparing his new book (see at, here are 2 of the 5 Boeing designs for the USAF supersonic B-59 program of the early 1950s. A true twin-boom asymmetric layout, like featured here, is very rare, out of the fantasy world.
(2006/06/28th) 9a (12c)/ Some air-launched aircraft have flip-out wings, extended for flight, and photographs show them flying with asymmetrical outspread, as the IMI-Brunswick ADM-141A Tald, whose 141-code reminds strangely the asymmetric leader: Bv 141.
(2006/06/28th) 2e' (12b')/ Apart of the very-old or ultra-light single-blade helicopters were some modern-looking VTOL airplanes, as the delta-winged Sikorsky S-57 (XV-2, and maybe XH-36) of 1954.
(2006/08/24th) 7b/ The VFW 624 airliner project has been presented in 1973, in 4 versions: 2 symmetric triplex-engine and what seem to be 2 asymmetric twin-engine.
(2006/08/27th) 4g/ A fake photograph from Erfawn Akhtar-Khavari brought another nice addition to the asymmetric airliners family: Boeing 777-3m. While many computer graphic Masters added engines on the M.A.P. funny site (8-engined Boeing 747 etc.) the first step is adding only one, and if it is not central, that builds an asymmetric plane… There is no mention of the asymmetric originality, so it was probably presented as a normal 2-engined 777 turned into a weird 4-engined 777, while the angle allows to imagine the external port engine is hidden (by the internal port one), but as this one has never been handled/"built", this "photographed" plane is a 3-engined incredible 777, and dreamers may appreciate even more!
(2006/08/30th) 5e/ I have myself reached the Modified Airliner Photographs group, to add twin-airliners and asymmetric airliners. I put this Boeing 757-3e. It was fun to make with Corel PhotoPaint, I thank also Adrian Pingstone and Wikipedia for the souce picture.
(2007/01/17th) 4h/ Asymmetric cargo planes were presented in the fantasy Howdah design project. A challenge for balance but convenient to upload/download...
(2007/01/31st) 4i/ A Web designer named Cutangus also imagined asymmetric planes of the late 1940s.
(2007/02/01st) 3b/ At the International Haud-Launch Glider Festival (IHLGF, 2003?) was presented an asymmetric-wing glider made by Bill Watson, flown successfuly with asymmetry in chord, span and dihedral.
(2007/03/04th) 5f/ I have created a Web site gathering almost 200 imaginary P-38 Lightnings, and 36 of them are strongly asymmetric...
(2007/04/13th) 10a/ A 1974 Boeing "Transport Concept" would have used the Burnelli lifting body principle, with a port cockpit and starboard jet.
(2007/10/28th) 5g/ I have created a Web site gathering my fake photos of aircraft, half of them being asymmetric jokes.
(2008/03/18th) 4j/ In January 1945, Roger Tennant explained in the magazine Flight that the best long range fighter would be an asymmetric twin-engine plane.
(2008/03/21st) 3c/ An asymmetrical control-line toy, reaching 150mph (240km/h), was already presented in 1949 in the magazine Flight.
(2008/03/22nd) 11a/ The Patent US 1,896,270 ("Airplane") filed in September 1929 by Theodore P. Wright (later engineer of the Curtiss-Wright Co.) presents a single-engine aircraft with good visibility, reduced fuselage vibration and reduced crash hazards. See Google patent or Flight magazine.
(2008/03/22nd) 5h/ I add here a (fake) Blohm und Voss Bv 141C with pilot and engine inverted: the goal would have been the ability to repair in flight the engine...
(2008/03/23rd) 5i/ I add also a (fake) Blohm und Voss Bv 141Z-2 with long range improvements in a Zwilling way: 2 fuselages and 1 half-pod for fuel, front observer as well as rear observer in a special pod, free from the pilot cockpit...
(2008/03/24th) 5j/ With gunners and lateral observers, the (fantasy) Blohm und Voss Bv 141Z-3 may have been rejected by very bad officials in 1944, it may be built anyway by very good modellers in 2014...
(2008/04/19th) 2f/ The Young Patent US3,820,743 of 1972 presented a Maple Seed Aerospace craft, VTOL with spinning flight... See Google Patent
(2008/04/19th) 4k/ A fool's day joke (April 1st 1980) was the Monoptère. (Source: Aviation Magazine)
(2008/04/19th+24th) 7c/ In 1971 was proposed an asymmetric 3-engined version of the Preliminary Boeing 747SP. Source: "Boeing 747" by Martin Bowman.
(2008/06/16th) 5k/ Coming back on the What-if modellers Web-forum, Tophe (myself) presented new fantasy asymmetric planes, from 1939-45 symmetric sources. This stands as another update to the "Forked Ghosts" books, unReal part (including the asymmetric Messerschmitt Me 610 and Me 710 together with the twin-fuselage Me 810 and twin-boom Me 910).
(2008/06/16th) 5l/ I have also created a Web site gathering my new fake photos of aircraft, half of them being asymmetric jokes.
(2008/10/03rd) 9b/ In the book " Illyustrirovannaya entsiklopediya samolyotov (OKB) V. M. Myasishcheva" by Bruk/Udalov/Smirnov/Arkhipov/Pogodin/Puntus, appeared a mysterious drawing of what seems to be an asymmetric variant of the Myasishchev M-63-2 Katamaran project – or this may be a mistake of the artist, not an external starboard foreplane nor a frontal starboard fin…
(2008/10/04th) 4l/ My friend Koen invented and justified a personal design for an asymmetric flying wing. See his Nest of dragons.
(2008/10/04th) 7d/ Jim Davis wrote that the preliminary Boeing 727 was designed as asymmetric, but refused by airlines as the public would not like that.
(2008/10/04th) 6c (12d)/ The Northrop-Grumman/DARPA Oblique Flying Wing (OFW) is a supersonic project, with a 2006 contract for a first flight 2010. See Flightglobal.
(2008/10/14th) 3d/ The Inter-Ex annual show (1984-2007) organised a classification for flying models, including an asymmetric group. There was a Blakert Bv 141B in 2001, and the drawing for the group is uncommon.
(2008/10/14th) 3e/ In 1997 the Academy of Model Aeronautics was selling an asymmetric version of a flying jet model, see Ironside.
(2008/10/18th) 6d/ Many more oblique wing projects (asymmetric airliners and fighters, twin-pod flying wings, etc.) are here and there, or on Desktop Aeronautics pages.
(2008/10/31st) 4m/ At least 2 asymmetric planes seem to appear in the computer game Crimson Skies: the Doppleganger besides and a twin-prop aircraft.
(2008/11/08th) 5m/ Differently asymmetric, the twin-engine flying-wing Blohm und Voss Bv 141N Nurflügel and the twin-tail Bv 141M have been designed (by myself) in 2008.

(2008/11/08th) 5n/ The (2008-"designed") Blohm und Voss Bv 141D could have been a reco aircraft with much improved lateral view.
(2008/11/09th) 3f (12e)/ The Pilotomago Web film seems to feature a radio-controlled plane flying with a half wing (the other half being lost in flight), before great fake effects to connect to a (safe, saved) piloted airplane.
(2008/11/24th) 12f/ Some composite aircraft hold lateral little airplanes, that may detach separately, the first that goes away leaving behind a (temporary) asymmetric composite. That started in the 1930s with the Zveno composites then went on in the 1950s with the Tom-Tom ones.

(2008/11/30th) 5o/ Zwilling the usual Bv-141N and the rare Bv-141И (2008, for left-handed crew) could have produced a sadly-symmetric double-pod twinboomer. But, if ever one engine fails, a dangerous asymmetry would result, so the port engine was moved backward and the booms were brought near each other, with a piece of external tailplane for balance, the result being still asymmetric (Bv-141NИ or Bv-141Nee).

(2008/12/06th) 1c/ In 1956, the Canadair CL-52/B-47B was a flying test-bed for the Iroquois jet, it featured an asymmetric engine pod underneath the starboard tailplane.
(2008/12/07th) 5p/ 1948 (or 2008?) designed Bv-141T Tourismus for 12 passengers enjoying the landscape.
(2009/02/23rd) 5q/ As the count of Bv-141 twin-boomers in the what-if-modellers group raised to 4, I added one of my own: the Bv 141Neu-Neu (meaning New-New in English, meaning Brainless-Stupid in French). Such a design would have a precise technical goal for the designer-hero: being fired away from the design bureau, to design no Nazi aircraft anymore...
(2009/03/01st-02nd) 4n (6e)/ The challenge to imagine a supersonic Bv-141 leaded to design an asymmetric version of the F-16A: F-141A. Tophe drew a first sketch, then nicely corrected and improved by ElectrikBlue, that featured it as 3D model using parts from Logic-Wizard's original F-16 model data.
(2009/04/11th + 2009/05/24th) 4o/ An old cartoon invented by by Chris Wren showed a reverted Bv-141, canard somehow (see The Aeroplane June 2009).
(2009/04/17th) 4p/ A 1/72 model at the IPMS Octoberfest 2007 seemed to have featured an asymmetric F4U Corsair (or F4U/P-51B hybrid, or Crimson Skies' Doppleganger turned plastic).
(2009/04/19th) 5r/ In my collection of plastic/resin models, more than a dozen of asymmetric aircraft inventions are featured.
(2009/04/20th) 4q (6f)/ After presenting his 8-engined what-if project RF-52 Condor, the great (amateurish) designer ElectrikBlue was invited by Tophe to turn it into a 4-engined asymmetric plane. This gave life to the Boeing RF-55B Condor, a kind of hypersonic Bv-141… Thanks EB/José!
(2009/05/03rd) 8b/ A McDonnell Douglas Patent of 1996 for Aerodynamic body having coplanar joined wings includes an asymmetric fuselage layout.
(2009/05/04th) 10b/ In 1976, Boeing Spanloader concepts were presented. Some of them, with 5 or 7 jet engines, were asymmetric, the nose and cockpit being lateral.
(2009/05/13th) 12g/ In 2007 was presented the RoboSwift bird observation VG airplane, turning by sweeping asymmetrically its wings.
(2009/05/13th) 5s/ The Gloster Meteor III.4 would have been an asymmetric version, joining a half Mk.III and a half Mk.4, to have asymmetry both in wing shape and jet size.
(2009/05/14th) 4r/ From Unicraft kits, the what-if modeller Flitzer invented in 2008 this asymmetric derivative of the Hs P.122 : Henschel Hs Schief.
(2009/05/17th) 5t/ The unmanned Bv-141RC is still asymmetric, even without lateral pod.
(2009/05/19th) 5u/ From ElectrikBlue's imaginative Mig-70 (with 2 turbojets + 1 ramjet) was created the MiG-77M with uncommon asymmetry of jet-nozzles and fins.
(2009/05/20th) 5v/ The twin-engined Bv-141zm zweimotorig has less asymmetry in weight, more asymmetry in thrust.
(2009/05/21st) 5w/ The F-104 Asy would feature simply dihedral asymmetry.
(2009/05/22nd) 9c/ The CWA Swan project has been presented with a radial engine only on the port wing. However the text (of The Aeroplane Spotter 9/7/1944) explained that the two 205hp in-line engines could be replaced by two 450hp radials, the sketch mixing both without such a construction being considered, it seems.
(2009/07/08th) 2g/ In 1965, the Lockheed CL-945 VTOL project featured a stowed rotor – becoming almost a classical airplane in cruise flight, while keeping a helicopter anti-torque device, uselessly asymmetric then…
(2009/07/08th) 5x/ A twin-boom flying disc was featured on a "Man's life" cover, presented in a Web forum and Weaver suggested that Tophe turned it asymmetric. So the port engine was discarded with Photopaint-6.
(2009/07/29th) 12h/ A Junkers Ju 88 was partly broken in flight, in 1941, and kept on flying 160km (100 miles), asymmetrically, without starboard taiplane. (See "Le Fana de l'Aviation" #477, Editions Larivière).
(2009/08/12th) 8c/ The Henschel Hs 298, in 1945, would have been an air-to-air missile (rocket-powered), with a little asymmetry. (See "Die detschen Flugzeuge 1933-1945", Lehmanns Verlag, 1964).
(2009/08/13th) 9d/ When only a profile is available, several layout hypothesis may be considered. In the book "Ceskoslovenska letadla" (Nase Vojsko, 1968) is a Czech text, that was uneasy to read, so the LE P-3.4 (project of 1949) might have been asymmetrical or twin-fuselage. At last, with Internet free translators, the twin-fuselage hypothesis appeared being the true one for this fighter-trainer, the asymmetry having just been a reader's dream...
(2009/08/18th) 10c/ The Roberts Wing body aircraft (Patent US3191883 of 1964-65) featured two fins, asymmetrical both in position and direction.
(2009/08/19th) 11b/ The Raymer Asymmetric GA Twin was an interesting design (dated 1981?) but has never been built it seems.
(2009/08/23rd) 12i/ The Supermarine 327 Spito prototype of 1937, not finished, was completely asymmetric, but unable to fly (and even to stand on the runway)...
(2009/08/24th) 4s/ The Science-Fiction B-wing Starfighter would have been a winged asymmetric space-craft, probably able to fly as airplane in some atmosphere.
(2009/08/25th) 7e/ The Roskam Asymmetric Trijet was an RC model of airliner.
(2009/08/26th) 5y/ The Blohm und Voss Bv-141E Ei (Egg) featured lengths reduced by 50% (as basis for an egg-plane model kit).
(2009/08/27th) 6g/ The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Staggerwing in 1977 improved transsonic drag with wing asymmetry (Patent US4,139,172).
(2009/09/05th) 8d/ The helicopter Boeing-Vertol 235 AAH, built as mock-up in 1973 had asymmetric cockpits and windscreens.
(2009/09/19th) 4t/ In 2008, an asymmetric Arado Ar-240 A-02 Asy was built by Jérôme Engel at scale 1/72.
(2009/09/20th) 3f/ The Paper Airplane Design Studio presented several Japanese asymmetric models in 2006.
(2009/09/20th) 3g/ In 2009, the Ninomiya machine with staggered planes was another Japanese paper plane.
(2009/09/20th) 3h/ An asymmetrical wing wooden plane was also built in Japan.
(2009/09/21st) 12j/ In 2009, a Rockwell Collins Damage Tolerance scale model of F-18 had part of its starboard wing removed in flight, while keeping control thanks to special electronics.
(2009/09/24th) 12k/ In 1996, the F-16HSR High Speed Research of the NASA featured temporarily a half wing with an experimental glove changing its shape.
(2009/09/24th) 3i/ Chinese paper planes featured staggered wings or starboard-only fin.
(2009/09/24th) 11c/ In June 2009 flew the XFC pusher unmanned aircraft of The US Naval Research Laboratory, with oblique wings and opposite winglets.
(2009/09/26th) 9e/ Sometimes, in an article, two half planes are compared, close to one another. Visually, this creates a kind of asymmetric airplane - like this (these) Dassault project(s) of mid-September 1956 in "Le Trait d'Union" #179.
(2009/09/27th) 9f/ Sometimes, the asymmetric aircraft that we guess is a temporary visual illusion, due to the angle of sight, making a 3-fuselage single-tail plane look like having only 2 lateral fuselages: one with tail and one without - then the plane would move and we would see there was just some alignment of the tail-carrying central-fuselage with one of the lateral fuselages.
(2009/10/07th) 5z/ Rarely, a profile of twin-engine airplane is presented with one lateral engine removed to show the short nose that it would hide. So there is the nose in front then a lateral engine, which looks like an asymmetric single-engine plane. It is possible from there to invent the other views. The single-engined Bristol Beaufighter came this way from pleasant profiles in the book "Interceptor fighters for the Royal Air Force" by M.Bowyer.
(2009/10/08th) 5za/ After the Blohm und Voss Bv-241B project (would have) created a symmetric Zwilling derivative of the Bv-141, the Bv-341B restored asymmetry, in a triplex pod layout.
(2009/10/11th) 5zb/ Of course the Blohm und Voss Bv-241B and Bv-341B have been themselves Zwillinged into the asymmetric Bv-241Z and Bv-341Z.
(2009/10/12th) 4u/ In 2009, the what-if designer Electrik Blue invented a MiG-29Z Zwilling, with a secret device in the front part of the starboard fuselage. The what-if modeller Tophe prevented interference with the starboard foreplane discarding this one (and the port tailplane for balance), into an asymmetric MiG-29Z-2.
(2009/10/13th) 9g/ Sometimes, another visual illusion may come from twin-boomers with separate tails and the central pod hides one of the booms, making the observer wonder: twin-boom symmetric or single-boom asymmetric? See the Pellarini Airjeep.
(2009/10/17th) 5zc/ Between the Bv-441 (Bv-241Z) and Bv-641 (Bv-341Z) was the Blohm und Voss Bv-541. This 5-engined reco aircraft was designed to carry a lot of fuel, for transatlantic flight back and forth without refueling.
(2009/10/18th) 5zd/ The Blohm und Voss Bv-741 (would have) avoided the need of rear protection by an increased speed: doubled power with no more drag.
(2009/10/18th) 5ze/ With the threat of jet fighters, 1944, were (or would have been) designed the 4-engined Bv-841 and 6-engined Bv-941, reaching (theoretically) 800km/h = 500mph.
(2009/11/03rd) 4v/ From the famous 2-engined RF-101 Voodoo, José ElectrikBlue invented the 4-engined RF-202 Zwilloo (Zwilling-Voodoo) and suggested that Tophe remove one fuselage. That created the 3-engined asymmetric RF-202R, half Northropish flying wing...
(2009/11/08th) 5zf/ Before designing the P.178 asymmetric jet, the Blohm und Voss team of course considered a Bv-141TL (jet derivative of the Bv-141).
(2009/12/08th) 6h/ In 2008, a thesis by R.W. Plumley at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute included a CGI drawing of Staggered Multi-Body aircraft, looking supersonic.
(2009/12/16th) 4v/ In 2006, the what-if modeller Rafael revealed the Yakovlev Yak-480, an airplane "built in 2013" from an old Messerschmitt Bf-109 and 2 turboprops... with high success!
(2009/12/16th) 4w/ In "1943" (according to the fantasy artist Stan Mott), maybe in 1957 in our world, Igor Sokerov's Chrysler Aeroflot carplane featured a port rear door and a starboard tail, it seems.
(2009/12/19th) 4x/ The what-if designer ElectrikBlue has created the Dassault Farfadet, a 66% scale Rafale (except cockpit and canopy: of course 100%), then the group Rafale+Farfadet gave birth to the Rafafale twin-plane, asymmetric.
(2009/12/20th) 4y/ The what-if designers ElectrikBlue and Stargazer2006 had fun creating the little Mirage 1000 from the big Mirage 4000, then Stargazer invented the Mirage 1000A with a F-16-like jet intake, requiring Tophe to build an asymmetric derivative of it. So, the asymmetric double Mirage 1001 featured both kinds of jet intakes, each one having good points and bad points.
(2009/12/23rd) 4z/ The what-if modeller Glenn dreaming of a Britten-Norman Twin-Islander, Tophe imagined several asymmetric versions of this Twislander.
(2010/01/17th) 5zg/ In X.Toff's book "Virtual Mustangs", many profiles have been mentioned as corresponding to either symmetric aircraft or asymmetric ones. This possibility has been illustrated with the P-51/3m or P-51/2m (with anti-torque little extra engine) on the update pages (what-if modellers forum).
(2010/01/18th) 11d/ The Cirrus The-Jet (future Vision SF50) single-jet design was considered in many ways: « even one with an engine mounted on the side, but un-surprisingly, it looked too un-conventional and who wants an asymmetric airplane anyway ? »…
(2010/01/30th) 5zh/ From the Mirage 1000 nice fake, and the source Mirage 4000, was created the Mirage 4001 asymmetric big & small...
(2010/01/31st) 4za/ The what-if designer ElectrikBlue created a 4-jet engined F7F Tigercat Jumojet, then 3-engined variants, including an asymmetric one.
(2010/02/07th) 5zi/ The what-if designer Wyrmshadow created a 3-engined Warhound mixing the Blohm und Voss P.170 layout (3-engined, double-fin, twin-lateral-booms) with Curtiss P-40 Warhawk parts. From this Tophe made a Warhound 2, 2-engined single-fin single-lateral-boom asymmetric derivative.
(2010/02/08th) 5zj/ When Unicraft Models presented the profile of a "Me 110" (future kit) looking like a Bf 109 with lateral engine, most visitors concluded this was a 3-engined plane, while Tophe imagined there was a single main engine, and a single extra little engine acting as anti-torque, asymmetrically. This turned wrong but was funny.
(2010/02/12th) 4zb/ In 2008, the what-if modeller/designer DaFrog invented a 'serious' asymmetric derivative of the Harrow, much improved in 1939: the Handley-Page HP-54A.
(2010/02/16th) 11e/ In the 1/72 kit of Blohm und Voss P.178 02 02 is an industrial plan including a version with piston radial engine. According to Renaud Mangallon, this could be for a safe preliminary prototype.
(2010/02/21st) 5zk/ From a weird MiG-29 Delta invented by the what-if designer JP Vieira, Tophe imagined a single-engined asymmetric MiG-29 Diamond in 2008.
(2010/02/22nd) 5zl/ On a site about the half-million definitions of the French word for "twin-boom" ("bipoutre"), Tophe presented many asymmetric special principles.
(2010/02/25th) 4zc/ Google found on a X-plane forum a thumbnail of asymmetric twin-tractor airplane. It seems military from a dreamy country.
(2010/03/06th) 3j/ The staggered wing airplane-toy Tempaku-Picasso has been designed by Toshio Ohashi in 2009.
(2010/03/06th) 3k/ The N-2264 is also a Japanese toy, commercially sold so this is a mass-produced airplane somehow...
(2010/03/06th) 8e/ For a Japanese birdman contest in 2007, a slightly asymmetric glider of 24.6 meters span (80 ft) has been designed: port cockpit, starboard boom.
(2010/03/06th) 5zm/ A search on the Web found no “asymmetric glider”, no “asymmetric sailplane”, so… here is the first one maybe: for panoramic view enjoyment of two passengers, the Rolladen Schneider LS 6y was designed (from LS 6b source)
(2010/03/07th) 5zn/ Of course, the first asymmetric glider would have been the unpowered version of the main asymmetric airplane: Bv-141S Segelfluzeuge.
(2010/03/10th) 12l/ The Boeing 724 (and North American competitor) projects of 1956 featured external winged tanks. If one is jettisoned before the other, the aircraft is temporarily asymmetric.
(2010/03/14th) 4zd/ Creating an amphibian version of the Blohm und Voss P.111, the asymmetric modeller PR19_Kit faced problems with the wheel of the float side. On a P.111L Landflugzeuge without float, this would have been easier to handle, while creating the first asymmetric spats ever, maybe.
(2010/03/14th) 1d/ In 1970, a 4-engined symmetric Vickers VC-10 was transformed as 3-engined asymmetric test-bed for the Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan.
(2010/03/14th) 5zo/ From the slightly asymmetric Rutan Ares may be built a very asymmetric Ares-2.
(2010/03/16th) 4ze (6i)/ From the Northrop P-530 Cobra, the what-if designer Stargazer2006 created the (symmetric triplex-fuselage) P-1200 Hydra, and from it: the asymmetric twin-fuselage P-1260 Hyena. With the General Dynamics F-141A, this could have made a weird competition.
(2010/03/23rd) 6e/ In 2009, the modeller Ludo turned into a plastic scale model the asymmetric prototype of Airbus A340 testing one single and huge turbofan of A380.
(2010/03/27th) 5zp/ A search on the Web found no "dissymmetrical aircraft", the word "dissymmetrical flight" being used mainly for symmetrical aircraft, even if an asymmetric plane may fly dissymmetrically also – this is the same for "dissymmetrical profile", "dissymmetrical training".
(2010/03/27th) 5zq/ From the real project of fixed-wing Grumman F-14 Tomcat, Tophe has invented the F-14½ TomAsyCat, first half-VG airplane it seems.
(2010/03/28th) 5zr/ There are several steps between fully asymmetrical and fully symmetrical, as below between the single-engine Savoia SM.92/1m and the twin-cockpit SM.92/2c.
(2010/03/29th) 5zs/ It seems no "asymmetric Lego aircraft" had ever been built, so this Lego-141 may be the first one (built from a symmetric twin-boom pusher: Reporter aircraft 6341).
(2010/03/31st) 12m/ The 5-engined Boeing 747 could have been a good "asymmetric airliner" design, even if it was only a symmetric 4-engined plane rarely transporting a 5th engine, not working.
(2010/04/04th) 5zt/ A Web search about “unsymmetric aircraft” revealed no new asymmetric one, just some basis for inventing new ones, like this Asymmetric dihedral plane.
(2010/04/05th) 5zu/ What-if modelers can use a 1/72 Bv-141 kit to imagine what would have been a 1/144 Blohm und Voss P.141 (asymmetric passenger aircraft, according to historians, without picture yet).
(2010/05/04th) 2h/ The Weir W-7 project has been in 1946 the basis for the Cierva Gyrodyne concept.
(2010/06/25th) 12n/ The Grumman XP-50 mock-up, not finished in 1940, standed like an asymmetric weird aircraft.
(2010/07/11th) 5zv/ A mysterious profile of Armstrong Whitworth F.11/37 project of 1937, leaded to an asymmetric-single-engine hypothesis, before extra data restored sadness (somehow)... Fortunately, a fake drawing made the dream "survive".
(2010/07/29th) 5zw (12o)/ During the what-if process of turning a swept wing into a forward swept wing, an intermediate step is strongly asymmetric, like on this Curtiss XP-55AS Asymmetriker.
(2010/08/23rd) 5zx (9h)/ The Santangelo Guidonia I was presented with a very asymmetric profile. Alas this was just schematic, and to match, the other wiews “had to” be corrected…
(2010/09/06th) 12p/ Conversion kits, like the Northrop N9M jet (Sharkit 1/72), feature sometimes an asymmetric temporary layout, for the step of half conversion.
(2010/09/10th) 12q/ The Vogt's Composite aircraft patent US3161373, filed in early 1949 but issued only in late 1964, featured a layout with temporary asymmetry for the best turning in coupled flight.
(2010/09/11th) 9i/ Sometimes, the only view is truncated, like for the Convair Nuclear Freighter, and "honestly" the asymmetric hypothesis stands as very possible.
(2010/09/22th) 5zy/ When a 4-engine version is presented close to a 2-engine version, it is funny to join them into an asymmetric 3-engine dream, like for this Avro 691.
(2010/09/25th) 12r/ Folding one half wing before the other creates an asymmetric airplane, not flying, like on these drawings of the Noeggerath Patent DE558305 of 1927/1932...
(2010/09/26th) 11f/ Symmetric and asymmetric layouts have been considered in the Entwistle Patent GB562109 of 1943/1944.
(2010/09/26th) 12s/ While every airplane uses asymmetry in flaps braking to rotate, it is far less common to use asymmetry in foreplanes dihedral for maneuvers, like the Boeing Patent US4542862 of 1983/1985.
(2010/09/26th) 12t/ The Williams-Host Patent GB982898 of 1961/1965 associated VG wings for speed/handling and adjustable tail for turning.
(2010/09/27th) 2i/ The Pennine Patent GB663206 of 1949/1951 featured 4 intermeshing rotors. One side of the rectangle is used as fuselage for passengers.
(2010/10/03rd) 9j/ The Bréguet 710 (project of 1935) was presented (in the Trait d'Union magazine, 1997) as a 3-engine airliner while the profile showed 2 engines on the port wing. This could be either an asymmetric layout or a 4-engined derivative without words to say it.
(2010/10/07th) 4zf (2j)/ Stéphane Stargazer2006 presented a helicopter profile with no antitorque device, for no obvious reason. After smiling discussion, he admitted his Bell 828 second prototype was a single-jet asymmetric aircraft.
(2010/10/08th) 4zg/ Science-fiction is a dream Universe, where asymmetry brings a touch of fantasy, like for this group of Kushan spacecraft.
(2010/10/09th) 4zh/ José F. ElectrikBlue did create a wonderful asymmetrical unmanned craft ("Asymetric UCAV"), without requirement specially for it, just because this is weird and pleasant, apart of possible technical reasons for such a layout.
(2010/10/17th) 9k/ An article about asymmetric flight did not mention turbojet on port side, turboprop on starboard, but the drawings seem to show this asymmetry.
(2010/10/17th) 4zi/ A 3-D model of Focke-Wulf Fw-190 asymmetric derivative has been created by Foxbat (Bret Danielson) in 2006, with a free nose.
(2010/10/24th) 5zz/ The Mc Donnell XP-67Z Twin-Moonbat would have featured a unique layout to prevent intermeshing propellers: asymmetric push-pull as 3 pull and 1 push.
(2010/11/02nd) 4zj/ Stargazer2006 has transformed the De Havilland DH-88 Comet into a very beautiful push-pull, elegantly asymmetric.
(2010/11/02nd) 12u/ The Nattinger Patent US7252264 of 2005 featured a Flying Sailboat which may raise one wing opposite to the wind when not flying in the air.
(2010/11/03rd) 12v/ The Amick Patent US3987982 of 1974 featured a Wind-Powered Flying-Boat with also a strong standing asymmetry while not flying in the air.
(2010/11/13th) 4zk/ In 2008, GTX invented a different asymmetric Fw-190, the Blohm und Voss Bv-190D-13.
(2010/11/27th) 1e/ In 1966, an Antonov An-12 was used as test-bed in Egypt fot the Brandner HA 300 turbojet, replacing one of the 4 turboprops.
(2010/11/27th) 5zza/ The old prototype of Bv 141 with a symmetric tailplane could also have been the basis for an asymmetric twin-boomer.
(2010/12/03rd) 4zl/ In 2010, the what-if modeller ElectrikBlue imagined a different twin-boom Bv-141 (Bv-141EB), with one forward canopy and another canopy in aft position.
(2010/12/08th) 5zzb/ Joining different versions of Yakovlev Yak-145 (designed by the what-if modeller JP Vieira) created new asymmetric planes, obeying the area rule.
(2010/12/10th) 5zzc/ The what-if modeller Tophe added many Bv-141EB variants, twin-boom with one forward canopy and another canopy in aft position.
(2010/12/17th) 11g/ In 1956-57, the Convair Model 24 XP6Y-1 has been illustrated by a weird artist's illustration, featuring an asymmetrical arrangement. The authors of the genius book "Convair advanced designs" said 'the motivation for this configuration is not known', while I guess this is to reduce drag and weight, removing the second auxiliary float of a normal flying boat design without the weight of retractable floats. This may have been the second asymmetric flying boat in History after the Blohm und Voss P.111 - both unbuilt.
(2010/12/17th) 4zm (12w)/ In late 2010, the what-if modeller/designer Saintkatanalegacy presented the MiG-47-2 Sariil/Arkhangel'sk mother-plane transporting 16 unmanned aircraft, with a very asymmetric look. But she explained the aircraft base is symmetric, just the UCAVs are there temporarily docked on the starboard wing and released on the port wing.
(2010/12/22nd) 4zn/ To enrich Tophe's collection of asymmetric twin-boomers, the what-if modeller/designer Saintkatanalegacy presented this "Prop" creation, maybe one of the most asymmetric aircraft ever designed...
(2010/12/23rd) 4zo/ In 2010 were sold on the Web cuff-links representing aircraft. Their use required extra parts other than the aircraft themselves, and that made like asymmetric aircraft as a whole.
(2010/12/23rd) 4zp/ In 2010 was presented on the Web an art-plane made of porcelain with the shape of a bottle and only a port wing, to embody artistic freedom.
(2011/01/03rd) 4zq/ In 2011, a very serious author did mention my Westand Singlewind model and improved it (according to his standards) with a military nose and fuselage engine.
(2011/01/03rd) 4zr/ In 2011, the what-if modeller Saintkatanalegacy (SKL) invented the idea of an asymmetric Ekranoplan. I don't know how stability can be achieved with asymmetric air-cushion(s) but asymmetry is very possible for engines and tailplanes.
(2011/01/03rd) 5zzd/ A triple air-cushion, very asymmetric could be imagined...
(2011/01/04th) 4zs/ SKL invented an asymmetric air-cushion, for her UPS Ekranoplane (for rapid transport of materials and mobile docking for smaller vessels).
(2011/01/11th) 11h/ In 2008-2010, the Jet Aerospace Askance Asymmetric Jet Project featured a single jet in a lateral position.
(2011/01/11th) 5zze/ The first asymmetric ultralight may be a twin-engine tiny aircraft (here inspired by the Adams Basic Flyer).
(2011/01/13th) 4zt/ At is explained a whole technique to create 3D asymmetric aircraft virtual model.
(2011/01/13th) 5zzf/ The Blohm-and-Paul Defiant Mk141 (with its 2 versions, left-side and right-side) may have been the best escort for the high-speed turret-less Lancaster Mk99.
(2011/01/15th) 4zu (2j, 9l)/ Sometimes, a truncated drawing is not clear enough to depart the hypothesis asymmetric and symmetric. This doubt creates an asymmetric-aircraft-hypothesis (here for anti-torque?), at least.
(2011/01/25th) 11i/ Between 1995 and 2010, to test and demonstrate the qualities of the winggrid system, an asymmetric model glider used it on one of its half-wings, to compare with the classical other half. Success. (Credit:, NASA Langley Research Center Office of Education, NASA RSPAC Test Facility, NASA Ames Research Center, Civil Air Patrol - United States Air Force Auxiliary, Raytheon Corporation - Beechcraft Educational Materials, San Diego Air and Space Museum)
(2011/01/26th) 5zzg/ Asymmetric Mirage : after the what-if modeller Slerski has invented the first Swedish twin-fin Mirage (Saab JAS 38 Fenrir), Tophe added an asymmetric version (JAS 38C), because one big fin like that is enough...
(2011/01/30th) 5zzh/ A triplex-rotor helicopter may be asymmetric. From the Mil Mi 32, symmetric but lacking rear view, I created the improved Mi 32A Asymmetrichnoy Vyertolyet much better somehow...
(2011/01/30th) 4zv/ The what-if modeller Stargazer2006 did present a mysterious profile with a long tail without tailplane: Ki-137. He answered to Tophe it was not a twin-fuselage with internal tailplane, so... it must have been an asymmetric plane, twin-engine for blalance. Probably fast but weird.
(2011/01/31st) 5zzi/ The Renessna 510 may be the very first "asymmetric flying car" ever. Joining the tiny French Renault 5 car, an American Cessna 310 air-engine, and a new wing, it has been flown and driven successfully, in my dreams.
(2011/02/05th) 5zzj/ With petroleum becoming rare, my dreamy project 7Nu7 could be the first nuclear airliner, with maximum distance between passengers and radioactive engines.
(2011/02/06th) 4zw (8f)/ In 2011, the what-if modeller Flyboy69 presented his Typhoon Mk IIb with small port radiator and huge starboard one.
(2011/02/19th) 5zzk/ The first asymmetric paraplane may be a parent-and-child twin (here inspired by the Skydiving Cool Breeze).
(2011/02/26th) 5zzl/ The first asymmetric airship may have been the Aereon IIIA (derivative of the symmetric 3-hull Aereon III tested in 1965).
(2011/02/28th) 4zx/ In 2011, the what-if modeller Weaver invented the Fokker G.1 Asymmetrisch with a second useful free nose.
(2011/03/14th) 4zy/ Still in 2011, the what-if modeller Weaver invented an asymmetric Heinkel Salamander Compound with improved range and rear defence.
(2011/03/22nd) 4zz (5zzm)/ On a Web forum, the what-if modeller Weaver invented an asymmetric push-pull Bronco while Tophe created the first asymmetric triplane as OVA-10 Broncasy.
(2011/04/09th) 5zzn/ The first asymmetric floatplane may have been the Blohm und Voss Bv-141W, in some universe.
(2011/05/03rd) 4zza/ The what-if modeller Stargazer2006 invented a A-11 Corsair III with a lateral pod looking like an asymmetric jet.
(2011/05/03rd) 5zzo/ The first asymmetric unmanned UAV may be the MQ-1Z Twin-Predator with 3 engines and heavy electronics.
(2011/05/18th) 5zzp/ I have made a what-if Mustang/Twin-Mustang site with the drawings I posted on a what-if modeller forum, to be discarded to make room for new topics. Included are several dozens of asymmetric ones.
(2011/05/21st) 5zzq/ I have made also a what-if twin-boom aircraft site with the drawings I posted on another what-if modeller topic, to be discarded as well. Included are several dozens of asymmetric ones.
(2011/05/22nd) 5zzr/ I have made at last a what-if aircraft site with the remaing drawings I posted in what-if modeller topics, about to disappear. There are almost fifty pictures.
(2011/08/12th) 7f/ Several Fire Plane Dummies like in Manchester airport are asymmetric virtual airliners, not flyable but like scale models.
(2011/10/02nd) 4zzb/ On a homebuilt aircraft forum in 2010 was presented the drawing of a designer named TopAz, very asymmetric and modern-looking, beautiful and weird.
(2011/10/12th) 5zzs/ From the nice 4-engined Canadair CL-615 designed by thonthon42, I imagined the 3-engined derivative CL-515, one of the rare asymmetric flying boats, and the CL-1515 twin-hull derivative, more easy to take off probably.
(2011/10/13th) 4zzc/ The same thonthon42 had designed a twin-engined asymmetric model, to be built in balsa-polystyren and to be powered by .20 ci engines.
(2011/10/21st) 5zzt/ On the what-if modeller forum, José Fern presented aircraft plans that looked asymmetric. It was mainly a misreading, but with little changes, I made them fully asymmetric.
(2011/10/21st) 2k/ The Capanna VTOL hybrid aircraft of 2003 (Patent US 2003/0006339A1) included 2 versions, either with 2 bladed symmetric rotor or 1 bladed asymmetric rotor, this one having tiltable tail fans to resist the torque effect of the single rotor.
(2011/10/21st) 7g/ In the Weisz Patent US2,479,655 of 1946/1949 for a "Separable aircraft for safe flying", a symmetric (biplane, 4-engined) twin-plane airliner can separate into two asymmetric (monoplane, 2-engined) single-planes, with safe move of passengers into the still-working half.
(2011/10/22nd) 12x/ The 1975 patent US3,881,671 of J. Bouchnik had on two figures an asymmetric layout. It seems this is a simplified sketch to show Variable Geometry at an intermediate step (“partial plan view”).
(2011/10/22nd) 11j/ The Renault Zep’lin seems a 2009 project of solar airship with port propeller and starboard flexible-wing.
(2011/10/23rd) 11k/ In 2011, was proposed a computerized Study of Asymmetric Aircraft Design, interesting.
(2011/10/23rd) 4zzd/ In 2011 also, the computer designer Voidhawk9 proposed a 3D model of an old utility plane (EA CU-13 Adzebill) with a cabin on the starboard wingtip and asymmetry also on the fin located at the port tailplane tip. With its two fuselages at maximum distance, this plane would have been the very best to transport infectious patients, indeed.
(2011/10/23rd) 4zze/ In 2007, HELModels had invented a pod-and-boom + pod unique design, enriching the asymmetric aircraft family.
(2011/11/11th) 9m/ Sometimes on patents, sketches present one half of an aircraft, and that looks like an asymmetric aircraft, as this Uppercu floatplane of 1919.
(2011/11/12th) 4zzf/ The what-if designer JP Vieira invited me to design an asymmetric version of his Tupolev Tu-15. Of course I did!
(2011/11/12th) 4zzg (2l)/ The Sikorsky XV-2 was a what-if model presented in 2010, of a 1960s' (supersonic?) jet with a single-blade rotor for VTOL ability.
(2011/11/26th) 4zzh/ In 2011, the what-if designer tonton42 revealed an old prototype called B-5-001 Juliénas, with asymmetry chosen for military efficiency with a small airplane.
(2011/12/06th) 4zzi/ In 2010, the artist Igor Kutuzov added an asymmetric Mk VId Selstam to his Firefly pleasant and weird family, at DeviantArt.
(2011/12/08th) 4zzj/ In 2010, the artist qrullgx13 presented a Manga air battle with an asymmetric Neuro X-1, at DeviantArt.
(2011/12/11th) 4zzk/ In 2011, the artist Bispro (aka What-if designer Stargazer2006) revealed a twin-engined asymmetric Westland Whirlwind: the Woomera, at DeviantArt.
(2011/12/20th) 4zzl/ In 2011, the what-if designer tonton42 imagined the Blohm und Voss Bv-664, an asymmetric derivative of the symmetric-Zwilling Dornier Do-665A imagined by the what-if designer RussC.
(2011/12/22nd) 4zzm/ In 2011, the what-if modeller PR19_Kit had the idea to turn asymmetric the old drawing of Transavia Airtruk (PL-13?) made by the what-if designer tonton42.
(2011/12/31st) 4zzn/ In 2002 it seems (published in 2010), the author Reginald Jouhaud invented a half-biplane asymmetric Stampe in his delicious what-if book "Once upon a Stampe" (from prehistoric Stampe to supersonic Stampe)...
(2011/12/31st) 5zzu/ It seems I have invented, with the Republic P-47Y Asymbolt, the very first asymmetric eggplane ever.
(2012/01/20th) 4zzo/ In 1988, José Fernandes had drawn a nice science-fiction “Tiger”. He explained in 2012 : « Well as it's SciFi, I didn't thought it would be necessary to draw the starboard engine. So you can consider that it's asymmetric! »
(2012/02/03rd) 5zzv/ The what-if modeller tonton42 inventing a Super B-36 with 16 engines, I decreased this number to 13, into the asymmetric Convair AB-36.
(2012/02/06th) 5zzw/ Associating 2 twin-boom versions of Heinkel 162, invented by the 2012-designers JP Vieira and GTX_Admin, I created the He-162M with air-cooled piston engine on the port side and turboprop on starboard.
(2012/02/07th) 4zzp/ From the true prototype Grushin Gr-1, I had invented the twin-fuselage Gr-11, then the what-if designer Sticky Fingers created an even better version: the twin-boom asymmetric Grushin Grrrr-11!
(2012/02/29th) 5zzx/ Joking with the what-if designer tonton42, about a Westland Super-Whirlwind, I invented the Blohm-und-Voss Wirbelwind derivative...
(2012/02/29th) 5zzy/ In 1943 on some other planet was built (and flown and crashed) the first asymmetric floatplane: Twin-Spitfirasy.
(2012/03/10th) 8g/ In the late 1930s or early 1940s, the Dornier P222/223 project featured a slightly asymmetric nose with uncommon view forward despite a nose propeller. (The drawing opposite is a view from above, not a profile.)
(2012/03/10th) 5zzz/ The Bell AV-22 Osprasym would have been the first asymmetric tiltrotor aircraft: to blow out flames in flying firemen action... (in dreams, everything may be efficient.)
(2012/03/23rd) 12y/ The Junkers EF-68 experimented jets at a distance from the fuselage, in different positions including asymmetrical ones.
(2012/03/24th) 5zzza/ The Burnelli CDY-3 would have been the first half-lifting-fuselage airplane, asymmetrically.
(2012/05/14th) 1l/ Sometimes, asymmetric test-beds use an extra pylon, like on this Boeing 747 of 2012.
(2012/06/11th) 4zzq/ In 2012, the dreamer Raafif designed asymmetric twin-engined Corsairs: F-44U-xxo.
(2012/07/01st) 5zzzb/ The Grumman/Blohm und Voss F5F1 and F5F2 Skyrocat would have been the first asymmetric shipboard aircraft in 1940.
(2012/07/15th) 12z/ A 2011 Elsevier publication from the Liverpool University presented drawings of a 3-surface asymmetric aircraft.
(2012/07/27th) 4zzr/ In 2012, I played with José Fernandes' Jet-Tigercat versions into the very first 1-2-3 asymmetric aircraft: 1 engine on starboard, 2 on the centreline, 3 on port.
(2012/09/30th) 4zzs (6g)/ In 2012, the designer Raafif created an asymmetric version of the Bristol G1546 supersonic project of the 1950s: GA1546.
(2012/10/07th) 6h/ In 2009, a team of Virginia Tech designed a supersonic transport, the Javelin, reducing the sonic boom noise by an asymmetric fuselage.
(2012/10/30th) 4zzt/ In 2012, a Kerbal forum discussed of 3D asymmetric aircraft, featuring Veeltch and Carthaginian creators.
(2012/10/31st) 11l/ After 2009, the company Leichtwerk presented the µ-eta asymmetric motorglider design.
(2012/10/31st) 4zzu/ In 2012, the homebuilt-aircraft designer OneTurboNeeded presented his 2nd design (OTN-2?) with an asymmetric single engine, at first.
(2012/11/10th) 4zzv/ In 2012, the modeller Sticky-Fingers presented the first built aircraft with contraprops on a single side: Kawanishi N1K1/2 Breaking Wind, dated "1946".
(2012/11/11th) 5zzzc/ Google finding no drawing of Asymmetric Mustang , I have tried again to draw some more.
(2012/12/05th) 2m/ In 1994, Olivier Boute patent FR2,715,909 featured asymmetrically-oriented fins on a twin-rotor twin-boom ("two-beam"!) helicopter.
(2012/12/07th) 5zzzd/ Trying again with an asymmetric Twin-Mustang (or French "double-Mustang asymétrique"), push-pull...
(2012/12/18th) 4zzw/ In 2012, the what-if designer Raafif presented weird asymmetric derivatives of his Miles Monospat: Sombrero Mk1 and Mk2.
(2012/12/20th) 4zzx/ Still in 2012, Raafif designed the most efficient turret-fighter ever: the Westland Twin-Pterodactyl.
(2012/12/23rd) 4zzy/ According to Raafif's dreamy sources, the Heinkel He-331 may have been the first asymmetric flying wing ever.
(2012/12/23rd) 5zzze/ A little "jealous" of Raafif's creativity, I add the last of the asymmetric Spitfires, Spitfire Mk.141, with her 3 Griffon engines, reaching the top speed of piston engined aircraft.
(2012/12/29th) 4zzz/ Then Raafif designed the first asymmetric aircraft with intermeshing propellers: Heinkel He-333.
(2013/01/26th) 4zzza/ In 1999 it seems, Mickey Mouse made his airplane asymmetric to avoid crash with mountains in level flight... Funny.
(2013/01/27th) 5zzzf/ The first asymmetric Twin-Mirage ("Double-Mirage") was designed on a Mirage 5 basis.
(2013/02/04th) 4zzzb/ In 2013, the what-if modeller Glenn presented his model of Buzzard, a fixed wing version of the Blackhawk helicopter, with an asymmetric engine at first.
(2013/02/08th) 4zzzc/ In 2013, the what-if designer Sturmvogel (deviant artist Soren2425) invented a new asymmetric Mustang: AP-51.
(2013/02/20th) 4zzzd/ In 2013, the what-if modeller Ericr (Eric Rutten) presented his Bv-194 asymmetric floatplane.
(2013/02/20th) 11m/ To simplify the data analysis of wind tunnel experiments, asymmetric models may figure one half of an aircraft, as shown by the company ARA.
(2013/02/24th) 4zzze/ I've been directed to where very asymmetric aircraft are virtually tested in flight.
(2013/03/15th) 11n/ I have found on EspaceNet the first patent that leaded to the Bv141 (whose first flight occured in 1938), dated 1930: DE725508, granted only in 1942.
(2013/03/15th) 11o/ Another patent of Ing.Vogt concerned 3-engined aircraft with a free nose : DE719412, submitted in 1939 and granted in 1942 too.
(2013/03/15th) 11p/ My favourite patent of Ing.Vogt may feature asymmetric aircraft zwillinged into a twin-boom aircraft: DE719428, submitted in 1939 and granted in 1942 also.
(2013/04/07th) 5zzzg/ A Hawker Tempest could have featured mixed power (piston+jet) with a free nose.
(2013/04/20th) 5zzzh/ Raafif turning away from aircraft to design asymmetric cars, I imagined a flying car derivative. This may be the first "asymmetric 3-wheel flying car" ever.
(2013/04/20th) 2n/ The patent US 201 127 2519 of Douglas Challis in 2011 featured a kind of helicopter with asymmetric wing.
(2013/04/22nd) 3l/ In 1994, John Bringhurst presented in "Great Paper Airplanes" a flyable asymmetric Origami.
(2013/04/28th) 5zzzi/ The very first asymmetric mosquito in the World was (or "may have been") the Tank Ta-154-II, derivative of the Ta-154 Moskito.
(2013/05/11th) 5zzzj/ "The source book of WWII aircraft" mentionned the Aachen FVA 13 as "high wing asymmetrical sailplane" while the 3-view drawing found on Internet does not confirm its asymmetry. So I had to invent a FVA 14-1 derivative....
(2013/08/30th) 5zzzk/ Playing with José Fernandes XP-69Z, I invented a new kind of aircraft asymmetry: on a push-pull 3-engined twin-pod twin-boomer...
(2013/09/23rd) 3m/ My son Jacky required me to fix the propeller of his airplane toy on the starboard wing... This asymmetrical Kingcobra (?) thus became the asymmetric airplane ordered by the youngest purchaser, somehow : 4 years old.
(2013/09/24th) 3n/ From a cartoon egg-plane of Disney Planes, I had created a cartoon P-82 Twin-Mustang, then I coloured it for my friend Ericr that loves bright colours, but he required me to change the colours, and doing so, I invented a new aircraft asymmetry : a cartoon Siamese-twin-aircraft with eyes of different colours!
(2013/10/02nd) 5zzzl/ Playing with PR19_Kit's ideas of a half-twin-Mustang and a truly-double-Mustang, I added asymmetric Mustangs and Twin-Mustangs with a huge radar.
(2013/10/04th) 5zzzm/ The amphibious Dornier Do-635X was designed as a dream for the cost guards : half a landplane, half a floatplane. Alas this cannot work and such a design (of mine) was (is) refused by Realists.
(2013/10/05th) 5zzzn/ The Gotha Go-245 could have been an asymmetric mix joining the features of all previous version of Go-242/244.
(2013/10/08th) 5zzzo/ Asymmetric Double-Mustangs are a simplified way to present missing links in the Mustang family.
(2013/10/11th) 4zzzf/ In 2013, the what-if modeller Librarian built the asymmetric POA-38Q Mystery Lightning as an improved float-Lightning observer.
(2013/10/14th) 4zzzg/ In 2013, the what-if modeller Ericr found his float P-39 Seacobra all melted down (after storage in a hot display cabinet), asymmetrically: this is another reason for an airplane to be asymmetric.
(2013/10/15th) 4zzzh/ In 2013, the what-if modeller Librarian built the FA-51Q Pinto Asymmetric Mustang as a companion to his asymmetric Lightning.
(2013/11/12th) 5zzzp/ The Tyrov OKO-44 (twin-OKO-4) may have been a half-gull-wing single-seater, 1939.
(2013/11/12th) 5zzzq/ I have created the first family of asymmetric Mustangs and Twin-Mustangs, bubble-top or not.
(2013/11/13th) 5zzzr/ The Vought F4U11A would have featured the first "half-'inverted-gull-wing' ".
(2013/11/28th) 5zzzs/ Another reason to be an asymmetric airplane may be the change from a two-seater into single-seater: no rear defense require more speed thus a second engine on the existing frame...
(2013/12/15th) 5zzzt/ Another personnal reason to design an asymmetric aircraft is the discarding of boom(s) on a composite aircraft, like the Lancaster-Komet with twin-boom components.
(2013/12/20th) 5zzzu/ In the family of Bell weird airplanes of the 1930s (Airacobra, Airabonita, Airacuda) could have appeared an Airasymma.
(2014/01/01st) 5zzzv/ Long before the YF-16 revolution, the Lockheed L-133-7 (and 7Z) would have tested the effect of natural unstability on dogfighting.
(2014/01/25th) 5zzzw/ The Mini-Cube 141 was an asymetric airplane I made with my son's toys (maybe the first asymmetric "aircraft" ever built with Mini-Cubes, or the first to be displayed on the Web).
(2014/02/10th) 5zzzx/ The Canadair CL-115 may have been the very first asymmetric water bomber, in 1962.
(2014/02/11th) 8h/ The Sukhoi I-2M107 project in 1943 featured a central fuselage with asymmetry in the engines and cockpit.
(2014/02/16th) 5zzzy/ The Mirage 5AA would have been the very first aircraft with a half nose-air-intake.
(2014/02/17th) 5zzzz/ The Dornier Do-635AA could have featured the same half nose-air-intake, without jet engine.
(2014/02/23rd) 5zzzza/ The Mirage G3 could have featured one half wing above the other, with 'Dahu' undercarriage...
(2014/03/02nd) 5zzzzb/ The Mirage G14.1 would have been another asymmetric VG Mirage.
(2014/03/02nd) 4zzzi/ The Twincanoa came from a Twincano of José Fern with asymmetric ideas of Chernaya Akula.
(2014/03/04th) 4zzzj/ Reading better Chernaya Akula's words gave the Twincanoab.
(2014/03/23rd) 5zzzzc/ The Mirage G.XII would have been the first (asymmetric) push-pull VG Mirage.
(2014/04/05th) 5zzzzd/ The RP-82 would have been the first Half-Twin-Mustang with asymmetric wings (for balance).
(2014/04/18th) 2o/ The Patent US20120248259 A1 of 2011/2012 is for a VTOL unmanned airplane moving partly as an helicopter.
(2014/05/01st) 2p/ The Patent US2198941 of 1939/1940 was an airplane adopting asymmetry to become a helicopter.
(2014/05/04th) 4zzzk/ The Kawasaki Ki-177 warbird of the 1940s was designed in 2014 by Mikoyan99, better than a Ki-61 with its free nose.
(2014/05/08th) 12za/ According to Google pictures, a Grumman F-14 Tomcat can be flown with asymmetrically swept wings.
(2014/05/09th) 4zzzl/ In 2013, a Kerbal forum presented new asymmetrical aircraft.
(2014/08/20th) 5zzzze/ The asymmetric AP-82 Twin-Mustang Autogyro would have been a STOL fighter, but this does not work.
(2014/10/09th) 4zzzm/ In 2014, on Homebuilt were presented other asymmetric aircraft, in a home-engineering improvement process.
(2015/04/03rd) 4zzzn/ In 2003 then 2015, the what-if dreamer tonton42 made drawings of a hypothetic Blomkers BL-141 from Blohm und Voss and Junkers in WW2.
(2015/04/09th) 4zzzo/ Still in 2015, the what-if dreamer tonton42 imagined two twin-engined asymmetric airplanes, including the BiDul BD-01, the word bidule being "thingy" in French and here meaning Bimoteur Disymétrique à Usage Limité (Asymmetrical Twin-Engine plane with Limited Use).
(2015/05/01st) --/ In 1943 was published what seems to be the first advertisement for an asymmetric airplane, in the Flugsport magazine.
(2015/05/02nd) 8i/ A patent filed in 1938 by Walter Blume (granted in 1940) : DE692060 introduced half-wings one above the other, in order to fold them both backwards.
(2015/05/09th) 5zzzzf/ The (fantasy) asymmetric Wiener-Neustadt WN-16Z was not exactly a twin-plane (Zwilling) but featured a reversed pod to be push-pull.
(2015/05/28th) 3o/ On a RC Web forum in 2012-2014, Terry Dunn presented many Parallax flying asymmetric little aircraft.
(2015/05/29th) 3p/ On the same RC Web forum in 2013, Sparks presented a different version of Parallax with a (scale) rear post justifying asymmetry.
(2015/05/29th) 3q/ Still on the same RC Web forum in 2014, Squall presented a future flying model maybe inspired by the Bv-141.
(2015/05/29th) 3r/ On another topic in the RC Web forum in 2014-2015, many versions of the Parallax aircraft were presented, and the finished push-pull Yin-Yang.
(2015/06/16th) 5zzzzg/ The first asymmetric COIN aircraft were the OV-01C Bronca and OV-01Z Twin-Bronca, in 1943, long before the OV-10 Bronco, or on another planet.
(2015/06/21st) 4zzzp/ In 2015, the what-if modeller tonton42 presented the Bidul-02, with a cruise flight turning off one engine.
(2015/06/28th) 3s/ In 2006 was presented the Hethcoat Bv-141, maybe the first asymmetric scale model airplane flying with electric engine.
(2015/07/03rd) 5zzzzh/ Maybe the first double-asymmetric airplane was the SAAB-Vogt J.21V-3 dream of 1945/2015, with cockpit/fuselage on the starboard side and also with an asymmetric boom for propeller clearance.
(2015/07/04th) 4zzzq/ In 2015, the what-if modeller tonton42 presented the fantasy Compagnie des Avions et Vélocipèdes Européens Bitachu (bimoteur-moustachu) and suggested that I add an asymmetric twin of it. That produced the CAVE Bibistachu French hero of the 1940s, hunting dahus in the mountains. It may be the first almost-symmetric aircraft ever with a very asymmetric landing gear.
(2015/07/20th) 4zzzr/ Still in 2015, the what-if modeller tonton42 presented the fantasy Quadribronco with a discrepant profile, so I corrected this through a special asymmetric twin-boom layout.
(2015/07/21st) 5zzzzi/ The fantasy Mirage 50G, introducing an asymmetrically variable delta (AVD) would have required also a variable profile for the wing to produce lift in both directions....
(2015/07/25th) 5zzzzj/ The UAV-10B PentaBronco could have been the first asymmetric unmanned twin-boom & push-pull aircraft. Alas it is just a dream.
(2015/07/26th) 5zzzzk/ It seems the Quadri-Bronco 2T of 1942 featured a twin-boom asymmetry (of tails) never seen anywhere else. The technical reason for this very novative layout is: artistic fantasy.

(2015/07/30th) 4zzzs/ The what-if modeller PR19Kit required a single-boom version of my single-engined (twin-boom) Bronco and that created the UniBronco-1E, like a modern Bv-141, he said. And he corrected the first version into the second one, Blohm-und-Voss Bronco. Thanks!
(2015/08/01st) 4zzzt/ The what-if modeller Barry Snell joked about an asymmetric Mustang with wing on a single side, and that created the JHN-51 B & D Asystang, maybe the very first tandem-wing asymmetric aircraft in History (of Dream...), and perhaps the top-secret winner of World War 2.
(2015/08/04th) 5zzzzl/ In 1939, the Dyle & Bacalan design bureau was still secretly working (in my dreams) and created the most asymmetric of all lifting-body aircrat then: the DB-0021. My grandfather was probably the designer of it.
(2015/08/15th) 5zzzzm/ The very first asymmetric compound ramjet-turbojet airplane may have been the Twin-Nordstang. Alas this is just a dream of mine.
(2015/08/18th) 5zzzzn/ The Vultee/fantasy P-54BO was asymmetric to provide safety for bailing out pilots with a single pusher propeller (not central).
(2015/08/18th) 4zzzu/ In 2015 the what-if modeller polygon invented the B-Wing B-25 warbird, the first asymmetric aircraft with tilting fins.
(2015/08/21st) 5zzzzo/ The Lightning-Vultee P-74BO-6 Swoose Lightning would have featured a single engine, an efficient pusher propeller, a safe bailing out, and a powerful free nose thanks to asymmetry.
(2015/08/25th) 4zzzv/ In 2015, the what-ifer dams301 presented wonderful profiles of SNCASE/Dewoitine SE-580 in unreal British colours, and when I required a Zwilling version, he helped me doing it. But, on a profile, the asymmetry was not easy to see, so this D-580Z became the first airacraft featuring asymmetric painting (of course, many camouflages were already asymmetric but not designed to enhance asymmetry).
(2015/08/28th) 5zzzzp/ The SNCASE SE-580Z-4 & Asy-4 could have been the first half-asymmetric couple of aircraft, one version being single-engined asymmetric and the other : twin-engined symmetric.
(2015/08/30th) 8j/ In 1940, the Arado Ar-231 had wings asymmetrically installed (for folding backward one above the other).
(2015/09/03rd) 5zzzzq/ The IFA-38 Erining could have been the very first aicraft becoming asymmetric in flight (to get a perfect free arc for the rear post).
(2015/09/22nd) 5zzzzr/ Vought and Lockheed, with Blohm-und-Voss help in late 1945, could have worked together to generate the F4U-38A Twin-Corsair. With amazing turn capabilities in dogfighting (on a single side, though).
(2015/09/26th) 5zzzzs/ With a radar, Greg Papy Boyington (would have) used this F4U-44R as a night patroller. It featured a half-gull-wing special asymmetry.
(2015/09/28th) 5zzzzt/ With a double-half-gull-wing, the F4U-38AA may have pleased the abnormal pilot Boyington.
(2015/10/10th) 5zzzzu/ Maybe this is not the first asymmetric aircraft cartoon ever, but the Sorry-51D is perhaps the first gentle one, while the Angry-51D may be the first asymmetric bird with teeth. Seriously, almost.
(2015/10/18th) 5zzzzv/ Asymmetric butterfly tails could have been featured on the North American P-82AV and P-82V Twin-Vustang (improved derivatives of the symmetric Pi-82W Twin-Wustang). Saving drag and weight, maybe.
(2015/10/23rd) 5zzzzw/ The first connected half-T-tail may have been the P-82ST Stairstang derivative of the standard P-82. Unknown advantage, maybe surprising abilities in dogfightning?
(2015/10/24th) 5zzzzx/ The first asymmetric night-fighter may have been the AP-61 Asymmetric Widow. (The AP-61Z Twin-Widow would have been a still asymmetric derivative)
(2015/10/25th) 4zzzw/ It is possible to have both asymmetrical engines and asymmetrical staggered wings (and asymmetric tail of course) to improve the pilot's lateral visibility, like on this possible Caproni TriCorsaro, imagined by the what-if modeller tonton42 (I drew it as derivative of the symmetrical MutiCorsaro).
(2015/10/28th) 4zzzx/ In 2014, the what-if modeller Gondor dreamed of a half-Zwilling He-111Z having a single lateral fuselage while keeping its 5 engines. I drew in 2015 this Heinkel He-111ZH Zwilling Hälfte, and I added a double derivative (He111ZHZ), maybe the most fragile aircraft in the whole Aviation History.
(2015/10/31st) 5zzzzy/ A floatplane Bv-141W has been today completed by a less asymmetric Bv-141WZ zwilling, still asymmetric anyway.
(2015/11/03rd) 5zzzzz/ What-if the Mustang P-51 and Twin-Mustang P-82 had been designed in Germany previously, as Blohm und Voß P.151 Müstank and P.182 Müstank Zwilling ?
(2015/11/03rd) 4zzzy/ And... what-if the Twin-Mustang engines had been multiplied up to reach Mach 0.97 ? The asymetric P-82T-9 (imagined with the help of the what-if modeller wuzak) would have been famous forever, with more engines and bigger blades on the port fuselage.
(2015/11/03rd) 4zzzz/ In 2015, the what-if modeller Lauhof52 invented the North American F3J-2T "of 1944", with a port fuselage shorter than the starboard one.
(2015/11/13th) 4zzzza/ In 2015, the what-if modeller Zenrat invented the Messerschmitt Bf-110 C-9 Sternschnuppe (of 1945?) with asymmetric push-pull engines on the starboard wing.
(2015/12/18th) 4zzzzb/ On the Web appeared an offset-wing twin-jet Experimental KSP Aircraft with good virtual-flight handling.
(2015/12/18th) 4zzzzc/ In 1947, the Air Trails magazine presented an asymmetric pusher airplane, to be built in little size: less than 5 feet span.
(2016/01/13th) 4zzzzd/ In 2015, Jens Baganz made an approximative drawing of the Vultee XP-690 project of the 1940s, then the what-if modeller Flyer required to invent a flying boat from it, then I imagined an asymmetric version P-690A.
(2016/02/12th) 4zzzze/ In 2016, the what-if modeller ericr invented a new kind of aircraft asymmetry : curved fuselage with the flexibility of an animal/fish, his Messerschmitt 262 Shark (of "1944") featured this new way, with a fin in an oblique position. .
(2016/02/13th) 5zzzzza/ In 1939, on some planet, the Bell Airacud-asymmetric was the best single engine plane of its category.
(2016/02/14th) 4zzzzf/ In 2016, the what-if modeller kerick invented a nice (asymmetric) change in the Northrop P-61 Black Widow: the P-61X would feature military improvement (gunners' field of fire or something).
(2016/02/21st) 5zzzzzb/ In 1939, the secret over-powered Airacuda XFM-7 reached the speed of 639pmh (1,028km/h), with asymmetric engine layout and fuselages of different length. (In my dreams.)
(2016/02/23rd) 4zzzzg/ In 2016, the what-if modeller ericr invented an airplane/guitar hybrid with pods of different lenghts, asymmetrically.
(2016/03/07th) 5zzzzzc/ I dreamed of ADH-38 Lightning-derivatives with 2 symmetric engines, one per side "normally", but asymmetry in propeller positions, both longitudinally and vertically... This seem to be a first (with no reason at all to build it for real).
(2016/03/11th) 8k/ In 1932, the magazine Modern Mechanix presented an symmetric Hilburn steam device project, that was probably a sketch of an airplane controls but could be read as little light plane without cabin.
(2016/03/11th) 8l/ In 2016, the what-if modeller Ericr invented a flying 2cV air-car with an engine not fully in the centerline, like counter-acting torque. This reminds several French aircraft of 1939-45 (Bloch 152, Morane 733...), with 1 to 3 degrees oblical axis for the propeller.
(2016/03/13th) 5zzzzzd/ The Half-Twin-Airacuda reached a top in asymmetry (somehow, on some planet), having a fuselage on one side and a boom on the other side + asymmetric engine and second nose...
(2016/03/14th) 5zzzzze/ The P-82HLV introduced a brand new asymmetry: in the pilots' head direction, above normal on starboard, lateral abnormal on port... With related engine directions.
(2016/03/14th) 12zb (4zzzzh)/ Invented by the what-if modeller wuzak, the P-82RLV had rotating cockpit (and engines) to provide lateral view when needed. There is asymmetry when the cockpits' directions are different.
(2016/03/27th) 5zzzzzf/ A new kind of twin-boom asymmetry is featured on the Lockheed Lightning cargo derivative C-38B-34 with one internal boom and one external boom.
(2016/03/28th) 4zzzzi/ In 2016, the what-if modeller Deathjester invented an asymmetric aircraft that was involved (secretly?) in the Falklands Battle, 1982: the Supermarine Spectre ASW.
(2016/04/02nd) 5zzzzzg/ Still a new kind of asymmetry is featured on the Supermarine-Delanne Spitfire Mk.41 with one half tandem wing.
(2016/04/05th) 5zzzzzh/ Another reason for designing an asymmetric aircraft is "best showing a pod profile", like on the DH-103 DA Dada: when there is no project at all to build a prototype, drawing versions may include one displaying hidden parts, thanks to asymmetry.
(2016/04/28th) 5zzzzzi/ The first powered hang glider with asymmetric layour could have been the Lockheed PHG-38C with 2 fuselages and a single lateral engine.
(2016/05/07th) 4zzzzj/ In 2016, the what-if modeller Dumaniac started to build a twin-boom Bv-141Z scale model with 2 tails but, at first, a single tailplane, asymmetrically: Bv-141Z-0 ?
(2016/05/14th) 5zzzzzj/ As a test bed for the Bv-141 I imagine a half-asymmetric Bv-141H Hälfte asymmetrische.
(2016/05/14th) 4zzzzk/ In 2011 it seems, the deviant artist A.J.Camp (or Cybernetic Cave Man) designed an asymmetric single-boom airplane with one lateral engine: the Crab Bomber .
(2016/05/17th) 4zzzzl/ In 2016 or before, the deviant artist scifieart10000 designed an asymmetric helicopter: Asymetricopter , Gyrodyne-like.
(2016/05/17th) 4zzzzm/ In 2013 or before, the deviant artist lil-puppy23 designed an asymmetric single-engined Fortress.
(2016/05/22nd) 5zzzzzk/ The first asymmetric Dakota could have been a derivative of a Twin-Dakota (Double-DC-3).
(2016/05/24th) 5zzzzzl/ The asymmetric Twin-Spitfire Mk.122 would have been designed as a double asymmetric Spitfire Mk.61.
(2016/05/25th) 5zzzzzm/ First nuclear-engined aircraft (in my mind), the Avro Nuclear Lancaster would have been asymmetric because of weight, torque and rays from the over-powerful single engine
(2016/06/12th) 5zzzzzn/ First southern-hemisphere asymmetric aircraft (in my mind), the Commonwealth CA-141 Woomeross would have been a single-engined derivative of the Australian CA-11 Woomera.
(2016/06/16th) 11q/ It seems in 2016 was presented a wonderful Step-by-Step Comparison: Baron-Boomerang from normal to twin-boom asymmetric.
(2016/06/21st) 5zzzzzo/ The first terrorist asymmetric aircraft (in my mind) would have been the Republic P-47ZD Thunder-Yassin bombing the poor civilians in Deir Yassin, 1948.
(2016/06/25th) 5zzzzzp/ From a great Twin-Spitfire designed by the what-ifer AXOR, I imagined an asymmetric Tri-Spitfire.
(2016/08/13th) 5zzzzzq/ Maybe the first asymmetric airplane/model coming from mixed scales (Scale-O-Rama) was the Twin-Mustang P-82-72/144 of mine.
(2016/08/13th-11th) 5zzzzzr/ Well, 2 days before the P-82-72/144, I made the Asy-Lightning P-38-72/144 but this was less harmonious/simple.
(2016/08/17th) 11r/ In 2014-2015, Mc Donnell patented the design of an unmanned asymmetric aircraft, under the number WO2015/160394. This was a derivative from the patent US8408490 of 2007-2013.
(2016/08/17th) 8m/ In 2013-2014, Boeing patented a little-asymmetric tail and wing for airliner with the number JP2014104973 or US8979018.
(2016/08/17th) 12zc/ In 2014-2015, an all-wing aircraft carrier was patented, EP2957977 by Patents Factory, with dealing of asymmetric configuration when only 1 of the 4 airplane units is gone.
(2016/08/23rd) 11s/ In 2015 it seems, Andy Carnahan presented a software with an asymmetric Comet, port push starboard pull.
(2016/08/27th) 4zzzzo/ In "early April" 1980, Aviation Magazine presented the very-asymmetric Daïdalidès Monoptère JMA-010415 saying that symmetry in aviation was now outdated... Funny joke, thanks :)

(2016/09/03rd) 4zzzzp/ In 2015 on youtube were presented 2 new Kerbal Space Progam (KSP) asymmetric aircraft, by Bagel Rabbit and Home Done Productions .
(2016/09/03rd) 4zzzzq/ In 2016 or before, Jon Hall presented a Lego He-98 Halberd warbird, very asymmetric.
(2016/09/05th) 4zzzzr/ In 2015, Xilam Animation (broadcasted in 2016 by Gulli TV Channel) presented a Zig & Sharko cartoon with an airplane which was flying after losing 1 of its 4 engines.
(2016/09/06th) 8n/ In 1944-45, the Junkers Ju 287S project used an asymmetric extra engine on the side of the nose.
(2016/09/16th) 4zzzzs/ In 2013 it seems, a modeller invented the first steam-engined asymmetric aircraft, a Bv-141 derivative.
(2016/09/27th) 5zzzzzs/ The very first asymmetric lifting body aircraft may have been the CBY-3ZA Half-Twin-Loadmaster (small derivative of the symmetric CBY-3Z Twin-Loadmaster).
(2016/10/21st) 5zzzzzt/ The Lockheed P-76D Double-Lightning featured (in my mind) a unique asymmetric layout: "twin-boom but on the port wing only".
(2016/10/29th) 3t/ In 2012 was presented a plan to home-build a little Skorostnaya Asimmetrichnaya model that can fly.
(2016/10/31st) 1d'/ A better view of the VC-10 test bed has been found on the Web.
(2016/11/06th) 5zzzzzu/ From the Lockheed Twin-Beam Lightning came the boom-and-beam asymmetric Lightning.
(2016/11/20th) 5zzzzzv/ From the Monoptere of Aviation Magazine, a whole lineage could be imagined, including the slightly asymmetric Sesquiptere.
(2016/11/26th) 4zzzzt/ In 2016, the what-if modeller pedrospe invented any asymmetric supersonic 6th generation fighter with oblique wing.
(2016/12/01st) 5zzzzzw/ In a family of double asymmetric Lightnings, the zwilling process somehow reduced asymmetry, except on the final He-2038C whose doubling process is asymmetrically modified because of a jet flame towards the tail. Somehow this is then a design "asymmetry/Zwilling/asymmetry", unique (and never built, yet...).
(2016/12/11th) 4m'/ The asymmetric airplane in Crimson Skies seems to be called Fokker P114.
(2016/12/20th) 5zzzzzx/ I imagine that in 1944 after the Bv-141 technical success, the Blohm und Voss designers proposed an even weirder aircraft: the Bv-270E, with single remote engine.
(2017/01/06th) 5zzzzzy/ The P-38ANNW would have been Asymmetric only in Noses and Nose Wheel.
(2017/01/22nd) 5zzzzzz/ A new kind of asymmetry would have occurred in a process of simplification, into the APL-38D Abnormal Prone Lightning, with minimum drag and weight.
(2017/01/22nd) 5zzzzzza/ Still another reason for asymmetry would have been justified on the P-82T-2, for a rear post with best rear view/defense-fire-angle.
(2017/01/23rd) 5zzzzzzb/ Another kind of asymmetry would have been a twin-fuselage plane with only the starboard side having a central engine instead of the classical nose engine, like on the P-82NFT Half-Cobra.
(2017/02/12th) 4zzzzu/ In 2016, was presented a 3D model of Twin-Fuselage Dive-Bomber with push on one side and pull on the other side.
(2017/02/20th) 5zzzzzzc/ The VFW-Fokker 614 was surprising but less than this asymmetric test-bed VFW-Fokker 613 in my dreams.
(2017/02/21st) 5zzzzzzd/ The meaning for the code F in the Best Asymmetric Twin-Mustang BAF-82 would have been pacifically Fictive/Fantasy/Failure rather then Ferocious/Fantastic/Fighter...
(2017/04/23rd) 4zzzzv/ In 2017, the what-if modeller KiwiZac presented a Helldiver of New Zaeland featuring asymmetric national markings, due to repair parts from foreign allies.
(2017/04/24th) 5zzzzzze/ The first asymmetric fire-bomber hero may have been the Canadair CL-315, but this is a dream only, alas.
(2017/04/26th) 5zzzzzzf/ Among asymmetric twin-boomers like the Rutan Boomerang, the Boeing 1574 was very much more asymmetric.
(2017/04/27th) 5zzzzzzg/ The Blohm und Voss Bv-141-0 that flew well in 1940 had a tailplane opposite to the first asymmetric patent of its designer, in 1938-39, because (on a non canard old aircraft) the tailplane was not providing lift to sustain extra weight but a force downward that should be opposite to extra weight, so here is a corrected Vogt DE685480 Patent.
(2017/04/27th) 5zzzzzzh/ Correcting the Vogt source would make a corrected Isakson design.
(2017/05/13th) 4zzzzw/ In 2017, my son built the very first asymmetric airliner ever constructed by a child, the Boeing 778.
(2017/05/14th) 5zzzzzzi/ In the Britten-Norman family, there were the Trislander in 1970 and Islander in 1965, but I prefer unreal ones: Bislander & Twinlander. of 1955 and 1945, asymmetric, with a unique layout.

(2017/05/18th) 4zzzzx/ After the De Havilland Hornet has been turned to a twin-boomer as required by the what-if modeler KJ_Lesnick, a big asymmetry was required by Wuzak. This gave the DH-103TB-5W then DH-103TB-6W.

(2017/05/21st) 5zzzzzzj/ From the DH-103TB-6W, I imagined a single-engined derivative: DH-103TB-6A Hornfire then improved version 6B.
(2017/05/27th) 5zzzzzzk/ In my dreams, the RD-1410Z Twin-FSW-Mustang had a version with half-forward-swept-wing, asymmetric.
(2017/05/27th) 5zzzzzzl/ From the Bréguet Br-1000t impossible project/joke were designed the asymmetric Br-999t & Br-2000t (with 30 & 40 engines) which are the biggest asymmetric airplanes ever designed, it seems.
(2017/06/03rd) 4zzzzy/ In 2017, the what-if modeller Ericr invented a modern derivative of the Blériot 125, with a long port nose and short starboard nose: maybe coded DHC-125 Double-Otter or Twin-Otter 4.
(2017/06/04th) 5zzzzzzm/ It seems I designed the very first asymmetric 6th generation fighter, but this is just fun, not to be built.
(2017/06/05th) 5zzzzzzn/ If real, the P-38AT would have featued a unique layout: twin-engined with a port big powerful engine and a starboard little weak engine. AT both means Anti-Torque and Asymmetric T-tail.
(2017/06/06th) 4zzzzz/ The what-if modeller Lauhof52 invented a great illustration of the "radial on one side only" asymmetry, throughthe Bell F3L Twin-Airabonita.
(2017/06/10th) 5zzzzzzo/ A Me-262 gave its wings and jets to a Twin-Spitfire, getting their own wings and engines into the asymmetric push-pull biplane Spitvogel-141.
(2017/06/11th) 5zzzzzzp/ A very special layout would have been featured on the asymmetric twin-fuselage F-82/3e racer: lateral fin on a single side, tandem engines on a single side.
(2017/06/23rd) 4zzzzza/ The what-if modeller Tonton42 invented an asymmetric Rutan Whirlwind, designed by the grand uncle of Burt Rutan in 1943.
(2017/06/24th) 8o/ A little asymmety on radiator and air intake was featured in 1946 on a Cierva project.
(2017/06/25th) 4zzzzzb/ The what-if modeller Tonton42 invented an asymmetric Fournier Boumerangue twin-plane.
(2017/08/09h) 5zzzzzzq/ TThe most impressive Area Ruled asymmetric airplane may have been the Lockheed ALIN-38 airliner of 1955, if it has existed.
(2017/08/10th) 5zzzzzzr/ A good candidate to be the first symmetric ramjet plane could have been the Lockheed-Leduc LL-38A, circa 1953 (in my dream, and I was not born yet).
(2017/08/10th) 5zzzzzzs/ The first asymmetric "strategic bomber" was the Ki-999 Laitero Kai, that dropped the atomic bomb on Los Angeles on Christmas 1944, winning WW2 for Japan, no?
(2017/08/11th) 5zzzzzzt/ I have discovered a new "reason" for aircraft asymmetry: make a drawing more easy... On the fantasy Convair 1001 view, the starboard fin of the fantasy 1006 has been removed because there was a shadow from it that was missing, and it is very uneasy to paint it on computer with low skills. Ahem, does that count as technical reason?
(2017/08/19th) 11t/ An asymmetric possibility seems to have been considered in the project Atlantic Navigator project at Standford Uiversity in 1996
(2017/08/26th) 5zzzzzzu/ The Willoughby Delta 8A would have been the very first asymmetric aircraft with lifting booms.
(2017/09/04th) 4zzzzzc/ The what-if modeller ysi_maniac invented a gyrodine BeauWessex for fun in 2017 (single rotor + single asymmetric propeller for anti-torque and speed).
(2017/09/22nd) 5zzzzzzv/ Fiction: after the crash of a home-made double-Mustang (P-51DD), it has been legally forbidden to join retired Mustangs of the Army. But two enthusiasts biased this interdiction through 2 asymmetric ways: using T-tail and V-tail prototypes instead of regular P-51D (the result being the P-51Z-VT), and inventing a new aircraft from B and modified-D together (the result being the P-51Z-0+)).
(2017/10/09th) 4zzzzzd/ The what-if modeller steelpillow and myself played inventing the first asymmetric Fortresses.
(2017/10/30th) 4zzzzze/ It seems in 1998, an artist named Craig Hilton designed an asymmetric half-biplane flying-boat, the Norvegicus.
(2017/11/18th) 4zzzzzf/ In 2013 then 2017, the what-if modeller Ericr presented colourful asymmetric Twin-Mustangs.
(2017/12/02nd) 8p/ In 2015-2016, Sikorsky patented a slightly asymmetric VTOL aircraft with different fuselages: US2016-304195.
(2017/12/16th) 11u (9m)/ In the book "Luftwaffe Secret Wings of the Third Reich" are 2 unknown asymmetric airplanes :
- 1 sketch representing a jet compound principle (close to the Blohm und Voss P.194 but different)
- 1 Lippisch half P-10/half Me-410
(2017/12/16th) 5zzzzzzw/ The Firedahu would be a water-bomber, asymmetric for mountain fires (with safe flying not hurting the slope).
(2017/12/27th) 4zzzzzg/ In 2017, my son Jacky Jemsey built what seems to be the very first asymmetric aircraft manufactured with a 3D pen: the Dooddlasymmetry.
(2018/01/12th) 4zzzzzh/ In 2018, the what-if modeller Ericr built the rirst asymmetric glasshouse airplane: Bv-141GH .
(2018/01/17th) 4zzzzzi/ In 2018, the deviant artist Jimbowyrick1 invented the Ve-387F asymmetric warbird, better than Me-262 and Do-335!
(2018/03/04th) 5zzzzzzy/ Often the asymmetry of an aircraft comes from the failure of only one side of the mobile landing or ditching elements. It is temporary and dangerous, unfortunately.
(2018/03/22nd) 4zzzzzj/ At an unknown date were posted realistic Lego asymmetric airplanes by Plastic.Ati.
(2018/03/27th) 6j/ In 2013/2014, Northrop-Grumman patented a supersonic oblique wing, canard locked.
(2018/03/30th) 3u/ With the key word retroplane, many old asymmetric flying toys are shown.
(2018/04/21st) 5zzzzzzz/ The Saab J.21-0 introduced a new kind of asymmetry (in my dreams): a single engine drives the main pusher propeller, central, and a lateral antitorque airscrew on a single side.
(2018/04/22nd) 3v/ Maybe in 1962-63 was designed a canard asymmetric toy : VCC Canard Asymétrique.
(2018/04/25th) 3w/ In January 1963, the magazine "Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion" presented a canard asymmetric toy : the Canasym, designed by Roger Allier.
(2018/06/09th) 9n/ In 1941 was filled a Blondel La Rougery patent, FR874548, for a seaplane/landplane toy, and its front view looked like an asymmetric half-seaplane ditching/landing on the coast...
(2018/06/23rd) 12zd/ In 1937 was filled a Salvotti patent, about (in French) an "aile battante oblique" (oblique flapping wing): FR848050.
(2018/06/24th) 1u/ or 4zzzzzk/ (2018/06/24th) I have found on the web photographs and model of a Tupolev Tu-91 asymmetric chimera: a single-engined Tu-91 replacing one starboard engine of a Tu-4. This may be a serious test bed, or a funny dream of enthusiast, I don’t know and I don’t care much (I am not a severe realist).
(2018/06/30th) 12ze (8q)/ The Vickers-Armstrong patent FR929529, filled in 1945, concerned a tailless aircraft with long fuselage, and its wing could move to oblique for improving flight stability.
(2018/07/01st) 1v/ The Ilyoushin Il-76LL (LL for Letayushchaya Laboratoriya = Flying Laboratory), used one of its for 4 engine positions for a propfan (in 1994) or high-bypass turbofan.
(2018/07/01st) 1w/ The Sukhoy Su-27LL, in 1989, tested a flat nozzle on the port jet while having a classical nozzle on the starboard one.
(2018/07/01st) 1x/ In 2012, a Boeing 747 MRJ, had a 5th engine on starboard for testing the new MRJ turbofan.
(2018/07/10th) 11v/ The 1935 initial patent for the future Bv-141, DE725508, had a 2-blade propeller.
(2018/07/29th) 5zzzzzzza/ (In my dreams), a competitor of North American demonstrated that the "Twin-Mustang" sold as "Double-P-51 with no technological risk" was a lie, building the F-82P-51 "Mustang and a half-Twin", very asymmetric indeed.
(2018/09/29th) 11w/ The Boeing 724-1003 asymmetric planes were the external parts of the Boeing 724 triplex-boomer.
(2018/10/15th) 4zzzzzl/ The Bristol 142m-2 (of 1945 ?) is an asymmetric single-engined version of the Blenheim, invented in 2018 by the what-if modeller 63cpe as opponent to the Blohm und Voss 141.
(2018/10/26th) 5zzzzzzzb/ A new kind of aircraft (little) asymmetry is invented by a quarter turn on the engine, like on this P-51Q.
(2018/11/06th) 4zzzzzm/ In 2018, the what-if modeller PR19_Kit invented an asymmetry in the number of wheels per side, on a Stretch DC-8.
(2018/11/07th) 5zzzzzzzc/ I added an asymmetry in wheels angle on an fantasy DC-8.
(2018/11/11th) 4zzzzzn/ In 2018, the what-if modeller steelpillow invented the twin-boom Blohm und Voss P.225, airliner for 192 passengers of 1945.
(2018/11/11th) 4zzzzzo/ As a wise test-bed for the P.225, steelpillow invented the Skoda-Kauba SK B 7 feasability prototype.
(2018/11/12th) 4zzzzzp/ For 200 passengers, steelpillow created an even more asymmetric P.225-02.
(2018/11/15th) 5zzzzzzzd/ I have invented a new kind of asymmety on twin-boom aircraft, on the Lockheed P-38AUD (Asymmetric Upside Down). The technical justification of that is: dreamy fun.
(2018/11/20th) 4zzzzzp/ In 2018, the what-if modeller Omer Cybokou required asymmetric derivatives of his BiClown to be designed, I made this in a family of Clowns.
(2018/11/21st) 5zzzzzzze/ The fantasy KB-11Z of 1942 would have introduced a little asymmetry in the wing.
(2018/11/22nd) 5zzzzzzzf/ Derivative of the true Daspect-3 of 1936, the Daspect-11 unreal derivative introduced an asymmetry in wing support.
(2018/11/24th) 5zzzzzzzg/ Twin-engine planes with turbojet on the port side and piston engine on starboard, this was not common in History, but this is often found in my dreams, like this English Electric Asyberra, ancestor of the final Canberra.
(2018/11/30th) 7h/ In 2016, Dassault Systèmes presented a possible airliner with unusual layout, asymmetric and Twin-fuselage.
(2018/12/12th) 4zzzzzq/ In 2018, Flite-Test made a summary of R/C asymmetrical airplanes.
(2018/12/15th) 4zzzzzr/ In 2018, Google finds a picture of an asymmetric plane of Luftwaffe 1947 (fantasy?), the link working no more to see details.
(2019/02/15th) 1y/ Probably in 2017, Honeywell installed a third jet, asymmetric, on a Boeing 757 for testing.
(2019/02/27th) 8r/ In 1940, the RAF painting was assymetrical on the underside of Spitfires.
(2019/03/05th) 11x/ In 1950, the Air Trails magazine gave the third prize to an "Air Men of Vision" futuristic contest at an asymmetric pusher design, the Woods Privateer.
(2019/04/22nd) 8s/ Probably between 2000 and 2019 was presented an ekranoplan model with an asymmetric Y-tail: propellers are above on the port side, below on the starboard side. This may be the first asymmetric WIG plane.
(2019/04/29th) 7i/ (5zzzzzzzh/) The BiConcorde A could have been an asymmetric SST, with panoramic high price passenger seats.
(2019/05/02nd) 4zzzzzs/ Several films about asymmetric aircraft creations are on YouTube, "flying".
(2019/05/02nd) 4zzzzzt/ In a metal-and-wood style has been presented a Bv-141 toy.
(2019/05/02nd) 4zzzzzu/ On the web is also available an asymmetric Simple Plane.
(2019/05/02nd) 12zf/ It seems in 1976 was tested the oblique wing layout by the NASA.
(2019/06/09th) 5zzzzzzzi/ The Bede BD-5ZT (if existing) would have featured a unique asymmetry: the triplex body has its central pod located laterraly, not on the centerline.
(2019/06/12th) 5zzzzzzzj/ The Bede BD-5ZZTP (if existing) would have featured a unique asymmetry: the triplex boom layout is canard on the starboard side and normal on the port side.
(2019/06/29th) 4zzzzzv/ A mix of Mustang and Flying Flapjack has been turned into an asymmetric push-pull Twin-Flaptang by the what-if modeller Scotaidh.
(2019/08/02nd) 4zzzzzw/ In 2019, the what-if modeller Steelpillow presented the Trying Fliangle saying this comes from the Science Museum archives.
(2019/09/02nd) 4zzzzzx/ At an unknown date, the Lego creator Jon Hall invented the E-73 Wyvern, a twin-boomer with a big fuselage and a little boom.
(2019/10/08th) 4zzzzzy/ In 2019, the what-if modeller Dizzyfugu built the Messerschmitt Me-309T-2, with piston+jet engines.
(2019/10/18th) 4zzzzzz (7j)/ In 2019, playing with Grand Theft Auto 5 software was tested the behavior of a possible Boeing 737 with Single Wing, to land safely of even to take off on only 2 landing gears.
(2019/10/19th) 12zg/ In 1983, a damaged F-15, having lost one wing in flight, succeeded to land, according to a film on YouTube.
(2019/11/24th) 3x/ In 2019, James Whomsley built and flew a Project Air RC asymmetric plane (with false canopy), to experiment this layout.
(2019/11/28th) 3y/ In March 1943 was presented an early Bv-141 scale model of 1.40 meters (4'7") span, scale 1/12.
(2019/12/08th) 4zzzzzza/ In 2019, the what-if modeller 63cpe presentend a drone version of the main asymmetric airplane Bv-141 Unbemanntes Luftfahrzeug.
(2020/01/28th) 12zh/ In 2020, the what-if modeller sandiego89 presented unfinished models of the 1970s that may stay like that (asymmetric) forever...
(2020/02/04th) 4zzzzzzb/ In 2014, the Deviant Artist Handof Manos presented an alternative fighter in 2 versions: symmetric (in the background) and asymmetric (mainly).
(2020/02/12th) 5zzzzzzzk (8t)/ The A-31Z featured another reason to be slightly asymmetric: a rear post is better without fin on its side.
(2020/02/12th) 8u/ In 2017, the Deviant Artist Peter6409 invented a future Asymmetry fighter with cockpit and air intake close to one another.
(2020/03/30th) 8v/ In 1998, the modeller Dick Sarpolus presented his Twin-Cut RC plane with fuselages of unequal length to avoid intermeshing propellers at short distance.
(2020/04/01st) 4zzzzzzc/ In 2020, the what-if modeller Ericr presented a Dasherald 111, mix of De Havilland Canada Dash-8, Handley Page Dart Herald, Heinkel He-111Z. The most obvious asymmetry is the T-tail on the starboard fuselage only.
(2020/04/10th) 3z/ In 1953, Paul Del Gatto presented his Wun Wing Gon asymmetric control line model, and a similar one (opposite port/starboard) was built in 2016 vy "theshadow".
(2020/04/10th) 3za/ In 2010, Norbert Schilling flew his Z-wing RC model, with asymmetric tandem wings.
(2020/04/10th) 3zb/ In 2003, Koichi Takasaki presented his Mutant Bird 2 to be hand launched.
(2020/04/26th) 4zzzzzzd/ A science-fiction drawing of AGA-38, was a half biplane: monoplane starboard wing, biplane port wings.
(2020/04/26th) 4zzzzzze/ A fantasy drawing presented a kind of Megafortress, with many asymmetric details, including the number of engines on each wing.
(2020/04/30th) 4zzzzzzf/ In 2020, the what-if modeller Ericr built a Blohm und Voss Bv-141W asymmetric floatplane scale model.
(2020/05/01st) 4zzzzzzg/ In 2013, DanielBenner214 presented on Deviant Art what I call a P-51P Picassostang showing at the same time a top view (for wings, canopy, tailplanes) and the fin as profile. This reminds the Picasso way (or modern cartoon "Fils de Wouf"), with a human character drawing that shows at the same time both eyes as front view and the nose as profile view. Depending on opinions, this is bad/childish for garbage directly or else: good/artistic deserving $ billions...
(2020/05/23rd) 4zzzzzzh/ In 2020, the what-if modeller Ericr presented P-82 Twin-Mustang airframes with asymmetric different fuselages : Corsair-Spitfire and Bristol 138-Henschel 126.
(2020/06/02nd) 8w/ Circa 1960 was presented the project Supermarine 582 (or Vickers-Supermarine Type 582), a twin-fuselage asymmetric airplane with 2 fuselages having different length and nose direction.
(2020/06/15th) 1f/ Circa 1968 was tested a turbofan on a special Boeing Stratofortress, JB-52, thus having asymmetrically 3 jets on starboard wing and 4 jets on port wing.
(2020/06/23rd) 4zzzzzzi/ In 2005, the artist Christophe Pattou imagined an asymmetric single-jet flying wing.
(2020/06/23rd) 4zzzzzzj/ In 2018, the artist Samo Batagelj created a model of asymmetric Boomerang Attack twin-jet plane.
(2020/06/24th) 11y/ In 2011, Mengmeng Zhang showed the use of a ResearchGate design 3D software on an asymmetric twin-prop aircraft model.
(2020/06/24th) 4zzzzzzk/ In 1955, the Avi-Mag magazine published the photograph of a reader's asymmetric model, without writing its name according to the creator.
(2020/06/24th) 4zzzzzzl/ In 2015, LetsGoFast 11 imagined an asymmetrical plane with almost 56 feet (17 meter) span.
(2020/06/24th) 4zzzzzzm/ In 2017, SkyHavenFlyer8 imagined a single engined MK-2 asymmetric plane.
(2020/06/29th) 3zc/ In 1947, the Air Trails magazine prensented an asymmetrical pusher AT-47-01.
(2020/07/26th) 4zzzzzzn/ In 2020, the what-if modeller Ericr built an asymmetrical mix of Heinkel He-111Z, Canadair CL-415, Blohm und Voss Bv-138.
(2020/08/20th) 11z/ In 2011, the Conceptual Research Corp presented a concept strongly looking like the Zhang one.
(2020/08/20th) 4zzzzzzo/ A drawing showed an asymmetric spaceship with a wing, like for air compatibility.
(2020/08/20th) 4zzzzzzp/ A funny drawing imagined a flying airport with the control tower on one side, asymmetrically.
(2020/08/20th) 3zd/ In 1999, an asymmetric flying model reached 118km/h (73 mph).
(2020/08/20th) 4zzzzzzq/ In 2018, the deviant-artist Jimbowyrick1 imagined a Y wing fighter with two wings on the port side and a single one on starboard.
(2020/12/09th) 11za/ In 1952 was designed the projekt Meindl M-19 (aka Meindl-Hager A-XIX Asym) with a port propeller and a starboard boom.
(2021/01/01st) 4zzzzzzr/ In 2020, the what-if modeller steelpillow created a Bv P.225Z zwilling version of his asymmetric P.225 dream.
(2020/01/13th) 5zzzzzzzl/ A little asymmetry can be specific to propellers, different on port and starboard.
(2021/02/03rd) 4zzzzzzs/ Showing a half plane of fantasy near a half true plane ceates a kind of asymmetric aircraft, pleasantly unreal.
(2021/02/25th) 4zzzzzzt/ In 2021, the what-if modeler Bumblicious invented an asymmetric mix, half bird half airplane.
(2021/03/26th) 4zzzzzzu/ In 2021, the what-if modeler Omer Cybokou showed again his drawing of Petadou 3, asymmetric simplified version (first shown in 2011) of the twin-fuselage Pétadou.
(2021/04/01st) 4zzzzzzv/ In 2021, the what-if modeler Zero-Sen presented a jet derivative of the CAC Woomera: Woomjet, with a sketch comparing both, and this could be an asymmetric jet+piston mix.
(2021/04/01st) 4zzzzzzw/ Damon Moran created an asymmetric plane of Crimson Skies style, that Google recorded as: Vaderwaffe TIE.
(2021/04/01st) 3ze/ In 1970, the designer Terry Aldrich created a Control-Line Bv-141B, with flat fuselage and pod.
(2021/06/11th) 9o/ A sketch comparing two versions of a plane, like the Supermarine 325, may be asymmetric.
(2021/08/24th) 3zf/ In 2021, the what-if modeller scotaidh mentionned his tries to make a flying object from a school triangle ruler as wing and a pen as fuselage. With a 90-60-30 degree triangle (not 90-45-45), this was automatically asymmeric.
(2021/09/05th) 4zzzzzzx/ In 2021, the what-if modeller zenrat built a mix Fw-389E Sturmtaucher from a Fw-200 Condor and a Fw-189 Uhu, asymmetric with a toothbrush as additionnal part!
(2021/09/05th) 4zzzzzzy/ In 2021 also, the what-if modeller zenrat imagined that the bad Adolf Hitler himself designed for Focke-Wulf a fake flying swastika, asymmeric by principle somehow.
(2021/09/24th) 4zzzzzzz/ In 2021, the what-if modeller Omer Cybokou made the drawing of the Heinkel 12-engined asymmetric He-111Z, for fun.
(2021/12/04th) 4zzzzzzza/ In 2021 or earlier, the Web artist Space Goose made the drawing of asymmetric spacecraft like the Starfighter 4-3-4.
(2021/12/13th) 4zzzzzzzb/ In 2021, the what-if modeller Caveman built a single-engine P-38, asymmetric Lightning.
(2022/01/09th) 4zzzzzzzc/ In 2022, the what-if modeller ericr built a Ju-52/SM-55 mix seaplane (from Junkers Ju-52 and Savoia-Marchetti SM-55 models) asymmetric with a single lateral float and a hull on the other side.
(2022/01/27th) 8x/ In July 1947, the SNCASE team presented an asymmetric X.206-3 airliner airliner project, that came from the X.200 symmetric design and was an acestor of the Caravelle. Only the starboard engine was under the wing.
(2022/01/29th) 4zzzzzzzd/ Still in 2022, the what-if modeller ericr built a Twin-Otter/SM-55 mix seaplane (from De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin-Otter and Savoia-Marchetti SM-55 models) asymmetric with a single lateral float and a hull on the other side, the engine being between them.
(2022/02/05th) 4zzzzzzze/ Before 2023, on was presented by Catmanedgarnehring what seems to be an asymmetric Nakajima B5Nx with several engines in a push-pull layout.
(2022/02/17th) 4zzzzzzzf/ Before 2023, on was presented like a Photoshop picture of asymmetric Single-engined P-38 with also a single boom. The in flight aspect does not explain how the landing gear would make it stable on the ground.
(2022/02/18th+20th) 9p/ [8y] During WW2, the Blohm-und-Voss P.203 project had engine pods with piston + jet, short or long. On one drawing, there was a short pod on the port side and a long pod on the starboard side, asymmetrically. Either this is a slightly asymmetric plane or else: this is a sketch showing two different versions in a single drawing.
As well, airplanes with two piston engines, lateral, needing to have counter-rotating propellers from the same engine type, may use a device to change the rotation direction on one side only, which could make a very little increase in length of the engine pod on this side (like 3 inches, 7cm, on the De Havilland Hornet).
(2022/02/22nd) 4zzzzzzzg/ In 2014, the Deviant Artist Syntaxide invented the Blohm-und-Voss P.221, looking like a P.194 for the general asymmetric layout but with Bv-155 wings.
(2022/02/22nd) 4zzzzzzzh/ In 2021, the Deviant Artist Empire146 invented a kind of Vickers VC-5 (half VC-10), with just two jets, on the port side of the tail, asymmetrically.
(2022/02/22nd) 4zzzzzzzi/ In 2022, the Dwhatif modeller chrisonord invented a Blohm-und-Voss P.204, tested in UK, with a turbojet on the starboard side only (and 2 pulse jets symmetrically on the back).
(2022/03/12th) 9q/ In 1941, a Lippisch patent seemed to feature a wing asymmetry, but this was just to compare wing at low speed (left) or high speed (right), following a variable-sweep wingtips principle.
(2022/04/01st) 4zzzzzzzj/ Some model kits have a presentation for 2 different versions on a single drawing, like the Messerscmitt P.1090 Unicraft 1/72 ; from such a kit, the modeller may build either of the two versions, or a what-if asymmetric one.
(2022/04/21st) 5zzzzzzzm/ For air enthusiasts, not flying but enjoying pictures, a new reason for an airplane to become asymmetric is to create as simply as possible a what-if derivative. This happened in the Aeroput/Mitrovitsh MMS-3A from the true MMS-3 : replacing one engine by a second pod, which makes an asymmetric layout without any reason for the user of the plane scale 1 (if ever built, but of course not built, not sold, not used, just bringing a smile enjoying the drawing).
(2022/05/17th) 4zzzzzzzk/ In 2005, the artist Christophe Pattou made a drawing with 2 copies of an asymmetric flying-wing jet, maybe designed by Northrop for the USAAF in an alternative WW2. It was the simplest layout featuring a single jet.
(2022/06/08th) 5zzzzzzzn/ Rather often, profiles are hiding an asymmetric layout, like on the fantasy North American P-51QA, Quaruple Asymmetric Mustang.
(2022/07/25th) 4zzzzzzzl/ In 2022, the what-if modeler zenrat built a Bv-213A version of the project P.194 (asymmetric aircraft, with no relation to the Bv P.213, symmetric), using the basis of a P.194 model kit and additions from models of Fw-190A-8 and Fw-200.
(2022/07/25th) 3zg/ The Control Line group of flying models (organized with a Control Line Aircraft Society, CLAS) is also known as U-Control models, according to wikipédia ("Vol Circulaire" in French language). Several ones are very asymmetric, but some others are symmetric.
(2022/10/05th) 11zb/ In 2004, the Ameur Aviation company was developping an asymmetric light jetplane, with a single jet, lateral, on the port side only, it was the a AltaJet. No news later, it seems.
(2022/12/04th) 8z/ In 2022, Peter Sripol built and flown a little airplane, asymmetric, powered by an angle grinder.
(2022/12/18th) 5zzzzzzzo/ In 2022, I have invented or reinvented a new kind of aeronautic asymmetry, biplane twin-boomers with booms in oblique position: high port & low starboard. (For fun only.)
(2022/12/20th) 5zzzzzzzp/ In 2022, I have dreamed of the asymmetric Blohm und Voss projects not seen yet, it seems, and I proposed a what-if aspect of all these 18 asymmetric aircraft mysteries, at
(2023/01/03rd) 4zzzzzzzm/ In 2020 has been put on You Tube a video from the game "Il-2 Sturmovik : 1946" of 2006, featuring an asymmetric warbird coded Ki-177.
(2023/01/03rd) 4zzzzzzzn/ In 2019, the designer cortz#9 has created a compound plane, with a solid couple having Messerschmitt Me-410 on starboard side and Me-309 on port side.
(2023/01/03rd) 4zzzzzzzo/ In 2019, the designer Don Quijote presented a kind of Focke-Wulf Fw-141: the twin-engine twin-boom Fw-289 modified to have the shape of its competitor the asymmetric Blohm-und-Voss Bv-141.
(2023/04/07th) 5zzzzzzzq/ In 2023, I have dreamed of a Blohm-und-Voss-like Dassault supersonic plane : the Mirage 5 v141.
(2023/05/28th) 4zzzzzzzp (1g)/ In 2023, the what-if modeller sandiego89 built a B-29/Gannet compound to test the turboprop and new cockpit of the Gannet (in the 1950s) safely.
(2023/05/28th) 4zzzzzzzq/ In 2023 was presented on Facebook a B-26 asymmetric flying wing spacecraft as imitation of the Star Wars movie, anachronically.