What-if EE Twin-Lightning airplanes
(not serious fakes but dreamy jokes)
08/07th/2022, by Tophe (updated 09/30th/2022)

   I love the Lockheed P-38 Lightning twin-boomer, and I made a site (http://www.kristofmeunier.fr/index.htm) about what-if derivatives of it, thousand ones, while I do not ignore there is another famous Lightning airplane, the twin-jet supersonic one designed by English Electric (then a part of BAC, British Aircraft Corporation). This plane did not interest me much, sorry, because I dislike its nose hole. But in the summer 2022, the what-if modelers' Web-site organized a contest about what-if models or drawings of EE Lightning, EE Canberra, Hawker Hunter. I participated in several topics, with files put in my “Mirages and others” web-site, but thinking again about it, I decided to make a special site for the EE Twin-Lightnings of mine, here, bigger, featuring it more specifically.

Modified cartoons


Modified plans

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