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Dec.1st 2004 + Jan. 23rd 2023

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Sérial : twin-boom aircraft projects designed between 1939 and 1945: - see preview on the home page
(the 2 first elements have been published, then run out of stock and will nor be printed again. The publisher allows their in line free giving, his site: La Plume du Temps).
Forked Ghosts [102 pages] NOW IN ENGLISH all (actually in English now, the links were wrong till Feb.8th 2006; sorry)
  1st part: (3.4Mb)
  2nd part: (3.7Mb)
  3rd part: (4.1Mb)
  4th part: (3.7Mb)
  5th part: (3.7Mb)
  6th part: (3.8Mb)
  7th part: (2.8Mb)
Supplement to "Forked Ghosts" [30 pages] NOW IN ENGLISH all
  1st part: (3.4Mo)
  2nd part: (3.4Mo)
  3rd part: (2.8Mo)
The end of "Forked Ghosts" [63 pages]
  cover : (0.4Mb)
  1st part: (1.9Mb)
  2nd part: (2.3Mb)
  3rd part: (2.3Mb)
  4th part: (1.7Mb)

Major Twinboomers of the singing festival “Zekont Worlt Wharr 39-45” [25 pages] : (4.8Mb)
Pacifist twin-boom baby planes of 1939-45 [17 pages] : (5.4Mb)
Huge diversity of Zero and Lightning airplane designs [23 pages] : (2.5Mb)
All the top fighters were asymmetric twin-boomers [36 pages] : (3.1Mb)
or with addition (39 pages) (3.5Mb)

Last elements, as sites, not books:
Last Update to Forked Ghosts:
Other fictional Forked Ghosts :

Virtual Mustangs [188 pages]   
cover : (0.3Mb)   
1st part : (2.6Mb)   
2nd part : (2.8Mb)   
3rd part : (1.8Mb)   
4th part : (2.3Mb)   
Web appendice : (0.1Mb)   
back cover : (0,1Mb)
"Virtual Mustangs" has been produced (in 50 copies) in the reduced format 16x24cm (6.3x9.4''), but it can be printed on normal sheets A4 21x29,7cm (or 8.5x11''), with a blank at the bottom of the page, sorry.
  Additions :
Dreamy Mustangs [20 pages] (1.7Mb)
Mystery of the prehistoric Mustang airplane [23 pages] (1.1Mb)
Curing my guilty aerophilia [33 pages] (5.2Mb)
Lengthened version [34 pages] (5.6Mb)
  Some Web sources of What-if Mustangs: (click on the thumbnails to see the pictures full size)
JCC : Glenn-Lyn :  TSR-Joe :    
Toad Captain-Canada : Ollie C-FWOL :

Pacific peace 1941-45 [17 pages] (1.8Mb)
Absurd controversy concerning "the pretty plane" [19 pages] (1.7Mb)
War of the pacifist island, 1941-48 [21 pages] : (2.1Mb)
The diverse world of aircraft is all twin-boom [44 pages] : (2.1Mb)
"Loving aircraft? What a shame!" (?) [33 pages] : (1.2Mb)
"Canards against Canards, from 1939 to 1945" [23 pages] : (3.2Mb)
"The Kobra layout family, almost "all secret" [24 pages] : (2.0Mb)
or updated version (35 pages): (3.4Mb)
(A little aviation:) The war of evil against evil (destruction of Western moral credibility) [25 pages] (0.5Mb)
(Not aviation:) Holiday writing without alcohol nor psychotropic drugs (pacific solution to terrorism) [17 pages] (0.1Mb)

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