no need of Marx nor Mohamed to say it

by: Kristof Menyey, June 01 2008 + May 11 2009

    I have heard that the good black priest Martin Luther King wrote an article "Why America may go to Hell", being murdered before completing it. This seems a very modern wisdom, still acutely right (according to many ones) 40 years later, middle-east wars having replaced the Vietnam war.
    Jesus-Christ (if he has existed) was a very good man, maybe God Himself (if He has ever existed). His Good Samaritan Parabola denied that God prefers the Jewish tribe to the other human beings, and explained that personal acts towards other people are all that counts, not blood nor nationality nor religion. He said also that (unshared) richness is guilt and must be given to the deserving poor ones. This main lesson was individualist Humanism, totally opposite to modern Judaism, to capitalism with inheritance, to royalism, to patriotism, to community spirit, to the bestial state of mind (both egotist and pack).
    Christian (and Muslim) leaders have spitted badly on this Good lesson, preferring the awful Old book (with God killing numerous new-born children) than Jesus New Book (with a God of love, saving the fair ones). So… "Christian" churches supporting the royal families, the capitalist heirs, the exterminating invaders of America, the slavers of the Black people, the woman-haters, for centuries… and still now : fully supporting the dominating countries, the Zionists.
    The Soviet Communists have been suicidal to fight (Christian) religion instead of showing the source was good but completely betrayed. The Nazi have been criminal fighting the innocent Jewish blood instead of the modern-Judaic unfair religion scorning the non-noble born.
    Now severe mistakes seem to go on, still spitting on Jesus' face while pretending to serve His name. I've heard that religion will decide the new president of the USA and I am frightened, as US churches (including M.L.King's baptist one, it seems) do not follow at all the Christ but Nietzsche's Antichrist: glory to the strong, to the rich, to the well-born, fully allowed to crush the weak, the poor, the infidel, the foreigner.
    All seems lies in our West : otherwise, let us fairly promote democracy to get rid of fanatic aristocrats – no dominating leaders nor families, 1 (adult ?) human being = 1 vote. So the Western World will count for 20% in the World decisions instead of 60%, the richness of the criminal past centuries will be taken away through peaceful taxes and shared worldwide… Almost all of us do refuse completely that, pretending to embody here the "true" democracy. Lies. And as most electors don't see it, the people seems to be stupid, successfully (childishly ?) brain-washed by propaganda, by patriotic sport, so even democracy utopia may not be a good idea… All falls down, and our pretended goodness cannot be trusted at all. Well I may be wrong, but no honnest explanation has yet explained me how.
    Ben Laden killing electors and their children acts as the USAF "heroes" burning the cities that elected Hitler, and mass-murdering babies of Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki... This is not goodness as well, this is War. Bloody war against evil – evil against evil (in the Judaic Bible Old-Book style, in the Muslim Bible Last-Book style). Ben Laden is religiously fanatic, just as the Western leaders are, all of them (even the pretended lay Europeans): without the holy belief that God is a racist preferring the Jewish people, fairly restoring the antique property would mean the US people would be chased away like the Palestinian people, towards misery camps under nuclear threats (and the French blue-eyed blondes towards Scandinavia, Israeli Abraham heirs would be replaced by former owners Canaan heirs... a whole world of war and violence towards innocent generations).
    Otherwise, US people and Palestinian people would keep their land, all, rejecting new invaders (the Israeli huge crime, 1948, would be repaired like French Algeria, 1962: going back away), and this may bring a peace that is never mentioned anywhere, in the West.
    Maybe God already sent a J.C.#2 to say it, before myself, but this messenger has probably been killed or imprisoned (or sent to psychiatric asylum, as the awful Stalin proved efficient enough)… I actually take my psychiatric pills, but let me vomit. I am almost nothing here and will not be heard of course. America will probably go to Hell, and Europe as well, and maybe Humanity, almost complete (including myself, but not the angel Patricia girl I am dreaming of).

    The 2009 US candidate that was the favorite of religious people has not won, but the elected one is similarly nationalistic, dominating, Zionist, which is the Antichrist side according to me, with armed lying selfishness.
    (The correction about "modern" judaism is made thanks to the Israeli Historian Shlomo Sand, whose book explains that, in the very old times, a not-racist version of judaism converted many people without hebraic blood, and I respect fully that, as hebraic blood as well, just disliking racist education and action.)

------- Correction September 14th 2009
    An American dear friend of mine told me that many US citizens do nor refer to God or to Hell to choose the good and reject the bad. Yes, this is good news and… that would automatically lead to equity: either there is historical reparation (the Hebrew take Israel again, the Native Americans take USA again), either there is acceptance of the 1945 situation with never racism anymore (the Palestinians keep their land all, the US keep their land all).
    On the very opposite of such equity, the Zionist-US domination (with West-European full approval), scorning the Arabic and Amerindians, has no moral explanation that I have heard till now (tell me if you know it), so it seems acute racism. It is forbidden here to say it, see Durban 2 conference report by 100% of Western journalists: any critic against Israel is classified “anti-Semitic and hateful”, self-accusation** like mine is never mentioned anywhere.
- If there is no religion “excuse”, the West is criminal raw badness (and with nukes threat over civilians, the only answer seems alas terrorist crime against electors commanding generals),
- with (Christian) religion, I explained above this was incoherence spitting on Jesus-Christ to prefer the Jewish Old Book.
    So with religion or without it, the West is very guilty. I do not mean Western people but Western leaders, politicians, teachers, journalists, “intellectuals”, all brain-washers preventing justice and coherence revival. Obama, Benedict XVI, Sarkozy: all of them bless the Palestinian chasing away 1948 with forbidden coming back since then, and no such treatment for the invaders of America, Australia, etc. Acute racism. The good is elsewhere, not in Ben Laden’s side either (the Koran Last Book, like the Jewish Old Book, supports slavery and feminine "guilt" forever). If the religious words are not appropriate, this is not Evil against Evil, this is Badness against Badness. You will never hear that in the West, apart of the Web’s freedom window.
**: the word anti-Semitic is a word game (forgetting that Palestinians are Semitic too), the word anti-Jewish being more appropriate. Alas, the word Jewish is a word game too, with 3 meanings:
1- having Hebrew ancestors (I am Jewish, grand grand son of a Judaic French general)
2- having some Jewish religion (like the converted to Judaism Khazar Ashkenaz and Berber Sefarad?)
3- having the will to keep pure the “blood elected by God” (this is Judaic racism that I condemn)
So I am Jewish-1 against Jewish-3, and I am condemned as anti-Semitic = Nazi = against Jewish-1 innocents. Lie. Honesty is elsewhere.
------ New correction, July 24th 2012
My words were wrong, saying (like the heretic Marcion) that Jesus’ New Book was good while the Old Book was bad. I received an atheist education and I had heard just a few words from Jesus, very beautiful. Now I have read the complete Gospel 4 books, and… Jesus said all and its opposite. He confirmed the Old Book as Holy Truth, he confirmed racism towards non-Jewish (Canaan woman episode), he required the unbelievers to be killed, he admired slavers believing in him… I understand better the badness of the past centuries and of the modern World now. Good priests may exist, but they should consider many Gospel words were lies instead of Jesus speech. Meanwhile, Jesus directions are used for war, for killing innocents, for crushing the poor Native Americans and Palestinians. And those religious words of unfair violence seem to be the ones that inspired the Nazi and the Soviet atheists to do a similar dictatorship (Jean Soler's analysis). I wish China will dominate the World instead of this so Bad West.