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by X.Toff/Tophe, – updated 05/02nd/2014 + 12/22nd/2022 –

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    This is a kind of fourth volume about twin-boom aircraft designs 1939-45 after my books "Forked Ghosts", "Supplement Nr.1 to Forked Ghosts", "The end of Forked Ghosts".
    Writing "The end of" I wanted to stop my endless search, but friends (thanks Max & Paul & Hesham, mainly) have kept on enriching my collection, and I thought I must keep it updated, as a proper way to thank. I posted updates on the What-if Modeller site, but this one requires membership. So I begin presenting them here for direct access.
    As invention is an infinite process, I will not include here the what-if dreams of nowadays using shapes of 1939-45, just the "serious" and "limit" parts of the subject, including dreams made in those years but not anachronic fantasy.

     The chapters will be as in "The end of Forked Ghosts":
SERIOUS Experienced design bureaux
    New items
    New versions
    New illustrations
    New dates or new names
    Correcting provisional drawings
Other models to be built and used
Pilot-less useful aircraft
LIMIT Unconfirmed drawings
Enthusiast dreams of those years
Flying toys of those years
True mistakes
Stopping reasons


 Experienced design bureaux

  New items

   Fokker Ontwerp 179
    see "Fokker G-1 Le Faucheur" (Lanasta publ.)

   SIAI-Marchetti SM-155

   Bartini M-RD

   Macchi EB.9

   Armstrong Siddeley Motors Patent GB577950 Improved jet-propelled aircraft

   Rikugun Kogiken Plan III
    see Unicraft models

   Higgins-Bellanca Cargo Transport
    see ",10894.0.html"

   Consolidated Land Bomber LB-20
    see "Convair Advanced Designs"

   Martin 223-4

   Caproni Vizzola Sagittario 2-nd version
    see Aerofan

   Mauboussin Brevet 986603 “Aerodyne”

   Consolidated Twin-Hull Flying Boat Proposal No.10, Ventnor type
    see "Convair Advanced Designs"

   Consolidated Twin-Hull Flying Boat Proposal No.8
    see and "Convair Advanced Designs"

   Consolidated Vultee Air Tanker

   Weserflug Brevet 876.393

   Weserflug P.2127

   Fiat Guidonia G.51bis

   Ilyushin MSh-2
    see Avicopress (soon)

   Fletcher XBG-2 Bomb Glider (twin XBG-1)

   Fokker Luchtkruiser

   Lockheed L-130-1
    see AAHS Jounal Spring 1999

   Lockheed L-131
    see AAHS Jounal Spring 1999

   Lockheed L-145-8
    see AAHS Jounal Spring 1999

   Locheed L-147-5
    see AAHS Jounal Spring 1999

   Sullivan/Lockheed Patent US 2367538

   Sullivan/Lockheed Patent US 2577287 Cargo Aircraft

   Nikitin PSN-2 dvukhbalochniy variant

   SNCASO Patent FR 979984

   Maillard/SNCASO "Avion à voilure articulée" Patent FR992237

   Hall-Rhodes/Bell "Design for an airplane" Patent D143729

   Hall-Rhodes/Bell "Design for an airplane" Patent D143730

   Hall-Rhodes/Bell "Design for an airplane" Patent D143731

   Hall-Rhodes/Bell "Design for an airplane" Patent D143732

   Bowers/Bell "Airplane" Patent US2335822

   Van Zelm/Martin "Design for an airplane" Patent D138217

   Van Zelm/Martin Patent D138218
    (different from the Packet = Thieblot Patent D140220, see at

   Scottish Aviation Transatlantic Airliner
    see Flypast December 2007 page 122

   Gotha P55

   Berlin/Curtiss-Wright "Airplane" Patent US2326819

   RKI/Marton X/V (prototype designed in 1943)

   Maeda Ku-6 Kuro-Sha
    see « Nihon no guraida 1930-1945 »

  New versions

   Piaggio P.125 (BS) development of Santangelo Combattimento
    see Aerofan

   Demaizière-Joffrin D.J. 12 C1, C3 (and codes C2, BA2)

   Radial-engined Savoia-Marchetti SM-88

   Weserflug WFG 2137W
    see Luftfahrt International 25

   Focke-Wulf Entwurf 4 alternative
    see a German book (unknown)

   Vultee V.70
    see AAHS Journal Winter 1995

   Robert/Matra Patent GB605,641

   Misubishi J4M3 jet (with J4M2 and 1943 version of M-70)
    see a Japanese source (?) page 38

   Lavochkin Predvarityelnii Proyekt La 150" (preliminary project La 150 of 1945), derivative of the 1944 La VRD

   Mitrovic MMS-3 with front wheel

  New illustrations

   Davis Manta-2
    see Unknown No.4 at

  New dates
- The "combattimento Santangelo" has been designed also as "bombardiere Santangelo", but both were dated 1938, too early for our scope. Anyway, with the same shape, the version Piaggio P.125 is dated 1940.
- The Heinkel P.1075 may have been called He 635 as zwilling of Do 335, like the Do 635 and Ju 635.

  Correcting provisional drawings

   Bendix 51 & 51A
    see AAHS Journal Spring 2011

   Martin-Baker Twin-boom fighter

   Hughes D-2 (XP-73) and D-5
    see and AAHS Journal Fall 2010

   De Havilland DH-106 of 1944

   Matra R74

   Klemm Kl 25Z (or 35Z?) mockup and test-plane
    see "Luftfahrt History, Heft 5"

   Junkers EF.135.0
    see "Die Luftwaffe: projekte der Deutsche Luftwaffe. Band 1"

   Charpentier Brevet N°867.149
    see Patent at

 Other models to be built and used

   Downing Patent US2481502 high speed rotor plane

   De la Fournière Brevet FR977644 “aérodyne transformable en automobile”

   De la Fournière Brevet FR904021 “aérodynes à carlingue détachable”

   Hanssen Patent US639541 “Auto-airplane combination”

   Motte-Julien Brevet FR994341 “engin de navigation aérienne”

   Buettner Patent 2421742 "Composite aircraft"

   Nye Patent 2593785 "Combined aircraft and automobile"

   Beals Patent US2241577 "Flying automobile"

   Read "Combination aerial and land vehicle" Patent US2410234

   Millichamp pusher

   Kelly "Design for an airplane" Patent D138102 (Twin-Liberator)

   Silverstein "Design for an airplane or the like" Patent D120187

   Silverstein "Design for an airplane or the like" Patent D130651

   Boushey "Design for an airplane" Patent D126067

   Oliver "Design for a dual bodied airplane" Patent D127160

   Theodoropulos "High wing monoplane" Patent D127412

   Theodoropulos "Design for a pursuit monoplane" Patent D127413

   Nebesar "Design for an amphibian airplane or the like" Patent D129412

   Whitworth "Design for an airplane" Patent D144879

   Loudy "Design for an airplane" Patent D115854

   Benett "Design for an airplane" Patent D145417

   Harrington "Combination airplane and submarine" Patent D143313

   Rogers "Airship" Patent D113879

   Rogers "Airship" Patent D113880

   Gazda "Fighter craft hydroplane" Patent D136792 & D136793 / US2354453
    see & /

   Couse "Means for transporting men and/or material" Patent US2368288

   Gardenhire "Design for an airplane" Patent D133777

   Gardenhire Patent US2514045

   Akerman "Transport airplane with interchangeable cargo holding units" Patent US2463346

   Geisse 'Roadable airplane with folding and detachable wings" Patent US2434068

   Boggs "Convertible air and land conveyance" Patent US2462462

   Jeffreys "Improvements in or relating to aircraft" Patent GB601509

   Stalker "Aircraft" Patent US2372301

   Stalker "Improvements in or relating to aircraft" Patent GB639125

   Lewis "Airplane propulsion and stabilizing device" Patent US2504137

   Patecell "Convertible amphibian airplane" Patent US2534206

   Carlson "Cross wing airplane construction" Patent US2403499

   Freytag "Airplane construction" Patent US2315117

   Wolf "plane you'll fly" design

   Hacker "plane you'll fly" design

   Pederson "plane you'll fly" design

   Graney "plane you'll fly" design

   Cameron C.4

   Pollitt-Laver Heavy Freight Transport

   Burney Amphibian
    see and

   Fotheringham jet plane

   Myers convertible aircraft Patent US2678783

   Walraven W-5
    see "Zeldzame vliegtuig foto's"

   Heitmann Military airplane Patent 2302629

   Jewett Improvements relating to aircraft

 Pilot-less useful aircraft

   Holloman Patent US242309 Glide Bomb

   Bailey Patent US2401853 Aerial Torpedo

   Holloman Patent US2423090 Controllable Gliding Attachment for bombs


 Unconfirmed drawings

   DFS/Focke-Wulf DoppelCondor (Fw 200Z ?)
    see Luftahrt History Heft 5

   Shtshyerbakov-Lyapin Shtshye-2 dvukhbalotshnii
[Gunston source with Tophe interpretation]

   Shtshyerbakov-Lyapin Shtshye-2 dvukhfyusyelajnii
[Shavrov source with Anatoliy Borovik interpretation]

   Quoted Japanese 3SM5-B
    see Flying Review August 1956

   Fieseler Fi 168 [with Jens Baganz analysis]

   Lockheed Chain Lightning XB-58 & RP-58
    read Airpower May 2005 & Le Fana de l'Aviation August 2005

   Hughes D-3 & XD-5
    read Le Fana de l'Aviation August 2005

   Renard R-45 alternative design & removable rear part version

   Fairchild F-78 alternative wings

   Fairchild F-78B with R-1820 engines

   Moskalyev SAM-23 & Nihon Kokusai Ku 7 with alternative wings

   Fokker G.1DB

   Vultee XP-68 Tornado

   SAAB J 21B alternative drawings

 Enthusiast dreams of those years

   Popular Science January 1943 (all wing plane)

   Johnstone Des.119319 of 1939 (airplane)

   Mullen Patent US2391473 (control for firearms)

   Kemmer Patent US2454806 (mounting machine guns in) airplane

   Lee/United-Aircraft Patent US2419455 (arresting hook for) twin-fuselage airplane

   Flight ideal fighter 1942

   Popular Science June 44 "The plane you'd like to own" (Kotula retractable-landing-gear Airsedan?)

   Iso-Rev ideal aircraft
    see The Aircraft Yearbook for 1945

   US 1943

   Kotula "Transport to come" 1942

   Popular Mechanics Feb.1940
(Molinet 500-passenger transatlantic airliner)

   Flight October 2nd 1941

   Smith gas turbine private plane

   Roxbee Cox 1940 Looking Forward

   Flight 1942 TSR suggested layout

   Popular Science 1944 Private plane of the future

 Flying toys of those years

   Seward A-27 Battle-Plane

   Model Airplane News Nov.1939 Experimental Twin Tractor

   Mc Coy Patent US2354392 : integrated model airplane

   Mc Coy Patent US2542042 : integrated model airplane

   Singer Craigie A-M Rocket Plane

   Lindberg Twin-Boom 1940

   Shereshaw RC-1 gas model kit (unknown aspect, "twin-boom")
and Shereshaw XP-3 twin-boom pusher
may be derivatives of the Shereshaw 1937 twin-boom (see )

   Seward A27 Battle Plane (twin-boom push-pull, 1941, unknown aspect)

   Pilota 11 (twin-boom pusher, 1945, unknown aspect)

 True mistakes

   Fw 198

   Flight German Copter-Trooper (future of 1941 ? from Focke Patent GB495176 of 1938)

    read "Le Fana de l'Aviation" June 2005

   Westland E5/42? & Focke-Wulf JP.011Z? (provisional)

   Mitsubishi J4M1? and J4M4?
    read "Japanese Secret Projects"

Stopping reasons
(2012, July 26th)
I am not an historian, just someone enjoying weird twin-boom aircraft, no matter where they come from. There were 3 faults in transforming that into a collection of 1939-45 true projects (of twin-boom aircraft):
Date issue
When one includes unbuilt projects as well as built machines, the counting of twin-boomers is many thousands of families, impossible to cover all, that is why I focused on 1939-45 (a famous small window). ALAS, this was a trap, and then I was forced to question severely each new revealed project: “what is its design date?”. I hated that severity, that “seriousness” while I am a dreamer.
Copyright issue
At the beginning of the “Forked Ghosts” project, I decided to draw myself each aircraft, but many readers disliked the absence of 3-view drawings (that I used to draw my slanting views). I thought that, for the update, there was no need to spend so much time drawing, I could present the sources, only thumbnails and with links. ALAS this was a trap, and I was forced to wonder severely: “is it legal to show it?”. I hated that severity, that “seriousness” while I was a dreamer. (There is always the risk of a trial for Copyright infringement. Most Historians don’t pay their sources but require to be paid if you are sharing their sources for free. This is so bad a legal context, I feel sick.)
Authenticity issue
When I mixed what-if dreams and true projects (in my book “addition to Forked Ghosts”), I had been condemned by the press and I disliked that. In “the end of Forked Ghosts”, I made separate chapters, and for the Internet update later, I made separate sites. ALAS this was a trap, and then I was forced to question severely each new revealed project: “true or fake?”. I hated that severity, that “seriousness” while I am a dreamer. (I am the author of the book “Escaping Realist dictatorship” and, in my country, my skeptical philosophy is illegal, as it is forbidden to say with the Buddha “all is illusion”, or with Descartes “all might be my dream” – invalidating his mistakes after that step – and the Holocaust is a dogma, whose doubting is punished by one year jail and more than $50,000 penalty; while… doubting of the Amerindian (and Canaan) genocide is legal, this is a racist law, for Israel; I don’t want to be part of this, I give up. I am not anti-Semitic, I am Jewish as Abraham is one of my forefathers, according to my grand-grand-father, who raped the maid. I am less racist than the Bible, the French national anthem, the rabbinical religion. Should I require political asylum in Iran? Alas I am also skeptical towards the Koran…).

Being abnormal, with psychiatric pills everyday, I feel all alone. I stop the part that was pleasant for friends enjoying History, I turn towards the what-if dreamy world. Farewell. (I wrote that explanation for an Arabic friend of mine).

(2012/12/24th to 2022/12/22nd) Friends sent me new updates, that I turned into what-if jokes :
- Arsenal vb-20
- F7F competitors
NAF type B
Mc Donnell Models 6 and 8
Wallace Martin
Brewster Proposal 33D
- North American RD-1120
- Szybowiec transportowy nr 1, Lassota-Wasilewski "Ikar 1", DLCMK "Perkoz"
- Nakajima Kikka Design 1, & Nakajima J9N2 first proposal,5813.30.html
- Blohm & Voss Patent DE719428
- Morane-Saulnier 050 AP2, 3, 6
- Blohm & Voss P.157
- Demaizière-Joffrin preliminary designs,3519.0.html
- Dornier P.231 Entwurf 2
book "Dornier Do 335,435,635"
- Davis Davis
- Nakajima pusher fighter
- Miles Patent GB569998
- Bruel Patent GB601909
- Robertson Hogg Patent CA385292
- Consolidated Model 35 twin-boom layout,10631.0.html
- Nikitin-Shevchenko IS-16,3359.15.html
- Martin Twin-Hull 1942
- Henschel Patent DE699351
- Yakovlev Yak-15 twin-boom JUMO-004 project
book Ryeaktivniye Perventzi SSSR
- Langley Lifting Body Cargo Airplane project
book US Transport Projects #05
- Martin Pursuit-Type Airplane
book US Fighter Projects #01
- Stout Cargo 1941,26224.0.html
- Pennsylvania Central Airlines Cargoliner 1944 and 1945,22709.0.html
- Hüffer 1941
- Bertill twin-boom model 1943
(from Air Trails December 1943)
- American Television Institute Flying Torpedo Model 900
- Robotti 1940 (push-pull & pusher)'Italia/L'ALA%20D'ITALIA%201940%20011.pdf
- Nationale Luchtvaart School (NLS, Amsterdam) Lesvliegtuig (Trainer) 1941'Italia/L_ALA%20D_ITALIA_1942_01.pdf
- Gaviraghi 1943 (twin-engine monoplane & four-engine biplane)'Italia/L'ALA%20D'ITALIA%201943%2004.pdf
- Martin Model 151-J
e-booklet "US Bomber Projects #19" (at )
- Ehling Super Wing
- Shereshaw RC-1
- Kurbala K-G
book "Desantnye Planery Stalina 1930-1955" at
- Tulasne patent FR908553
- Quang_patent FR909544
- Dupuis patent FR915431
- Weser patent FR876368
- Rateau patent FR864397
- SNCASE Sud Est Patent FR917597
- Renault (Maurice) patent FR917509
- Martin Model 151-K
e-booklet "US Bomber Projects #21" (at )
- Kogiken Plan II, IV, V
- Ava (Aerodynamische Versuchsanstalt/Mende) Air-Train
Junkers EF109
Jacobs-Schweyer Jas-P5
Hirth Hi-23
Messerschmitt Torpedoflugzeug (like Me-410)
magazine "Luftwaffe Secret Projects of the Third Reich"
- Zharnylsky planyer ("Jarnilski" in French letters)
- BMW-324 = TL.III and Tank Ta-226 = Focke-Wulf Flitzer P.VII (and maybe P.IV, P.VIII)
according to the what-if modeller TomZ
- Sukhoy RK 2M-62
book "Unflown Wings"
- Robertson Aircraft Dream Plane
- Heinkel He-535
magazine "Flieger Revue X" 92
- USAAC Materiel Division Design No.361 Bomber Study 1941 (not Martin 145B)
- Amiot 346
- Fw-250 = Focke-Wulf Flitzer
according to the deviant artist Yqueleden
- Moskalyev SAM-16 twin-boom version with inline engines
posted 2017/04/01 April 1st but this seems serious
- Vought-Sikorsky VS-306