United World AVIATION: an (abnormal) What-if-modeller "crazy" dream
– by Tophe (secret grand-grand-son of a Jewish general in French Army 1918, and married to a Filipina, and temporarily without amisulpride anti-psychotic pills) –
written September 6th 2009

French source
Model focus
   This is another universe, exactly the same as our one for the bloody years 6,000BC-1943AD but then… Manitou/Inti (or God/Allah or Brahman/Zeus or Râ/Jumala) saw 2 awful maneuvers, 1944AD:
- Capitalist Westerners tried to ally with the Fascists against the Communists, while the Zionist Westerners preferred the Ashkenaz slaughter promising the miracle of a huge repair (crushing further the scorned Arabic/Muslim people);
- the UNO creation project promised “eternal peace, at last...” while electing a very little minority of Humanity as veto owners, by birth right, in the aristocratic way, scorning Black and Tanned people.
   The Great Manitou was not blind like us nor misled by propaganda, in the clouds Above, so He/She sighed deeply and decided: « this is too much unfair, it would bring even more wars, and with nukes now, STOP, I explain* directly to each one, removing all energy from the evil individuals (any thinking character with injustice wish being transformed immediately into vegetable). ».
   Rather easy for an almighty God, and very necessary for a God of love disliking innocents to be crushed and killed, year after year…
– The UWO (United World Organization) replaced the dishonest UNO (United Nations Organization) project, and Humanity (thus aviation) entered a new era, peaceful and quiet for centuries:
- no armies, just civilian aircraft (and mostly: civilian Helium airships, safer and more sober but less beautiful so disliked by modelers)
- no weapon, except for the police to protect the weak (and mostly: non-lethal soporific devices)
- no countries, just temporary local areas (before communication/computer improvement)
- no border, just free moving for each one on this planet and above, but solid privacy protecting personnal intimity
- learning one single language for the whole World, from Bushmen clicks (enabling dumb people and the best monkeys) with local enrichment (10 words for bread here, 10 words for rice there)
- no violence nor prison nor psychiatry for logical ones disturbing official commands, but interesting arguments
- no celebration of victory as enjoying peace is enough (while curing badness is painful alas and a matter of regret only)
Aviation progress still went on:
- jet power to decrease vibrations on airliners and for search tools
- electronics to improve safety with automatic controls
- Remotely Piloted Vehicles to save the life of pilots
- rocket craft to bring communication satellites into space
- Vertical-Take-Off-&-Landing and high-speed to connect hospitals and wounded ones
- mind-power without exhaust (no CO2 nor nuclear products nor antimatter) nor danger (of explosion or crash)
- aircraft-design harmonious-oddity (twin-boom, asymmetric, spats, Tee-tail, ...) becomes a popular hobby, after the funny delirium of Tophe, JHM, BdB in the early 2000s
Overview of the UWO Fleet (including some modelers' dreams):
- Search-Rescue fleet: (search for minerals, rescue to lost walkers or sailors)

      - Medical fleet: (quick medicine providing or immediate transport to hospital)
- Satellite fleet: (to send orbiters with communication satellites)

      - Passenger fleet: (to meet distant relatives or pen-friends)
- Cargo fleet: (to deliver perishable fruits from isolated production spots in the forest)

      - Police fleet: (to survey and prevent crimes)
- Veterinary imaginary fleet: (to vaccinate birds in flight)

* Great Manitou's speech, April 1st 1944:
« Listen to all 4 chapters, because if your enemy is accused, this concerns you as well: you will have no more reason to revolt after an acute condemnation has destroyed the problem...
To the fascists and their allies
You are guilty at 95%, correct immediately to be forgiven.
1/ Yes, republic is deeply corrupted but your violent leaders are even worse, criminal.
2/ Yes, the invaders of the World were richer than you, but this crushing wealth is now severely punished, nothing to be jealous of.
3/ Yes, the modern Jewish tribe tradition is guilty of active racism, but the right answer was not at all the crime exterminating Jewish blood (innocent are all babies, most children, some adults), moreover with pretending similarly to another superior race. I forbid racist religions now: Nazi religion, Apartheid religion, Judaic modern religion. I forbid also exterminating religions: antique proselyte Judaism, Christendom except Marcyonism, Islam, all of them pretending I murdered awfully numerous babies through The Deluge and fire bombardment of Sodom-Gomorrah. Denying this political lie is going to remove any justice pretension in slaughters (America, Poland etc.), then prevent future racist wars (with historical disloyalty, treating the Palestinians differently than the white US people), and prevent the future revival of Old-Book religions pretending that I am a slaver enjoying acute misogyny (just because I love the feminine modesty of my angel Patricia friend)...
To the communists
You are guilty at 95%, correct immediately to be forgiven.
1/ Yes, capitalism is a deep moral sin (a few lazy rich ones, with money-legal-police strength, crushing numerous hard-workers), but your Stalinist leaders are even worse, murdering alternative ways and providing self comfort above the people. Apparachik or politician privilege is wrong: commanding deserves no reward at all, because this bestial ambition is a vow of many extrovert tempers, while operating a hard dirty work (that most people refuse) deserves much.
2/ Yes, sharing is better than taking selfishly, but understand that personal effort must be rewarded materially or work tends to disappear alas into starvation for everyone, despite threat and brain-washing.
3/ Yes, all religions have turned sinful, to crush hard-workers for the religious' and leaders' richness, but Buddha and Jesus fantasy characters were good (even if their lessons were deeply transformed by lies, later), they explained wise different ways, without any violence nor exploitation (nor slavery nor aristocracy).
To the westerners
You are guilty at 95%, correct immediately to be forgiven.
1/ Yes, democracy for the most numerous is better than privilege for a few privileged ones, but indirect democracy is sin, as the elected ones cannot help robing and killing, propagandizing, without viable control. Nationalistic direct democracy is sin as the majority of a richer group usually decides borders around it to be unfair towards rejected ones. A World dominated by a little minority of powerful nations (even "democratic", each one) is sin, related to aristocracy, crushing the majority of good ones, turning them into hate thus violence forever. Human cleverness must be based on doubt and self-accusation, not childish affirmation (that you tend to use wrongly for scientism, History, geopolitics).
2/ Yes, Nazi racism is a crime but just as racism towards Native Americans. Legal racism is sin, in French Algeria as well as in UK’s South-Africa, US’ Alabama, Palestine’s Zionist expulsor project. Accept the disappearance of any border, any limit between human individuals and humanity as a whole. No superior people at all, just individuals, the 'brilliant' ones being rewarded (without transmitting to bad spoilt children) – I mean: 'brilliant' not in politic-lie nor selling-lie but in unpleasant-effort (if impossible to replace by machine) or useful-invention or pleasant-creation. Help your new-born children to survive (not in luxury if some other children are in misery), help your disable aging parents, help the physically-ill ones, enjoy the material or psychological reward for this (joyful "aircraft kit toys", pleasant feeling of "moral goodness"). The richness from the past centuries' racist violence is taken away through taxes and diluted worldwide, privilege by birth does not exist anymore.
3/ Yes, protecting innocents is good, but aggressive militarism is sin. Killing new born children in Dresden or Tokyo or Hiroshima would be as criminal as the worst actions of your opponents. Killing a 3-year-old child in the name of the Creator Above is insulting Me tremendously. Nurses and firemen are actual heroes, not murdering soldiers (nor proud sportsmen laughing at weakness).
To all
   Don’t love like animals anymore: “charming princes” and “sportive crushers” were just dominating wolves.
   There are just three human good ways (without wars to the other tribes) and there is a rainbow-triangle of shades between them – feel free to invent a fourth way answering objections:
1/ Buddha’s: stop wanting, not to “suffer from not owning”. Be careful: this does not lead to begging (requiring the others to work for feeding you) but to minimum work for frugal survival or to accepted starvation
2/ Jesus’: act for the others, hoping only to get an eternal-life reward (true or not, you cannot be selfishly sure). Be careful: this does not lead to rituals nor to useless “religious professionals”, and I condemn all your egotist prayers (if you are good for the others, some will probably pray for you).
3/ Patricia’s: consider you may live (perhaps forever) successive different dreams where you must be gentle, being rather poor and modest, respecting the other characters as if they were like you. Be careful: this very logical hypothesis leads to psychiatric asylum and you will have to lie to look like a normal brainless believer.
   Smile, this was a dream, and completely absurd if the (almighty and honest) Great Manitou is a legend, a childish invention... :)