Hearing word violence about covid19 vaccination, it is not easy (but interesting) to be a French what-if modeler
By Tophe, 07/26/2021

In France now, there are street protest and police violence concerning the refusal to be vaccinated against the covid19 virus (with a vaccine that has not at all been submitted to the obligatory 10-tears delay of non-lethality verification).
Personally, I don’t go in crowd demonstrations (in big cities) but the university studies I made as lab tech student gave me the knowledge to see the official lies (about presently-proven non-toxicity of this vaccine). On another part, at home for hobby, I am a what-if modeler and that is not another subject but a great enrichment on the covid19-vaccine violence subject:
subject Covid19-vaccine What-if modeler
Dictators The French president Macron decided that refusers of the vaccine will be fired out from their work, and will be forbidden in trains, restaurants and so on. So most people were scared and required vaccination to escape this acute punishment. The resistant ones say he is a dictator. A publicist made a photograph with Macron having Hitler moustache and saying “obey! get vaccinated!” as there is no relation anymore to democracy but full authoritarianism from the leader like dictator (the law forbidding the people to fire him out immediately, contrary to the Swiss true democracy, maybe the only one in the World). Most politicians and all TV journalists are saying this word “dictator” or “Nazi” is an awful shame to be used, insulting the true victims of true dictators (and this is punished by French law concerning comparison to Hitler, like insulting Jewish victims which is blasphemy in France, with 2 years jail condemnation for such opinion). The smiling what-if modelers are dreamy air enthusiasts building the fantasy aircraft they imagine, as little toys. But they are severely condemned by realist dominating modelers reproducing History only, classifying free creation as childish and stupid. As self-defense, English speaking what-if modelers say the realist ones are JMN, Joyless modeling Nazis, like dictators forbidding fun. For a French what-if modeler, this exaggeration is surprising (not forbidden words?) but it is easy to understand this is a joke not a serious accusation. Law (and dominant speeches) in UK and US seems better (more honest) than in France.
Fakes Most politicians and all journalists say that refusers of the anti-covid19-vaccine are stupid people believing fake news from Internet, at the opposite of scientific certainty. They classify on one side honesty, doctors, science, truth, and on the other side: dishonesty, credulity, conspiracy theory, fault. Scientific (and logic) denial of this, showing the possible dangers that have been voluntarily ignored for money, are condemned as fake stupidities from incompetent lunatics. “Fake! (wrong, bad)” is the insult from realist dominants rejecting what-if models. Dreamy smiles are condemned, pretending they are insulting the memory of veteran heroes. What-if modelers try to go on anyway (in their hobby for fun) but many ones feel like a little guilty somehow. I am rather special myself, being skeptical and having written the books “against Reality” then “Escaping the realist dictatorship”, taking great universal lessons from what-if models (and eating psychiatric pills alas, like in USSR for dissidents). I could insult most realist ones as well (militarist accomplices of baby killers) but I do not, just building my little models (removing guns and bombs), hurting no one, contrarily to the slaughtering celebrated Reality. I am maybe a na´ve pacifist but I have written also a book “the war of evil against evil” explaining “we” are not the good side, no matter propaganda.

As a conclusion, I am very different from dominant individuals holding the public speech and TV channels. Both against anti-covid19 vaccine and for what-if models, for similar reasons.