Shut up, pacifists !
by A. Weird Victim, 11/17/2015 (put in line 12/03/2015)

update 2017

  Being an abnormal French man, of Jewish ascent, I feel guilty for a long time, being a lover of aerodynamic airplanes (alas military, almost all of them) and being myself opposite to war, which includes terrorist killing of innocents. Even from “our side” in Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Der Yassin, and so on – warmly celebrated (by officials of all our official parties) as Victory of the Good against anti-Semitic Evil.
  I have run away from Aviation History forums (mainly for War lovers) towards Project Aviation, about unbuilt airplanes that killed nobody – but I ran away when the dogma about Historical Respect (of the Holocaust “justifying” Israel conquest) was thrown on my face with anger. I ran away and focused on What-if Aviation (for dreamers, about fantasy fast planes not even “intended to kill”). But many members adored inventing new weapons to “kill even more”, so I felt a little bad there also.
  Once there was a joyful celebration of a Hiroshima bomb scale model, and – even if politics is forbidden on the forum (to prevent anger and fight) – I answered with negative words saying this is loving terrorism. The moderator then urged me to delete this political post, not to be excluded myself. I did delete, yes, feeling bad.
  Then, on November 14th 2015, the day just after the Islamic mass-murders in Paris, France, a member posted a French flag with an armed French fighter-bomber in desert colors, with these words “Aux armes citoyens! Formez vos bataillons! Marchons! Marchons! Qu’un sang impur abreuve nos sillons!”… (Like on French TV, with full propaganda for doubling the war effort in our attack of Iraqi islamists that were threatening Israel – just forgetting that Israel was built in 1948 by mass-murders of civilian Arabic people making survivors run away abroad, with Israeli refusal since then of any coming back – a refusal that is fully approved by the Western minority dominating the World, aristocratically in the pretended name of democracy)…
  I answered “I hope you do not speak French and ignore the awful political meaning of these words. Politics is forbidden here so I will not translate.” But this was denied, into “It is the French National Anthem……. So I do not see any issue”. Thus, I translated, sorry: “If you pretend there is no issue at all, I translate (yes, this is official song, celebrating the victory of nationalistic killers over humanism, with jail threat for local refusers like me):/ ‘Citizens, you are not innocents, all of us are ready to take weapons to kill the foreigners, this is allowed as their blood is impure, like the blood of their babies, let us kill them all and get rich doing that.’/ No politics in that? I would say the opposite: no morality, in war-loving politics for mass-murder of innocents, back and forth automatically, which happens now, horribly./ This post will probably be deleted, and I may be excluded from the forum moreover, ‘thanks’… ‘No issue’, you said. (Big big sigh)”.

  I have waited for the moderator word crushing me, for deleting or being excluded. Thinking peace is elsewhere, not on Earth perhaps.

  The moderator has not excluded me at last, deleting himself words after the picture. To keep enjoyment in drawing without raising anger and fight. Simply, what remains is celebrating “going to war with even more violence”, making me shut my mouth, as I am guilty of having the recipe to stop this war, between Evil and Evil (each side pretending to embody Goodness)... I explain it on my democracyld-party site (8th complement: "PEACE!"), with no hope at all, as the Western World is lying so badly, with full success among brain-washed people.
  Maybe I should feel lucky: in a British book about World War II, I have red that pacifists in 1939-40 were sent to jail (full of rapists), because their opinion was against the crusade of Liberty against Dictatorship! Weapons and lies govern this World, alas.

(12/03/2015) A drawing I could have posted to explain my sad pacifist point of view:

UPDATE 2017 : Totalitarian what-if-ism (02/05th-11th/2017)

There are 2 main sites for what-if models and now I have problems with the other one.
I thought the what-if model universe was a territory of dream and peace, I was wrong. I have been rejected as guilty of not respecting the “no politics!” rule, and this is a shame.
1- Forgotten nationalism
Usually, I invent freely airplane models that have never existed or wrong designs that would have failed, but I have seen there are sometimes “Group Builds” in special directions, as an interesting guide for further inventions. Like there were civilian GB, floaty GB, space GB, once there was a Soviet GB. Organized long before the start, there were complicated discussions about the limit of this “contest”. I asked if my project of building a modified KhAI-3 (Soviet Ukrainian in the 1930s) would be accepted even if I will make it a “plane of the World”, without Red stars (Soviet Army) nor Aeroflot name (Soviet Airline). The answer has been that it would be accepted if a backstory explains clearly why/how this comes from the Soviet Union. Thus I said (with irony) that, in the Soviet country, the factory KhAI designed the KhAI-“300” asymmetric rocket-plane, just before the victory of USSR (and China) over Germany/Japan in 1945, then over UK/USA in 1946, with atomic bombs for peace on Berlin then New York. Then, when the KhAI-300 flew in 1947, this was a happy Soviet planet, stateless (explaining the lack of national signs).
Then friends came and made jokes about the Communist pretended happiness, and one mentioned the murders of priests and nuns, started in Spain 1936. I answered mentioning the Allied mass-murders of civilians and babies (official “terror-bombing” not allowed to classify as terrorism), celebrated and not condemned at all, and the moderator came and told us to stop, as this is very close to violating the “no politics rule”, involving real world aggressively, and another major visitor/friend confirmed this very strong opinion.
I feel this is dishonest, because nationalism is politics. As I am a globalist, I dislike nationalism, for example : celebrating USSR and excluding other countries. But moderators made this as mandatory, no matter contradiction, and when I invented a crazy story in this required direction, I was the one condemned.
I understand some people may be shocked when I joke saying worldwide communism would be Heaven, but I am shocked as well whenever I see a country roundel on a military plane, meaning : “let us kill foreigners!”. My shock (from their patriotic ideas) is despised, negligible, while their shock (from my ideas) is classified as awful, deserving to forbid the trouble. This is dishonest as long as respecting each one would be the goal, but the situation is different: the dominant ones are dominating, proudly crushing minorities of opinion.
2- Forbidden ethics
Celebrating mass murder, and explaining the joy to add killing bombs and missiles, is applauded by moderators, while explaining any objection is classified as “aggressive politics”, to be censored… I said that about the 1939-47 years : even if the Axis has attacked, I would not rape the daughter of the rapist, Tallion law may be criminal. No, it is forbidden to say this, while the kill act or celebration in the name of this law is not forbidden at all, I feel there is dishonesty here as well. The political plan for invading, the contempt against foreigners, are not poetic dreams in the clouds but severe politics, geopolitics. Taking this as normal (shocking me) is classified as good, while disliking this (shocking brain-washed people) is classified as aggressive and unauthorized. Meaning the baby-killers (and their supporters) are not aggressive while pacifists are aggressive, bringing violence in a World of Harmony (quiet mass murders…). This is the same for Israeli airplanes: building any attack aircraft in Israeli colors, with great bombs to kill the “damned” Arabic civilians, is applauded, but frowning eyes or inventing a Palestinian aircraft opposite could be classified as aggressively anti-Zionist thus anti-Semitic, genocidal! I strongly disagree. I know the winners write History, pretend to embody Goodness, but this is political propaganda, at full power… Then: saying the dissidence is “politics” (like an accusation/condemnation/insult) is dishonest.
3- War is (the most violent) politics
While political talk is forbidden there, talking of wars (targeted cities and accomplished bombing operations) is judged as perfect, but what is war ? This is politics so violent that killing replace negotiating/choosing… It is famous in France that the political climax was the Revolution of 1789, a civil war with many thousands casualties. And on the other-side is the COIN (Counter-Insurgency) killing with bombs and guns to prevent revolution, this is judged innocent by moderators, but if you dare having a word about ethics, then this is strongly forbidden.

Thus I may quit (tomorrow or one day) the charming world of what-ifers, whose “moderators” crush dreamers and philosophers to celebrate war-loving nationalists only… I feel bad.