Twin-boom aircraft projects
designed between 1939 and 1945
- facts and fantasy -

(by X.Toff)

– updated February 09th 2023 –

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Below are presented thumbnails of the book pictures. They are not enlarged here when you click on them : because they were published previously as books, sold to pay back the printing. Now, downloading them is free, hoping to share a personal fascination for the so peculiar "twin-boom part" of aircraft dreams.

Content of "Forked Ghosts" ("Fantômes Fourchus") :

128 pages, in French with an English abstract (2 pages).
[This book is now available for FREE, for home-printing, at as the initial unpublished version with small font characters, 103 pages]

Rubik R-21
Moskalyev SAM-23 (wrong)
Bestetti Nardi Saetta
Percival P-36
CanCar CBY-3
CCF B-2000B

Bowlus MC-1 (wrong)
Fokker F-180
North American Twin-P-51G
North American XP-82/1s
Fiat G-58
Reggiane Re-2005 Bifusoliera
Reggiane Re-2005' Bifusoliera (wrong)
Macchi C-205 Bifusoliera
Messerschmitt Bf 109Z
Messerschmitt Me 109Z
Messerschmitt E-2.26
Messerschmitt Me 409
Messerschmitt Me 209Z
Messerschmitt Me 409/1m ? (dubious)
Messerschmitt Me 609
Messerschmitt Me 309Z
Messerschmitt Me 509Z (dubious)
Dornier Do 335Z
Dornier Do 435Z (dubious)
Junkers Ju 635
Heinkel He 111Z/3m
Heinkel He 111Z/4m (provisional)
Blohm und Voss P.167
Klemm Kl 25Z
DFS 25 (provisional)
Boeing/Nomura Twin-B-29 Twin-Fortress (fiction)
Blohm und Voss/Nomura Bv 426 Valhalla (fiction)
DFS 203
General Aircraft GAL-48B Twin-Hotspur
Slingsby T-27 Black Widow
Savoia-Marchetti SM-92
Lockheed Recon-P-38 (dubious)
Pemberton-Billing PB-43 Venturi
Kaiser Flying Cargo Ship (provisional)
Kaiser-Hughes HK-1 Liberty
Snead XLRH-1
Blohm und Voss P.123 (provisional)
Arado E-530
North American RD-1120 (provisional)
Caproni Ca-380 Corsaro
PWS 46
Renard R-42
Tachikawa Dai Ni An
Tachikawa Dai San An
Bréguet Br 850
Bréguet Br 1000t
Griboskii G-11 (wrong date)
DFS 332
North American NA-116 (wrong)
Blohm und Voss P.125 (provisional)
Sukhoi RK
Focke-Wulf Fw 189E
Caproni Ca.345
Arado Ar 340
Arado E 555-9
Focke-Wulf Fw 261
Messerschmitt E 2-28
Blohm und Voss P.61 (provisional)
Blohm und Voss P.124 (provisional)
Sud-Ouest SO-1070 (provisional)
Bestetti-Nardi BN-3
Bestetti-Nardi BN-4
Sato Kutei-Butai (provisional)
Martin Flying Whale
Martin Twin-engine
Weserflug P.2137
Caproni Ca.325bis
Northrop NS-8
Northrop XP-61H Black Widow
Hughes XP-73
Lockheed L-121
Laister-Kauffman Battle Glider
Boulton Paul P 97
Gotha Go 244A
Gotha Go 244C-3
Gotha P 35
Gotha P 39
Fairchild F-78
Fairchild F-78/Ranger
Kaiser-Hughes HK-1 Nr 1
Payen Pa 42/1 (wrong)
Moskalyev SAM-23
Moskalyev SAM-23' (wrong)
Moskalyev SAM-24
Nippon Kokusai Ku 7 Manazuru
Gotha P 46
Martin Cargo
Renard R-45
De Havilland E6/41
Focke-Wulf P IV Flitzer
Focke-Wulf P VIII
Focke-Wulf PTL-7 Peterle
Blohm und Voss P 196
Junkers EF-135 (provisional)
Pittcairn PA-44
Mc Donnell Manta
Armstrong Whitworth AW-49
Mitsubishi M-70
Bolkhovitinov I
Demaizière-Joffrin DJ-12
Matra R-100
Focke-Wulf Projekt
Mitsubishi J4M Senden
Bell XP-52
Bell XP-59
Focke-Wulf Projekt
Fokker D-23 DB
Moskalyev SAM-13
Pemberton-Billing Push-Pull
Tachikawa Ki 94
Airspeed AS 47
Focke-Wulf Fw 198 (dubious)
Belyayev PBI
Hirth Hi 24
Mojarovskii-Venevidov BCh-MV Kombayn
Breda 202
Sud-Ouest SO-1030
Caproni Ca 355
General Aircraft GAL-47 F.O.P.
Diepen-Difoga 421
Pyper Skycoupe PB
Piper PA-7
Mantelli AM-6
Mantelli AM-8
Payen Pa 150 Otarie (wrong)
Dornier Autoflugzeug
Stout XC-65 Skycar II
Pemberton-Billing Tow-Fighter
Pemberton-Billing PB 41
Borovkov-Florov IS-207
Savoia-Marchetti trimotore
Combattimento Santangelo
Focke-Wulf projekt
Skoda-Kauba SL-6
Skoda-Kauba V6
Mansyu Ki 98
Boulton Paul P 99
Brewster Proposal P 33A
Brewster P 33 Revision II
SAAB L 13 (wrong)
SAAB J 21B (provisional)
Vultee V78
Vultee V84
Payen Pa 42/5
Consolidated Vultee Air Car
Hall Flying Car
Henschel Transport Flugzeug
Daimler-Benz Projekt C
Aeronca GT-1
SAAB RX-2' (dubious)
Lockheed RP-38
Lockheed Sea 38
Lockheed L-106
Savoia-Marchetti SM 88
Savoia-Marchetti SM 91
Hughes D-5
Northrop XP-61E
Moskalyev SAM-19
AGA reduced scale XLRG

Mentioned aircraft without drawing :

  • Poorly known but more than prototypes : Maeda Ku 1-I, Nippon Kokusai Ki 105 Ohtori.
  • Similar to included items : Hughes D-2/DX-2/XA-37 (XP-73), Hughes XF-11/R-11 (D-5), Lockheed Model 20/XP-58 (L-121), Lockheed XP-49 (L-106), Fairchild XC-82 Packet (F-78), North-American F-82 (XP-82/1s), De Havilland Spidercrab/Vampire (E6/41), AGA/G&A/Firestone XO-61 (PA-44), Mantelli AM-10 (AM-8), Stout UC-107 Skycar III (XC-65), Vultee XP-54 Swoose Goose/XP-68 Tornado (V 84), Aeronca GB-1/8 & GT-8 (GT-1), Northrop XF-15 Reporter (XP-61E), Focke-Wulf P.0310 225 (Fw 261), CCCP-123 (SSSR-123), Schwerer Stuka (E 2-28), DFS 230Z (DFS 203), Heinkel P.1075 & Dornier Do 635 (Ju 635), Blohm und Voss P.200Z/Bv226Z (Bv 426), Blohm und Voss Bv 250Z (P.167), Blohm und Voss P.110/P.122 (P.124), Arkhangelsii MV (Mojarovskii-Venevidov Kombayn).
    + Cunliffe-Owen OA-1 Mk II (OA-1), Klemm E-51 (Praga) for Appendix 2.
  • UNKNOWN (if you have a picture, please contact the author, at : SNCASO/Sud-Ouest/Aerosudouest E-1910, Airspeed Cargo 23th June 1942, Payen Pa 190 Otarie II/Pa 240H, twin-boom version of Focke-Wulf JP 011/P 011-001.

  • Appendix 1 : " non-genuine " twin-boomers

    Blohm und Voss Bv 208.02
    Canard P-38
    Doblhoff WNF-342
    Auxiliary Wing with XP-56
    Belyayev DB-LK
    Belyayev Dvukhvostka
    Blohm und Voss P.111 Flying-Prao
    Payen Pa.360

  • Mentioned aircraft without drawing : Antonov KT, Fieseler Fi 168, Michelet Rubis, Nikitin PSN-2, Blohm und Voss P.192 & P.208 to 215, Focke-Wulf P.0310.251.006, SNCAC NC-1070/1075, Gotha Go 237A, Payen Pa 370 & 445, Heinkel P 1078B.

  • Appendix 2 : " unperfectly 1939-45 " twin-boomers

    Antonov LEM-2
    DTD Biplane Fighter
    Letov S56
    Republic Super Clipper
    Airspeed AS.31
    Gribovskii G-17

  • Mentioned aircraft of 1935-38 : CCF CB-34, Cunliffe-Owen OA-1, Burnelli A-1, Fokker 160, Bestetti-Nardi BN-1, Martin 142 & 193, Schmued-Beeman twin-fuselage fighter, Stearman-Hammond Y, ITS 8, KB-2 PI/LSB, Weick W-1, Campbell monoplane, SAIMAN LB 2, Blohm und Voss P 28 & P 42, Bréguet Br 803, Albert bi-empennages, Aubert PA-60, Abrams P 2/PC 4 Explorer, De Schelde S 20/21, Arpin A-1, Alliet et Larivière Allar 04, Gloster F 18/37, General Aicraft GAL 33 Cagnet, Wiener Neustadt Wn 16, Fokker D-XXIII & 147, Latécoère 673, Mitrovich MMS3, Praga E-48/51/52, Willoughby Delta F, Hamburger Ha 138, Lockheed 22 & 24, Focke-Wulf Fw 189B/D, Fokker G-1 & T-VI, Fouga torpilleur, Hughes 1936 & X-608, Gotha P.300/3002, Arado E500, Luscombe 6-passenger.

  • Mentioned aircraft of "1946 ?" : Eldred ED-2, Lasserre G.L.3 Libellule, Kaiser-Hammond Aircar, Anderson-Greenwood AG-14, Alliet et Larivière AL 06 Fréguate, Aernova Pellarini AER 1, Alexeiev I-218, LIT racer, HWL Pegaz, Boggs Airmaster.


    Content of "Supplement to 'Forked Ghosts' "

    46 pages, in French with a complete English translation.
    [This book in all-English version is now available for FREE, for home-printing, at as the initial unpublished writing with late corrections, 30 pages]

    Asymmetric "?"
    Martin-Baker Tankbuster
    Martin-Baker twin-boom pusher
    Martin-Baker experimental twin-jet
    Howard Nebesar
    Blohm und Voss P.166
    Charpentier Brevet 867.149
    Bücker Bü 181/II
    CAPRA R90 (wrong)
    Matra R75 (provisional)
    Bendix 51
    Bendix 51A
    Payen Pa 600
    Payen Pa 141
    Payen Pa 150 Otarie
    Portsmouth 109 Aerocar
    Nord N.1480 (fiction)
    Blackburn B.50
    Dupuy monoplace embarqué (provisional)
    Junkers Ju 290Z
    Junkers/Nomura Ju 390Z (fiction)
    Messerschmitt Me 323Z (provisional)
    F+W/Pug D-3805T (fiction)
    Winkler Doppelrumpf
    Curtiss/Nomura P-40 Twin-Tigerhawk (fiction)
    Republic/Gifford P-47 Doublebolt (fiction)
    Blohm und Voss/Shestakov Bv 241 (fiction)
    Blohm und Voss/Shestakov Bv 141 symmetric (fiction)
    Hawker/Lloyd Hurri-Twin (fiction)
    Heinkel/Tucker He 162Z (fiction)
    Caudron/Pug C 714TE (fiction)
    Messerschmitt/Meunier Me 163Z (fiction)
    Supermarine/Durling Twin-Spitfire (fiction)
    Supermarine/Spackman Twin-Spitfire F.32 (fiction)
    Supermarine/Felicioli Twin-Spitfire (fiction)
    Supermarine/Higgs Twin-Spitfire (fiction)
    Focke-Wulf/Baker Fw 190Z V1 (fiction)
    Focke-Wulf/Bagnall Ta 152Z (fiction)
    Focke-Wulf/Mumford Ta 183Z (fiction)
    Messerschmitt/Shestakov Me 262Z-0 (fiction)
    Messerschmitt/Brooks Me 262Z-1 (fiction)
    Messerschmitt/Zuijdwegt Me 262Z-2 (fiction)
    Gloster/Higgs Twin Meteor Mk III (fiction)
    Douglas/Winthrop C-53 Walla-Walla (fiction)
    Junkers/Wearmouth Ju 52Z (fiction)
    Avro/Bagnall Warrior/Twin-Lancaster (fiction)
    Dornier/Meunier Do 18Z (fiction)
    Dornier Do 417 Hilfer (fiction ?)
    Heinkel He 219Z (wrong)
    Dornier Do P.256Z (fiction)
    Lockheed/Meunier Twin-Lightning (fiction)
    Lockheed/Corel P-38 LTN (wrong)
    Lockheed/Fordham P-38XF (fiction)
    Lockheed/Halsted P-74 Forked Lightning (fiction)
    Lockheed/Meunier Big-Lightning (fiction)
    Lockheed/Hasegawa Egg-Lightning (fiction)
    Lockheed/Winthrop Kiwi (fiction)
    Lockheed/Steacy Pusher-Lightning (fiction)
    Lockheed/Winthrop Pusher-Lightning (fiction)
    Tupolev/Nomura Gigantskii (fiction)
    Consolidated/Nomura Twin Model 36 (fiction)
    Blohm und Voss/Nomura Bv 238Z (fiction)
    ? Shofuh
    Mitsubishi/? A8M1 Zero Zero Wind (fiction)
    Mitsubishi/Miura A6M3-Z (fiction)
    Kawanishi/Ishiduka N1K6-Jw So-Shiden-kai (fiction)
    Arado E 555-8
    Arado E 555-10
    Arado E 470
    General Airborne XCG-16A
    Bowlus MC-1
    Gaucher biplace

    Mentioned aircraft without drawing :

  • Similar to included items : Macchi MC.300 (C.205 Bifusoliera), Focke-Wulf Fw 226/Ta 184 (Flitzer), Matra R 110 (R 100), Lockheed F1V C-Fork (Sea P-38), Focke-Wulf/Tank Fw/Ta 281 (PTL-7)
  • Dead-ends : Focke-Wulf Fw 119 Zerstorer, Junkers Ju 88 Zwilling (as real).

  • Appendix 2 : " unperfectly 1939-45 " twin-boomers

  • Mentioned aircraft of 1935-38 : Boeing 320, Saalfeld Möwe, De Schelde S 22, Mantz Pusher, ? Gü 7, Martin 151K-1 Twin Bomber, Caproni Ca 150, Willoughby Delta 9G St George, Martin XB-16A, Junkers EF 50, Mc Gaffey Aviate.
    + fiction ones : McDonnell S2B Kestrel, William&Colt Peacemaker 370, Fighting Devil Dogs Lightning, Dick Tracy Spider's Wing, Raiders of the lost ark Nazi Flying Wing.
  • Mentioned aircraft of "1946 ?" : Convair/Stinson 106 Skycoach, Skycraft Skylark 246/446, Curtis-Wright CW-21, Lawrence Special, Eldred Flyer's Dream, Kaiser-Hammond Y-2

  • ADDITION : discrepant definitions for the word "twin-boom"

    11 different definitions found in books and on the Net
    Used with 2 easy cases (P-38, A-320) and 10 difficult cases, differently classified…


    Content of "The end of 'Forked Ghosts' "

    63 pages, in English.
    [This book is available for FREE, for home-printing, at , and this link includes directions to a big bunch of updates]
    Pelenberg 1943
    Boudier Brevet 886.665
    De Schelde Jae-4301 & 4302
    De Schelde S-26
    IMA Swallow
    Roteron X100
    USCG Lifeboat
    Vickers August 27 1941
    Saunders-Roe P.1033
    Holste H.20-Pe1
    Lockheed P-38 75mm
    Westland N7/43
    Westland E5/42
    Westland Ground Attack 1942
    (thanks to Fred Ballam Westland Archive
    via Tony Buttler)
    Junkers EF-112
    Lavochkin La-VRD
    Vakhmistrov LB, TP, MP
    North American NA-116
    ML Night Fighter
    Belyayev EOI
    Capra R90
    Matra R75
    Matra R74 (provisional)
    Flying's Kotula Airsedan
    SECAN SUC 10' Courlis (provisional)
    SAAB March 21st 1941 & L.13
    Martin-Baker push-pull
    Mitsubishi Harry
    Heston JC.6
    Moskalyev SAM-23 LT
    Renard R-42'
    Messerschmitt Me 109Z'
    Messerschmitt Me 409/1 (dubious)
    Messerschmitt Me 255 & 255' (provisional)
    Heinkel He 111Z-5 (provisional)
    Welch OW12M
    Heinkel/Mayerle Fw 119 (fiction)
    Focke-Wulf/Deweer Fw 119B (fiction)
    Boeing Intercontinental 1941
    Burnelli B-2000
    Burnelli BX-AB-3
    Boeing 368
    Newsweek Atomic-Powered Flying-Wing
    Junkers EF-50
    Miles M.58
    De Havilland preliminary DH.106 & 106' (provisional)
    Fokker 180 5-engined (dubious)
    Fokker 210 (provisional)
    J.Martin Ocean Plane
    Lockheed L-153-8 & 11
    Beriev B-10M
    Polikarpov 1943 (provisional)
    Moskalyev SAM-20 (provisional)
    Ethyl Co. The Squirt
    Heinz monoplane
    Moskalyev SAM-16' (provisional)
    Kurbala IS 2M71
    Rossmaier Flugschrauber
    Burnelli Patent 2,380,289 & 2,586,299
    Rinaldi Hand Launched Glider
    McBerkeley Stella Filante
    Cole Dry Duck
    Motomodèle MB.33
    Piper PA Skycoupe
    Focke-Wulf P.011 (provisional)
    Messerschmitt P.1062 (provisional)
    Rosatelli CR.55 (provisional)
    SNCASO E-1910 (provisional)
    Belyayev OI-2 Tvin AeroKobra
    Bell/Meunier P-39T Twin-AiraCobra (fiction)
    Bell/Meunier P-63T Twin-KingCobra (fiction)
    Burnelli Patent 2,286,341 - 2,224,641 - 2,181,574 (wrong date)
    Blohm und Voss/Larmanger P.224-1 & 224-3 (fiction)
    BMW/Meunier TL V (fiction)
    BMW/Allan PTL III (fiction)
    Blohm und Voss/Meunier P.194Z (fiction)
    Isacson/Shestakov Zerstorers (fiction)
    Blohm und Voss/Ludgate Bv 141Z (fiction)
    Avro/Ludgate Grenville (fiction)
    Heinkel/Ludgate He 162Z-2 (fiction)
    Capra/Matra R120 (provisional)
    Curtiss/TooCool-Journé XP-55Z (fiction)
    Curtiss/Meunier XP-55T (fiction)
    Curtiss/Imwfo XP-55D (fiction)
    Gotha/Meunier Go 242X (fiction)
    Rubik/Meunier R-21Z (fiction)
    Messerschmitt/Meunier Me 163T (fiction)
    De Havilland/Meunier DH.99 P & B, DH.100B (fiction)
    Canadian C&F/Pomerleau CCF.100/M2 (fiction)
    De Havilland/Fontaine DH.281 (fiction)
    North American/Meunier P-51X-4 & 8, P-51P (fiction)
    North American/Cherrie P-51PP & Psh (fiction)
    North American/Ludgate Fw-5100B & Z (fiction)
    SAAB-NA/Meunier J-51D-21 (fiction)
    Vultee-NA/Meunier XP-51D-54 (fiction)
    Lockheed-NA/Meunier XP-51D-38 (fiction)
    Northrop-NA/Pomerleau F-151 (fiction)
    North American/Cherrie Bv-182, P-82J, P-82M, P-512(fiction)
    North American/Meunier P-82/4m, P-82-00 (fiction)
    Blohm und Voss/Meunier Bv 241B (fiction)
    North American/Meunier P-5182 (fiction)
    Tinsley Rear-engine
    De Havilland Canada/Pomerleau P-111 (fiction)
    Northrop/Pomerleau P-61EJ (fiction)
    Hawker P.1037X & P.1037Y (dubious)
    Hawker/Meunier Twin-Tempest III (fiction)
    Douglas/Wearmouth Sky-T-Raider (fiction)
    Yakovlev/Johnson Yak-7Dv (fiction)
    Yakovlev/Ludgate Yak-15Dv (fiction)
    Dornier/D-ONUT Do 18Z-2 (fiction)
    Heinkel/D-ONUT He 177Z (fiction)
    Junkers/D-ONUT Ju 88Z-1 & 1' (fiction)
    Heinkel/Swamphen He 277Z (fiction)
    Lobelle/Meunier Twin-ML (fiction)
    Junkers/Meunier Ju 88Z-1" (fiction)
    Mitsubishi/Meunier Harry/2p & 4m (fiction)
    Douglas/Pomerleau C-53T Skytrooper (fiction)
    Douglas/Wearmouth C-53T' (fiction)
    Douglas/Bagnall C-53T" (fiction)
    Northrop/Dunn XB-35N (fiction)
    Northrop/Snell XB-35N' (fiction)
    Curtiss/Choy P-40T, T', T" (fiction)
    Lockheed/Meunier P-38VG/VG'/VG" (fiction)
    Lockheed/D-ONUT P-38 push-pull (fiction)
    Lockheed/Meunier P-74B & C (fiction)
    Lockheed/Klos P-38L (model)
    Lockheed/Robinson P-38B (model)
    Lockheed/Besson P-38D (model)
    Lockheed/Ludgate P-38X (fiction)
    Ziroli P-38 Combat (model)
    Lockheed/Meunier P-38LS (fiction)
    Lockheed/Deino P-38DF & DE-2 (fiction)
    Lockheed/Meunier TP-38R (fiction)
    North American/Mayerle Bf-182Z & Me-182Z (fiction)
    Lockheed/Meunier P-38Jt (fiction)
    Lockheed/Lacombe P-38Jr-3 (fiction)
    North American/Meunier P-51X-16, P-51T-2, P-82W (fiction)
    Lockheed/Meunier P-38P & P-38-31 (fiction)
    Boeing/Snell B-29JHm (fiction)
    Boeing/Lacombe B-29Fwol (fiction)
    Focke-Wulf/Ludgate Fw 262 (fiction)
    Messerschmitt/Bagnall Me 284 & Me 262HG IIIZ (fiction)
    Messerschmitt/Meunier Me 262 V1Z (fiction)
    Hughes-Kaiser/Meunier HK-1B (fiction)
    Caproni/Meunier Ca.382 (fiction)
    Mitsubishi/Meunier A8M2 (fiction)
    Reggiane-Macchi-Fiat/Meunier Re 3005 (fiction)
    North-American/Meunier P-82/3m, XP-82-00, P-82S, XGP-82, Do 251D, P.282, P-5115D (fiction)
    North-American/Meunier P-51Ta-2 & P-182 (fiction)
    Dornier/Meunier Do 935 & Do 3335 (fiction)
    SAAB J.21AB (misread)
    Dornier/Pomerleau Do 835 & 835B (fiction)
    North-American/Meunier XP-82R & XP-82J (fiction)
    Focke-Wulf/Meunier Ta152TL-Z & Fw 190TL-Z (fiction)
    Blohm und Voss/Meunier Bv 241TL (fiction)
    Mitsubishi/Meunier A6M99 & A8M1 Kai (fiction)
    Republic/Meunier P-47I & P-47Y (fiction)
    Focke-Wulf/Ludgate Triebflugel Zwilling TF-1Z & 3Z (fiction)
    Focke-Wulf/Dunn TF-2Z (fiction)
    SAAB/Meunier J.21PP (fiction)
    Messerschmitt/Meunier Me 462Z-2 (fiction)
    Caudron/Meunier C-714T' (fiction)
    Messerschmitt/Meunier Me 323T (fiction)
    DeHavilland/Meunier DH.100T & DH.99.5 (fiction)
    Yakovlev/Meunier Yak-315 (fiction)
    Messerschmitt/Meunier Me 809, Me 1009, Me 362 (fiction)
    Supermarine/Meunier Spitfire Mk 33, Mk 145 (fiction)
    Heinkel/Sisko He 222Z (fiction)
    Heikel/JoeP He 222Z-2 (fiction)
    Caproni/Meunier Ca.383 & 384 (fiction)
    Northrop/Meunier XP-6161E Double Widow (fiction)
    Unknown Japanese C4K, Godenk, Enrai, Senryu, Shouhou, Ki 75 (fiction)
    Arado/Unknown Ar 112 (wrong)
    Unknown Japanese Gassan (fiction)
    Messerschmitt/Unknown Me 266 (wrong)
    Dyle&Bacalan/Unknown DB90' (wrong)
    Savoia-Marchetti/Unknown SM.77' (wrong)
    DFS/Unknown DFS 228' (wrong)
    Unknown Japanese Sohu, Ki 623, 16si (fiction)
    Unknown Japanese Mf-207 (fiction)
    General Motors/Unknown XF2M-II (wrong)
    Boeing/Unknown XB-20' (wrong)
    Brewster/Unknown XP-76' (wrong)
    North American/Meunier P-51X-24 & Scale-T² & GP-82-72/48 & P-82WPP (fiction)
    Gloster/Whittle project (provisional)
    Douglas/Jschmus Sky-T²-raider (fiction)
    Cœur Atlantix (model)
    Blohm-und-Voss/Meunier Bv P.208B (fiction limit)
    Lockheed/Meunier P-38 Canard-2 (fiction)
    Doblhoff WNF342 V9 (fiction)
    Northrop/Meunier XP-56B (fiction)
    Belyayev/Meunier DB-LK 2 (fiction limit)
    Payen/Meunier Pa.360-2 (fiction)
    Blohm und Voss/Meunier P.111-2 (fiction)
    Gotha/Meunier Go 229 + Hs 117H (fiction limit)
    Messerschmitt/Meunier Me 262Z-3 (fiction)
    Fieseler/Meunier Fi 103R-X (fiction)
    Douglas/Mumford VC-53 Skyboomer (fiction limit)
    Douglas/Meunier MC-53 (fiction)
    Lockheed/Meunier P-38T (fiction)
    Martin B-16H (fiction)
    Gotha/Meunier Go 244T (fiction limit)
    Northrop/Meunier XB-35E (fiction)

    + 3 additional definitions for the word "twin-boom"
    + Addition to 1935-38 list : Comper-Scamp Interavia, Martin Twin-hull Flying-Dreadnought (Twin-Mars) , Fokker Ontwerp 129/135/147/152/155/156/157, De Schelde S.19, Coanda twin-boom jet, WWS-1 Salamandra, Polikarpov TsKB-21/SI, Hamburger P.19, Benzinmotor model, Rocket plane model, Shereshaw gas model, Canadian indoor model
    + Addition to "1946 ?" list : Bréguet 1950, Air Trails Atomic aircraft, Dreamer model, Skyryder model, Airmaster Aircar model, Capra/Matra R120
    + Addition to "non genuine twin-boomers" list : Blohm und Voss Bv P.170.01 & P.192, Focke-Wulf P.0310.251.006, Martin 189, SNCA Sud-Est SE.500, Focke-Wulf/Ludgate Fw 1900 (fiction), North-American/Meunier P-51O & Fw-5100 (fiction), North-American/Ludgate XPC-51 Mule (fiction), Fauvel AV.30/Tank aérien/Croiseur aérien, Lockheed/Petrie P-38T (fiction), Lockheed/? Dual-Lightning (fiction)
    + Similar to included items : Heston A2/45 Air Observation Post (JC.6), De Havilland DH.99 & DH.100 (E6/41), Westland J.15 (E5/42), Kubala PB 2M71 (IS 2M71), Burnelli Patent 2-372-250 (BX-AB-3), Rosatelli CR.50 (CR.55), Messerschmitt/Mayerle Me 262Z (Me 262Z-1), Messerschmitt/Luka Me 462 Kormoran (Me 262Z-1), Curtiss/Luka XP-73 Griffon (SAAB J.21), J7K1/N1W1-T/J9K1 Twin-Shiden (N1K6-Jw), Me 709 & Me 909 (Me 809), D4M1 & D4M2 (A8M1), TwinFire (Twin-Spitfire), Nanpu (16si), Piper PWA-1 Skycoupe (PA)




    History of these books and site :


    Name mysteries :


    A problem with military History

    These books about 1939-45 projects include many drawings belonging to the "Luftwaffe 1946" subject, and thus may be accused of :

    This is completely wrong here. These books of mine deal only with projects that were NOT turned into actual weapons, killing innocents. The guns have been removed from the source drawings – even if this is almost an insult for veteran heroes (whose friends died for us to live in a quiet world…), even if this is a problem to understand the very logic of some shapes (justified by nose guns, rear guns…).

    There is a problem for a peaceful dreamer just loving any weird aircraft, including military ones… My next book, "Virtual Mustangs. Playing with the profile of the 'most beautiful aircraft in the World' " has been a self-therapy for this uncomfortable feeling. My very first book (author name : E. Rozenbladt, "publisher" : La Pensée Universelle) was titled "Against reality. Reasons to turn back toward dreams"… but aviation-enthusiasm (from a childhood enjoyed as a modeller) has been too strong, and History rejection has not been complete. Otherwise, "Forked Ghosts" would not have been written at all…

    These books about 1939-45 projects are not war-related at all for me : there were just far too many twin-boom projects in the 1896-1996 period, and so it was necessary to focus on a few years, and a period as famous as possible, to be understood by everyone.
    Of course, for Belgium and Netherlands, the war occured in 1940-45, for USA and USSR : 1941-45, for Japan and China : 1937-45. Choosing the French point of vue (together with UK, Germany, Poland...), I do not mean at all that my country is the best in the World, I just used what I had learnt at school and what I was hearing on TV...


    For the complete encyclopaedia of Twin-boom aircraft…

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    Update August 1st 2004 - drawing of Rossmaier Flugschrauber
    - discarding drawings of Ki-69, Harpy, Hokai, 14ib, Sinsitei, Ki77-II, Bf184, Ar197, Go 250 (fiction without 3-view)
    Update July 26th 2004 - New name for Supplement Nr 2: 'The end'
    - drawing of Sky-T²-raider, Scale-T², P-82WPP, GP-82-72/48, Gloster/Whittle, P-51X-24
    Update July 15th 2004 - explaining that Supplement Nr 2 will not be published but may be available somehow
    Update June 7th 2004 - discarding future drawing of Nanpu, too close to 16si
    Update June 6th 2004 - drawing of Ki 623, Sohu, DFS228', Me266, DB90', SM.77', Gassan, 16si
    Update June 1st 2004 - drawing of XB-20', XP-76', Mf-207, XF2M-II
    Update May 31st 2004 - drawing of Senryu, Shouhou, Ki 75, Ar 112
    Update May 29th 2004 - drawing of Godenk, C4K, Enrai
    - mention of future drawings for Go 250, XP-76, XB-20
    - mention of D4M similar to A8M1
    - discarding the future drawing of TwinFire, similar to previous ones
    Update May 29th 2004 - drawing of He 277Z
    Update May 28th 2004 - mention of future drawings for Me266, Gassan, XF2M, SM-77, DFS228, MF207, Sora, DB90
    Update May 25th 2004 - mention of future drawings for He277Z, Senryu, Shouhou, Ki75, 16si, TwinFire, 14ib, Ki623, Sinsitei, Ki77, Bf184, Ar112, Ar197
    Update May 23rd 2004 - mention of future drawings for Ki-69, C4K, Harpy, Enrai, Godenk, Hokai, Nanpu
    - drawing of XP-55D
    Update May 20th 2004 - drawing of He 222Z-2
    Update May 17th 2004 - drawing of He 222Z
    Update May 13rd 2004 - drawing of PTL III
    Update May 9th 2004 - drawing of Me409/1
    Update May 8th 2004 - drawing of P-38DE-2
    Update May 4th 2004 - announcing a 3rd new definition of "twin-boom" in Supplement No.2
    Update April 25th 2004 - correcting the name and date of the G-11/SSSR-123
    Update April 16th 2004 - correcting the name of the forthcoming P-38W
    Update April 14th 2004 - mention of future drawing for Me 409'
    - correcting name of Rossmaier Compound Helicopter
    Update April 11th 2004 - mention of future drawing of Rossmaier Compound Helicopter
    Update April 4th 2004 - drawing of P-182
    - mentionning Do 635 = Ju 635
    - correcting P-51D-2 as Ta-2
    Update April 2nd 2004 - drawing of J.21AB, P-51D-2, Do 935, Do 3335
    Update April 1st 2004 - drawing of Do 835 & 835B, Ta152TL-Z & Fw 190TL-Z, Bv 241TL, A6M99 & A8M1 Kai, P-47I & P-47Y, XP-82J & XP-82R
    - mention of P.19 in the 1935-38 list
    Update March 31st 2004 - drawing of XP-82R
    Update March 30th 2004 - drawing of Ca.382, Re 3005, A8M2, HK-1B, P-5115D, XGP-82, P-82S, Do 251D, P.282, P-82/3m, XP-82-00
    Update March 27th 2004 - drawing of Ca.383/384, XP-6161E
    - mention of Me 709 & Me 909
    Update March 26th 2004 - drawing of Me323T, DH.99.5 & 100T, Yak-315, Me 809 & 1009 & 362, Spitfire Mk33 & 145
    Update March 22nd 2004 - drawing of TP-38R
    Update March 21st 2004 - replacing the word "fake" by "fiction"
    Update March 20th 2004 - drawing of P-38DF
    Update March 15th 2004 - drawing of Twin-Tempest, P.1037Y
    Update March 14th 2004 - drawing of P.51X-16, P-82W, P-51T-2, Pt 2.380.289 & 2.586.299
    Update March 12th 2004 - drawing of P.1037X
    - mention of future drawing for P-51X-16, P-82 V V, Trebble 2 P-51, Pt 2.380.289, P.1037Y
    Update March 6th 2004 - drawing of Fokker 210
    Update March 3rd 2004 - drawing of R120, Me 163T
    - mention of future drawing for Fokker 210, Twin-Tempest, Hurri-Twin B
    Update March 1st 2004 - drawing of TF-3Z ; Me 262 V1Z ;   2,181,574
    Update February 29th 2004 - drawing of TF-2Z
    Update February 28th 2004 - drawing of Triebflugel Zwilling TF-1Z
    Update February 27th 2004 - drawing of 2,286,341
    - mention of future drawing for Triebflugel Zwilling
    Update February 22nd 2004 - drawing of Me 262 HG IIIZ
    Update February 21st 2004 - drawing of Bagnall/Ludgate Me/Fw 262/284
    - updating Twin-Shiden name
    - adding mention of P.192 and P.0310.251.006
    - mention of future drawing of Me 262 HG IIIZ
    Update February 15th 2004 - mention of future drawing for Bagnall Me 262HG3
    - mention of SE.500 almost twin-boomer
    Update February 10th 2004 - drawing of Burnelli Pt 2,224,641
    Update February 6th 2004 - drawing of B-29JHm & Fwol
    - discarding 2 drawings of Burnelli patents, as too close to the BX-AB-3
    Update February 1st 2004 - drawing of Tinsley
    Update January 31st 2004 - drawing of Fw119B
    Update January 30th 2004 - drawing of Fw119 & Twin-Airacobras
    - changing title, precising "Facts and Fantasy"
    Update January 29th 2004 - adding links to Icarus Books and Burnelli patents
    Update January 26th 2004 - drawing of IS 2M-71 & mention of PB 2M-71
    Update January 25th 2004 - mention of future drawing for 5 Burnelli patents
    Update January 17th 2004 - drawing of SAM-16'
    - mention of future drawing for Twin-Kingcobra, OI-2, KB-IS 2M-71
    Update January 13th 2004 - drawing of Vakhmistrov MP, Dry Duck
    Update January 12th 2004 - drawing of Harry/2p & 4m
    - mention of future drawing for Tinsley Rear-engine, Cole Dry Duck, Vakhmistrov Motoplaner, SAM-16', Twin-Airacobra
    Update January 5th 2004 - drawing of R-21Z
    Update January 3rd 2004 - link to the English version of "Asymmetric or Twin-boom ?"
    Update January 2nd 2004 - drawing of P-38P, P-38-31
    Update January 1st 2004 - drawing of P-5182, Bv 241B, MC-53
    Update December 31st 2003 - mention of Dual-Lightning
    Update December 23rd 2003 - drawing of P-38Jt & Jr-3, Bf-182Z & Me-182Z
    Update December 21st 2003 - drawing of J.21PP, Me462Z-2, C-714T'
    Update December 20th 2003 - drawing of 6 fiction P-82, Twin-ML, Ju88Z-1"
    Update December 18th 2003 - drawing of Heinz monoplane, SAM-20, The-Squirt
    Update December 17th 2003 - drawing of DH.106'
    - mention of Alvis' P-38T and update of "non genuine" twin-boomers list
    - mention of future drawing for SAM-20
    - mention of Elmayerle's Me 262Z
    Update December 7th 2003 - drawing of SUC 10', DH.106, P-51PP, P-51Psh
    - mention of future drawings for The-Squirt, DH.106'
    - mention of R120 in maybe 1946
    Update November 26th 2003 - drawing of R-42'
    Update November 21st 2003 - mention of future drawing for the Heinz monoplane, removed from the unknown list
    Update November 11th 2003 - link to our site "Asymétriques ou bipoutres ?"
    Update November 10th 2003 - drawing of USCG Lifeboat, OW12M, J.Martin Ocean Plane, B-16H
    Update November 8th 2003 - drawing of EF-50
    Update November 2nd 2003 - drawing of Airsedan, Go 244T, Go 242X, Yak 15Dv
    Update October 30th 2003 - discarding from Unknown list the Airsedan and James Martin Twin-Hull
    - mention of future drawing for Yak-15Dv, Airsedan, James Martin Twin-Hull, Initial DH.106
    Update October 26th 2003 - drawing of Be-10M, Po-1943
    Update October 14th 2003 - mention of future drawing for Polikarpov 1943
    Update October 6th 2003 - drawing of CCF.100, DH.281
    - mention of Curtiss XP-73 & Me 462
    - mention of 1935-38 TsKB-21
    Update October 4th 2003 - drawing of Me-109Z', XB-35E
    - mention of future drawing for Beriev B-10M
    Update September 29th 2003 - mention of future drawing for Welch OW12M
    - discarding future drawing of Keen seeplane
    Update September 20th 2003 - drawing of Fw-5100Z & B, XP-51D-38&54, F-151, J-51D-21
    Update September 19th 2003 - drawing of P-111, P-61EJ
    - cancellation of triplex-boom drawings Fw 1900 & XPC-51
    Update September 14th 2003 - drawing of Twin-Lancaster, He 162Z-2, Pelenberg 1943
    - mention of future drawing for XPC-51 Mule, Twin-jet P-38&P-61
    Update September 10th 2003 - drawing of Yak-7 Dv, P-51P, VC-53, P-38T&VG", Martin-Baker push-pull
    - correcting designer of the XB-35N/N'
    Update September 4th 2003 - mention of future drawing for Yak-7 Dv, XB-16B, DH-281, DH P.111,
    P-5100B&Z, P-51P, CCF.100/M2, Pelenberg 1943
    Update August 23rd 2003 - drawing of DH.100B
    - removal of the requirement for a General Aircraft cargo twin-boom photograph
    Update August 21st 2003 - drawing of DH.99B, P-51X
    - mention of future drawing for USCG life-boat glider, Keen seaplane, Fw 1900
    Update August 10th 2003 - drawing of Atomic-Powered Flying-Wing
    - drawing of Rinaldi glider, MB.33, Stella Filante
    - explanation about 1939 or 1941
    - addition of many models of 1935-38 and "1946 ?"
    Update August 4th 2003 - updated link to What-if & Nest-of-dragons sites
    - mention of future drawing for Rinaldi glider, MB.33, Stella Filante
    Update July 26th 2003 - drawing of P-74B & C
    - mention of future drawing for the Nuclear Flying-Wing
    Update July 22nd 2003 - removal of EAG 4 name
    - mention of future drawing for the EF-50
    Update July 20th 2003 - drawing of fiction limits
    Update July 20th 2003 - cancelling corrected Fokker 180
    - mention of unknown Welch OW-12
    Update July 16th 2003 - drawing of Boeing 368
    - mention of 1935-38 EAG 4
    Update July 14th 2003 - drawing of M.58, Bv 141Z, DH.99P
    - mention of 1935-38 WWS-1
    - updating date for Burnelli 2.224.641
    - removal of P-82 model
    Update July 5th 2003 - drawing of Ju 88Z-1 & 1'
    - addition/correction of names DH.99, J.15, M.58
    Update July 2nd-3rd 2003 - drawing of Bv P.224-3, P-40T"
    - mention of future drawings for Burnelli 2.224.641, Miles M.58
    Update June 25th 2003 - mention of 4 future drawings for Boeing 368
    Update June 21st 2003 - drawing of Westland G.A.1942, Roteron X-100
    Update June 15th 2003 - drawing of L-153-8 & 11, He 177Z, 5-engined Fokker 180
    - mention of 1935-38 Fokker 147
    Update June 14th 2003 - drawing of N7/43
    - mention of future drawing for L-153-11, 5-engined Fokker 180, Ju 88Z-1, He 177Z
    - mention of unknown Fokker 210, and 1935-38 Fokker 129/135/152 & S.19
    Update June 9th 2003 - drawing of R74, corrected R75, Isacson Zerstorers, P-40T', XB-35N', E5/42
    Update June 7th 2003 - drawing of Harry, Meyer-Reichelt
    Update June 6th 2003 - drawing of C-53T-T'-T", P.194Z, P-40T, XB-35N
    - mention of future drawing for Meyer-Reichelt
    Update June 1st 2003 - drawing of SAAB March 21 1941 & corrected L.13, JC.6, SAM-23
    - mention of future drawing for Harry, L-153-8
    - addition of a link to What-if
    Update May 28th 2003 - drawing of B-2000, BX-AB-3, Swallow
    Update May 26th 2003 - mention of future drawing for Swallow
    Update May 25th 2003 - drawing of Boeing 1941, He 111Z-5, Me 255, Do 18Z-2, P-38 push-pull
    - link to RcCad, corrected link to POM Models
    - mention of future drawings for Bv P.194Z, twin-boom Zerstorer
    Update May 18th 2003 - drawing of De Schelde S-26 & Jae 4301/4302, 3 RcCad P-38s, P-38VG
    - mention of future drawings for SAAB, B-2000
    Update May 10th 2003 - correcting name of the XC-65 and designer of the P.224
    Update May 8th 2003 - drawing of MH.20, P-38 75mm, corrected R90 & EOI, Sky-T-raider, P-38LS
    - mention of Moskalyev SAM-20, Westland N7/43 & Ground Attack 1942, General Aircraft Transport
    - status of N.1840
    - mention of 3 more 1935-38 twin-boomers
    - explanation here about the focus on 1939-45
    - cancelling the requirement for an E5/42 picture
    - addition of links
    Update April 13th 2003 - creator of the UZ-H Twin-Spitfire
    - creator of the Bv P.224
    Update April 6th 2003 - drawing of P-38X, Bv P.224
    - name of Twin-Shiden, Shofuh, Ju 390Z
    - status of D-3805T
    - form including publisher requirements
    - mention of Interavia and Flying Dreadnought 1938
    Update March 30th 2003 - publication of Supplement No.1
    - project of Supplement No.2

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